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Android or iPhone? How to buy a new mobile phone in 2021

buy a new mobile phone in 2021

If the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max, Galaxy S21 Ultra or more affordable as Pixel 4A are looking for, it can be a complete sleeplessness to purchase the new handset. The large selection from a wide range of brands, which promise to provide the best experience, means that deciding which phone is ideal for your particular needs has never been more difficult. I put in my top tips on buying a new mobile phone in 2021 to help you cut out some of the jargon and help your money go exactly to what you need.

Best tips to buy a new mobile phone in 2021

  • Know what you care about most: Is the size of the screen? Performance camera? Life with the battery? This will contribute to restricting your options. For example, phones like the iPhone 12 Pro Max pack amazing cameras that rival the quality of a DSLR that you’ve got. If you are a filmmaker, it is a good idea to spend money here. Otherwise, you can save a bundle for yourself.
  • Don’t discount the midrange: Features of flagships last year still go down to the midrange devices of this year. For a fraction of the price, you can get a decent phone that can do much of what a premium device can do.
  • Shop the sales: Look for the best sales and promotions on big holidays, Amazon’s Prime Day, and Black Friday in particular. And find out whether you have to return quickly or swap your grace period.
  • Last year’s phones: Sometimes they too can be a lot. Wait for the launch this year to get fewer calls last year as stores and carriers will want to unload their current stock.
  • Hold the phone at a store first: You may love or hate the way it looks and feels in person.
  • Check if you’re already invested: Have you already bought a lot of iPhone apps and iTunes movies? If you ever want access to them, keep up with the iPhone. You’d still like to sit on that side of the fence if you invested in a load of Android apps. If not, the platforms can be switched simply enough.
  • Buy a case and screen protector: If you are ready to proceed, you secure your phone from expensive harm and improve the resale or exchange value of the telephone.

Performance vs. budget

The production generally aligns with the costs. The new technology is always premium. The best technology. Phones from the flagship pack the latest sensors, processors and even sporting state-of- the art sports such as flexible displays. The high prices suggest that these telephones are only worthwhile for those who want the latest technology in their pockets.

However, not everyone wants such top technology, so they would not actually invest $1,000 or more to get it. Fortunately, the mid-range telephone industry was one of the toughest battles for businesses to compete, with some wonderful phones that won’t break down the bank. Features such as wireless charging and multi-lens cameras that once were the flagship domain are now popular on medium-range phones.

And budget telephones still have good camera quality and power to support your web surfing, WhatsApping and Instagramming every day. Don’t expect top-end features such as 5G, unbelievable multi-purpose cameras or 4K HDR displays.

Camera performance

Buy a new mobile phone in 2021
Buy a new mobile phone in 2021

Camera features are a major factor in praising recently phones. Herstellers still want a larder, more exciting number, regardless of whether the numbers of megapixels or the actual camera lenses are numbers. Three rear cameras – a high-width lens, a normal lens and a telephoto lens – are popular now with many more budget-oriented cameras.

That’s awesome, since more lenses mean more shooting possibilities while you are out. This does not assume, however, that any multilens camera is as good as a second. The more you spend on processor performance, the better results are generally achieved by finding the best absolute cameras around us on the most expensive flagship.

Look for features such as optical zooms, night mode for better images of low light and the stability of an optical image. Sometimes these features can not be transparent and the output of a camera cannot be judged simply by viewing the specifics. You will take a while to check the reviews and see how the camera works before you spend your money if you are very concerned about your phone’s photography skill.

Battery life

Buy a new mobile phone in 2021
Buy a new mobile phone in 2021

Most mobile phones will last for most of a day with one fee, from the budget to the elite flagships. Bigger phones may have larger batteries, but they are often equipped with larger screen and sometimes more powerful processors. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Plan to giving a full charge overnight for your cell.
  • Look for functionality such as quick charge, which allows your phone to take a lot of power in a short time. If your phone has a compatible faster loader, it can not be supported by an old USB plug.
  • If you avoid more challenging activities, like gaming or video streaming, the battery lasts longer. Maintaining the luminosity of the screen would also help.

4G or 5G? 

Buy a new mobile phone in 2021
Buy a new mobile phone in 2021

5G is the latest technology that offers lightning-fast mobile data rates when you’re out and about. As every new technology, it’s mainly reserved for higher-end gadgets but it’s already begun to filter down to more affordable phones.

5G coverage is not all over, so it is important to ask yourself if you need 5G speeds and if it is available where you live. You can confidently assume that 5G can get more of the norm in those days if you want to hold your phone for at least a few years. If you’re now in the barrier, you might feel differently in nine months and might regret not to dive earlier.

Screen size

Buy a new mobile phone in 2021
Buy a new mobile phone in 2021

Over the last few years the iPhone 12 Pro Max has become increasingly larger and has reached a heap of 6.68 cm and Galaxy S21 Ultra 6.8 cm. Small phones are no longer so popular, but if you don’t want a large screen that stretches out your pockets, there are a few choices to consider.

On your iPhone, the iPhone 12 Mini is your best choice. The panel is much smaller at 5.4 inches than its bigger brothers, but still packages the new processors with superfast 5G speeds. The iPhone SE also has a size similar to, but has wall-down specs and is available for a more affordable price.

You can choose from Google’s Pixel phones if you’re an Android fan. The latest 6-inch pixel screen (although with its wide bezels it feels less to hold), while Pixel 4A (or 4A 5G, if you want quicker information) is still at 5.8 inches less. This screen is just 5.8 inches long.

Processor performance

Strong processors with up to 12GB of RAM are packed with top end telephones. It is sufficient to make these telephones do all the work without sweat, but to achieve great output you don’t need to spend a high amount of money.

Most decent intermediate phones provide sufficient power to meet all your daily needs. In Google Play you can still play almost any game and edit high-resolution images in applications like Snapseed. You could throw nothing in most medium-sized telephones that you could not handle.

You will then begin to feel slowing down with items like gambling, as you head through the budget end of the range. More challenging 3D games could look more stuttery and even stop unforeseen. However, simple tasks like e-mail, Spotify and Instagram browsing shouldn’t be a challenge.

How much storage do you need? 

Most phones, including budget phones, have a minimum of 32 GB, of which 10 can be used with preinstalled applications, and with the operating system of the handset. If you never plan on recording a video, and you are unwilling to play games, 32GB might be enough, but you should consider a minimum level of 64GB otherwise.

Higher-end telephones — particularly those capable of recording 4K video — offer 256GB or greater capacities. You hardly need to think twice about clearing old files with that amount of room.

If the phone accepts MicroSD cards, this is a different matter, as in these days you can pickup 32GB microSD cards (or larger), and if you put one into a phone, the amount of storage you have access will increase drastically.

Bonus features

Many of these features are common on mobile phones now at different prices and should be remembered while shopping.

  • Fingerprint scanner or face unlock: A scanner may be mounted on the back or even invisibly on the screen. As it is called, biometric safety is more secure than remembering a PIN.
  • Water-resistant: Do you call in the rain often? Search a phone with an IP67 ranking at least to protect against water or spilled drinks.
  • Wireless charging: This is available on several phones, some of which now provide quicker wireless recharges by using a compatible recharge pad.



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