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The Best iPhone VPN Apps 2021

Best iPhone VPN Apps 2021

You are looking for the best iPhone VPN apps to protect your privacy? You could think of bloated software and bulky desktop customers when you hear the term “virtual private network,” But we’ve got good news for iPhone users: a number of VPN’s are now available that are easier to use and lightweight than ever before and optimized for mobile devices.

Now that millions of people work remotely full time, there has been an exponential increase in VPN mobile app download rates. According to a 2019 report by the research firm Top10VPN, over 480 million mobile VPN apps have been downloaded around the world during the last 12 months, 54% more than the year before.

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While free services represent 84% of all mobile VPN downloads, we recommend avoiding free VPN applications and using paid VPN as long as possible. This means making the best iPhone VPN available today for your money.

This list is a subset of the best iPhone VPN Apps list focusing on the people looking to protect their iPhone or another iOS device from mobile browsing. It is because the mobile app has been better if and when a service is higher than on our main list.

Here are the best iPhone VPN Apps 2021 choices for us. These are the top iPhone VPN apps we tested this year so far. Keep in mind that these lists are evolutionary: we are active in further research and testing, so expect to change this list regularly during the year.

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Best iPhone VPN Apps 2021


A speedy iPhone VPN up-and-comer, packed with features

Best iPhone VPN Apps 2021
Best iPhone VPN Apps 2021
  • Intuitive app interface, with plenty of power under the hood
  • Number of servers: 3,200-plus
  • Number of VPN server locations: 65
  • Country/jurisdiction: British Virgin Islands

The Surfshark iOS VPN App (and Android), despite their customizability and powerful performance as a VPN, offers a surprisingly intuitive interface for first-time users. Its four-tab design elegantly disguises a range of privacy tools and connectivity options, highlighting the connection button on the landing screen of this app.

Easily access one of the multihop connection options of Surfshark, one of its most promising features that hide your trail from your connection in several countries, through its main location selection screen, without having to rummage through VPN settings in the application. Surfshark also gets bonus points so that its customer support options, including its support ticket and user guide books, are readily available.

While Surfshark’s network is smaller than others, its functions are determined by the VPN service. Let us start with the biggest win: unlimited support of the device. You don’t have to think about the number of devices you connect to and if you want to run the whole house or office on Surfshark VPN. As part of its software, it also offers anti-malware, ad-blocking, and tracker blocking.

Surfshark has been generally scored highly when the German security firm Cure 53 (PDF link for full report) audited its Chrome and Firefox extensions for privacy – though Surfshark commissioned the audit.

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The VPN provider offers a wide range of application supports that run on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, FireTV, and routers. DNS settings allow the configuration of additional devices like game consoles for Surfshark.. We especially appreciate the feature which lists you for certain applications and websites to avoid the VPN automatically. This can be critically important for certain business applications.

Surfshark offers two other special modes alongside a multihop that are designated for anyone who wants to cope with restrictions and hide their steps more carefully online. Comb Mode masks your VPN activity so that you don’t know that your ISP does use a VPN. And NoBorders Mode allows [you] to successfully use Surfshark in restrictive regions.”

Just watch out. If you do all these things in your country, it might be illegal and lead to severe sanctions. We saw no DNS leak or IP address leak during our test and did not have any trouble accessing Netflix.

Surfshark does not offer a one-year plan, as do many other VPN providers. The best offer for his two-year plan is $2.49 a month (the payment is about $60 at the beginning). A six-month plan is 6.49 dollars a month (around 39 dollars earlier), and monthly plans are 12.95 dollars a month. Definitely use its generous 30-day trial to decide whether you like this service (and if you choose the two-year plan, maybe set a reminder in 23 months to see if you can talk it into a continued discount rate).

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Best iPhone VPN for speed

Best iPhone VPN Apps
Best iPhone VPN Apps
  • Simple, fast, effective iOS app
  • Number of servers: 3,000-plus
  • Number of VPN server locations: 160
  • Country/jurisdiction: British Virgin Islands

Just as ExpressVPN is consistently one of the fastest VPNs on the market, its iOS app (and Android) has been conceived with a streamlined approach to fast and easily connect. One single button on your landing screen lets you quickly connect a drop-down server selector with your nearest city chosen by default, with the only accompanying option.

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The other options of ExpressVPN – its tools for security and confidentiality, account and settings, and support page – all are kept nicely tucked away from the top-left corner of the page under the three-bar Garden variety icon. And they’re valuable to check-in. The onboard IP address reviewer, together with two leak testers and a password generator has been included in ExpressVPN.

It tells us that its network is powered by the TrustedServer technology that ExpressVPN has created to ensure that online activity logs are not available. ExpressVPN has a high record in the world of privacy after being seized from servers by authorities who at that time proved to be true of their zero-log policy. The VPN Setup Guides are quality and detailed information in our FAQ is also good for us.

Like the other 5 top VPN services we examined in 2020, ExpressVPN features a useful kill switch that prevents network data from leaking out in the event of VPN connection failure. However, unlike other ones, ExpressVPN won points from us for its bitcoin support as a payment method – something that isn’t all our favorites on offer but adds a new privacy level during check-outs.

ExpressVPN has a significant network of fast VPN servers in 94 countries, and it is operating since 2009. The best plan for the annual package includes a three-month free fee of less than $7 a month.

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NordVPN: Best iPhone VPN Apps

A reliable and secure iPhone VPN

  • An easy to use, the reliable VPN application
  • Number of servers: 5,200-plus servers
  • Number of VPN server locations: 62
  • Country/jurisdiction: Panama

NordVPN is one of VPN’s most well-known brands. The intuitive design of the brand is part of this recognition. The Nord VPN iOS app interacts with a similar design just as easily as its desktop customer. It has no learning curve to move from desktop to mobile iOS, such as an iPhone or iPad. It does not have a new learning curve.

The Nord iPhone app opens up a familiar blue scale landing screen plan, just like the desktop customer does, in which an iPhone user can either select a country or automatically connect to the fastest serving. Nord gets bonus points for its split tunneling functionality so that you select other applications that your encrypted VPN connection doesn’t want to run.

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Nord offers a generous number of simultaneous connections with six connections through its network – almost everyone else has five or fewer. NordVPN also offers a special IP option for those searching for a different VPN level. NordVPN provides a kill-changer and VPN capability for Tor. During our trials, we found no privacy leaks and reliably found its speeds.

The company costs $7 ($84) per month for one-year subscription plans. Although the annual price is lower than most other contestants, the monthly price of $12 is at the highest level of the range. The Company has slid a little since September 2019: for a three-year plan, it’s now $3.49/month (or $125.44) and $2.99/$107.55. And it now costs 4,99 dollars a month (USD 119,76), up from 3,99 dollars (USD 95,75). Yes, the refund policy is also full for 30 days. And yes.

Although NordVPN has long remained in our highest VPN list for many years, we re-assessed our Recommendation in October 2019 after a report showed that in 2018 a rented server had been accessed without permission. Nord’s discovery actions included multiple security audits, bug bounty programs, and heavier server security investments – ultimately.

We preferred Nord to have disclosed the problem much earlier, but the lack of information and the fact that the breach was limited was a further verification that NordVPN does not keep records of its VPN user activity. Nord, therefore, stays on our list as a VPN service provider recommended.

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Fun, flexible iPhone VPN choice for beginners

iPhone VPN Apps
Best iPhone VPN Apps
  • Most customizable VPN app
  • Number of servers: 1,300
  • Number of VPN server locations: 60
  • Country/jurisdiction: US

IPVanish has a big win over its fun, configurable interface that makes it an ideal customer for people interested in understanding the VPN’s performance under the hood. IPVanish is able to pack the same large array of digital sticks and dials into an impressive smaller screen with its iOS app.

IPVanish is a solid bet if you’re looking for the ability to make precise tunings for your VPN connection. From generating visual graphs to a large number of split-tunneling switches, LAN connection allowance, etc. — IPVanish is an iOS app for the methodical tweaker, who enjoys exact traffic control.

The flexibility of its multiplatform is also ideal for people who want to find a Netflix friendly VPN.

The support of the VPN of Kodi, the open-source media streaming app once known as the XBMC, is a unique feature of IPVanish, and one we are intrigued by. Every serious media fan has used Kodi or XBMC and the integrated IPVanish Kodi plugin offers worldwide access to media.

IPVanish VPN obviously tries to get you on its annual program, at $5 per month or $39 per year. It only allows a seven-day trial instead of a full 30 days but offers a full money-back guarantee, we are a little disappointed. This means that Kudos is being given a five-to-now 10 simultaneous connection increase for its recent growth. We also like its kill switch connection feature, which must be anonymous for anyone who surfs.

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