Tech Mag reports on the latest technology innovations and developments taking place in technology, IoT, blockchain, science, and health industries and the challenges they face every day. To bring about cultural transformation in this increasingly interconnected world, we explore how businesses and technology interact and influence, and impact various markets and industries.

Tech Mag is a Google News approved and Flipboard approved technology magazine that publishes informative and insightful news, reviews, analyses, and opinion pieces on a wide spectrum of topics including IoT, artificial intelligence, blockchain, software, apps, smartphone, gadgets, reviews, how-to guides, and gaming news, bringing you the latest in technological innovation as well as scientific and medical breakthroughs.

Our passionate editorial team is committed to empowering readers by demystifying the developments in technology, IoT, A.I, blockchain, social media, science, health, and more, and reporting on them in an easy-to-read-and-understand format. We cover both fun and important topics. We embrace the nerdy details.


Tech Mag was founded by an IT specialist, entrepreneur, and blogger “Zulfiqar Anees” on October 10, 2016. The main objective of this technology magazine was to provide an online technology resource for tech enthusiasts. So, we are covering every aspect regarding emerging tech like 5G, IoT, AI, and Blockchain.

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TechMag APAC Insider Award 2020

APAC Insider Business Award: TechMag award 202 Online Technology Magazine of the Year 2020 – Pakistan

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