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Top 10 iPhone 12 Pro Hacks

iPhone 12 Pro Hacks

If are you a technology lover, you must have a new mobile at the moment it is released.

But do you use its possibilities?

At the first glance, the iPhone 12 looks very much like older models, but it is upgraded and has some modern features. In this article, read some iPhone 12 pro tips that you can use with the iPhone 12 and be one step further so that technology helps your life.

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10 Best iPhone 12 Pro Hacks

Measure Height

Have you ever tried to guess someone’s height, but you failed in it? Now, you can do it successfully and always have an accurate result, not just in height, but also in the distance you need or want to know. iPhone 12 Pro has a LiDAR scanner that stands for Light Detection And Ranging and this is one of the things that distinguish it from the other models. It uses laser pulses to scan the environment, so it can make schemes of 3D objects and recognize the object around you. Rather than just height, it measures width and other distances which is initially made for adding reality in Portrait photos. Using the scanner, you can easily measure the height or distance when you need, including the height of a person standing or sitting, as well as an object.

Use iPhone ProRAW

As you already know, iPhone 12 Pro has many sensors that help him in everyday use, but in some advanced settings and for complex functions. ProRAW application is made for use with the camera. It provides multi-frame image processing and gives better depth for the raw pictures. Also, it is designed to help you manage many aspects of the photo, including highlights, tone range, white balance, or sharpness. This allows you to add those features manually and set them as you wish. Also, you can edit photos once you take them in the Photo app or some other photo designing program.

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Don`t Worry If It Fells In Water

You don’t have to worry if your new iPhone 12 Pro falls in water because it is fully protected from any damage of water and this time it is the longest time and depth. Until now, you could only take the phone on 4-meter depth for a maximum of 30 minutes, but this is changed for all iPhone 12 models. The IP mark stayed the same and it is IP 68, which means it can be in the water for the same amount of time, but this time 2 meters deeper. Although it isn’t recommended to swim with it, it can save your phone if it falls in the pool or lake. The salty water can do much damage that the warranty won’t cover, so be sure to avoid using it near the sea. The same is with chloride in the pool which can harm the inside of the phone and damage some crucial functions.

Take Selfies At Nightime

Taking a picture is very improved thanks to the new and updated camera on the back and the front. Many features, like depth and vivid colors, are considered, but you can even take quality photos at night time using night mode. It is usually reserved just for taking photos, but now you can use it for Portrait mode on Pro models. Thanks to the mentioned LiDAR sensor, you will get a better shape and light in the low-light conditions and it finds the depth of the subject creating a picture more realistic. This feature can be used with a selfie camera too, but not on the video. The closest you can use it connected with video is time-lapse photography at the moment which is a short animation of happening in time.

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Zoom Better

Another interesting feature you can use on Pro models is a better zoom for both photography and video. Pro models have a better photo lens and an image sensor 47% larger at 1.7 µm pixels. This allows you to have better quality zoom either you are taking photos or video and that you can have at least 1x better zoom in low-light conditions. You can take photos and videos at 2.5x time zoom and 12x digital zoom that is also better compared to older versions. Be sure that you adjust all camera settings before using the zoom to have a bright and clear image or video.

Take Smooth Pictures And Stabile Video

Who doesn’t like to have a stable video and best quality photos? Nowadays, many business accounts use photos and videos on social media sites, but don’t have time or money to invest in professional cameras. Thanks to a quality camera lens and many sensors, you can get a stable video even when you are moving. Although all models have camera stabilizers, the Pro models have 5000 micro-adjustments that improves the quality of the photo and helps the stabilization in the move. Because of the mentioned LiDAR sensor, you can get more depth on the picture, and Dolby’s vision and HDR camera ensure better and more accurate colors.

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Make Better FaceTime Calls

If you are frustrated with your image when you make FaceTime calls, you don’t have to be more. iPhone 12 Pro helps you get HD FaceTime calls and videos. You will get the same result no matter whether you use front or back cameras and in what light or surroundings. You can get a maximum of 1080p on the WiFi or 5G, but not on 4G. This can be easily set in the Settings. A better recording camera comes with a better speaker, so you will get maximum experience. Also, one smart feature that you can adjust it to look like you watch the person in the eyes instead it looks like you are looking in the camera. It will also feel more natural.

Shake Screen

You can easily remove and erase what you`ve been typing by shaking a phone. This is interesting and can be a useful feature once you use it on a daily basis. When you shake it, you will get a notification that you can Undo all or just the part of the message. This isn’t crucial for your work but can help you to be faster in your tasks. Along with that, like on the older models, you can easily transfer data from the old one to the new phone. This will be the first function when you turn the phone on for the first time to be sure that you don`t lose anything.

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Screen Record

One feature that can both save your time and space on the iPhone 12 Pro is recording your activity on the screen with audio. You could do that on older versions, but only if you have installed an app that was recording it. Now, thanks to installed software, you can record the video on your screen and audio, like your speaking or notes that you need to use later. Like many new apps on the phone, they are supposed to make communication and smaller tasks quicker.

Use Smart Data Mode

iPhone 12 Pro comes with 5G connectivity and is prepared for future upgrades. Also, you will see a regular 5G icon, but also a faster 5G type, so more icons can show and don’t be confused. But, it uses a lot of battery and you will notice that the battery life is shorter. Try to limit the use of 5G when you are doing some minor tasks, like scrolling on social networks or playing games. You can easily set to use 4G data for those times and automatically transfer to 5G when you want to download video or some bigger data. Using 5G isn’t necessary if you are doing some minor tasks that don’t need to be done at the moment and if you turn it off, you can easily have the energy for a whole day of scrolling. This will help you save battery life, but also you don’t have to change it manually each time you use data.


iPhone 12 Pro is a smartphone of a new generation and in some features similar to previous models. Yet, some features are new and when you learn how to use them, they will save you time and energy on your phone. Some features are new for use, like shaking the phone to undo writing or recording with the sound. On the other hand, more of them are connected with a camera and its features to get better photos and videos. Although each model of iPhone 12 has advanced software and modern possibilities, the Pro version has other specifications that distinguish it from the others. The most popular is the LiNDAR sensor, but a high-quality FaceTime recording especially needed nowadays.  Be sure to check them all and to become a habit.

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