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iPhone SE 2020 Hacks: All Features You Must Know

If you’re looking to purchase the new iPhone SE or have already purchased it, be sure to go through our list of iPhone SE 2020 hacks to make the most of it.

iPhone SE 2020 Hacks

iPhone SE 2020 goes on sale in over 40 countries from April 6. For a $399 iPhone SE, the smartphone packs a lot of punch and offers plenty of value for money which is why there’s a lot of hype surrounding it as well. If you’re looking to purchase the new iPhone SE or have already purchased it, be sure to go through our list of iPhone SE 2020 hacks to make the most of it.

Its arrival is accompanied by a large number of novelties both in its operating system, iOS 9, and in the way, it is used with respect to the iPhone 5S, which had a similar size.

In this article, we have listed the best iPhone SE tips for everyone who works with the iPhone SE 2020. For example, we show you how to safely and quickly transfer your data from another smartphone, which apps you really need to install, and more.

Learn About Haptic Touch

iPhone SE 2020 features Haptic Touch that’s just a fancy long-press term. If you press an object for longer, a contextual menu will be shown. If you’re coming from the iPhone SE or some other older iPhone with a 3D Interface, you’ll need to spend a couple of minutes getting used to Haptic Feedback. Just try to hold and tap a menu, connect, or app icon for more detail.

Gesture Typing

Apple finally added gesture typing support to the iOS stock keyboard with iOS 13. Even more convenient is gesture typing on the iPhone SE’s small 4.7-inch screen. The interface functions in the same way as to how SwiftKey and Gboard work.

Get a Fast Charger

iPhone SE 2020 supports fast wired 18W charging, though Apple ships a 5W USB-A charger to the device. Since the iPhone SE doesn’t have the best battery life, you can invest in a fast charger with USB-C and a Lightning-to-USB-C cable. This will allow you to charge your iPhone SE in just 30 minutes, from 0-50 percent.

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Protect your notes

The Notes application included in the iPhone SE allows you to add a unique touch of security to each individual note: now we can protect them with passwords. In them, we can save texts, but also maps or images. We will only have to access the iOS Notes app, select one, choose the share button in the upper right corner, and choose to Protect Note with Password. To establish this system, you will have to specify a password, verify it and write down a clue in case we forget it in the future.

Optimize Battery Charging

If you plan to use your iPhone SE for the next few years, the Optimize Battery Charging feature should be activated there. This way, the OS can see your habit of everyday use and charge your iPhone accordingly. It will slow down or even wait until you need to use it to push it past 80 percent. This will help the battery extend its lifetime.

Use live wallpapers

Thanks to the Live Photos function, our iPhone SE will be able to use high quality animated and dynamic wallpapers. To do this, you will have to go to Settings> Wallpaper> Choose the new wallpaper> Dynamic.

Retina Flash, the perfect function for selfies

The iPhone SE comes with a really useful function for selfie lovers: now the 4-inch screen itself will become a giant flash that will light up our face at the right moment, with brightness 3 times higher than usual, when we take selfies low light. This function will be activated automatically when using the Camera app.

Capture and edit 4K video

With the iPhone SE, we will have the opportunity not only to take stunning images but also to capture video in 4K resolution. The best thing is that we can edit the 4K videos themselves on the terminal, without the need to use a computer for it. So we can quickly enjoy them on any device or television at the best possible resolution, being able to make these edits thanks to apps like iMovie. Of course, to enjoy its full potential, it is advisable to have a terminal that is not just in storage capacity, because of the videos generated in 4K increase considerably in size.

Make calls even without coverage

A really useful function of iPhone SE is to be able to make WiFi calls. This peculiarity allows using WiFi networks instead of the usual GSM networks. If we are in an area where we only have WiFi, we can have a phone conversation without problems. To do this, we will have to make sure that the Settings> Telephone> Wi-Fi Calling option is activated.

Use much faster connections

iPhone SE allows you to use much faster connection speeds than its predecessors. In this case, it is compatible with 4G LTE networks that reach connection speeds of up to 150 Mbps. In addition, it is also compatible with a greater number of LTE networks than the iPhone 5S. The potential of this improvement will be noticed when it comes to downloading apps and games, browsing, playing streaming videos, etc.

Low battery consumption mode

The iPhone SE can also be used in the Low Power Mode, which we will find in Settings> Battery. This mode allows the terminal to hold many more hours than those established in normal use when activated. We can also activate it when we have less than 20% of the battery remaining.

Use the benefits of Touch ID

PINs are a thing of the past. Thanks to the Touch ID function, inherited from the iPhone 6S, the iPhone SE will allow us to unlock the device only using our fingerprint, in complete security. This process works by taking a large number of captures of our fingerprint to ensure its authenticity.

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