Samsung Galaxy S10

How to save battery on Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e and S10+

Samsung's high-end devices are not known for their longevity. However, with the arrival of the Galaxy Note 9, the manufacturer has shown that the new Galaxy S10 series is no less... has stopped

How to fix the error “ has stopped”

In the Android world, there are two very common mistakes: 'Unfortunately, the process has stopped' and ' has stopped unexpectedly'. The two errors are related to the same problem and...
Weight Gain

Sleeping With Lights Or Television On Can Lead To Weight Gain In Women

Can artificial light exposure have an effect on health? It may seem in females. A fresh research discovers that exposure to artificial light such as television at night can effectively boost women's risk of weight gain and obesity. Artificial Light At Night Researchers observed nearly 44,000 women who were enrolled in the Sister Study group in a new study to see if night sleeping with artificial light (ALAN) can affect...
Android phone to an iPhone

How to change from an Android phone to an iPhone

Although there is a wide variety of excellent Android phones available, that was not always the case. Previous models were slow, inelegant and prone to errors. That is no longer the problem, but...
install WhatsApp on Android tablet

How to install WhatsApp on an Android tablet

It is possible that many of you have asked in what way you can install WhatsApp on an Android tablet. There are two different methods: through WhatsApp Web or installing the...
smartphone remote control

How to use your smartphone as a remote control

When you bought your smartphone, I bet you did not think about alternative uses that you could get. However, thanks to the open source operating system and the thousands of applications...
best VPNs to unlock Netflix

The best VPNs to unlock Netflix content from other countries

The content available on Netflix differs from one country to another due to licensing rights, so it is normal to be able to find some of the most popular television series...
clean a smartphone properly

How to clean your smartphone properly

It is something inevitable, everything gets dirty, especially what you spend your day putting your hands on. And what do you play more than the smartphone? The touch screen of our...
Use Google Maps offline

How to Use Google Maps offline

It sure has happened to you. You need to use Google Maps urgently and you do not have coverage. Precisely are those times when we do not have Internet connection when...

ColorOS: Essential Tricks If You Have An OPPO Smartphone

Did you just buy a new OPPO smartphone and are not familiar with its ColorOS interface? Do not worry, we are here. Here are some tips and tricks to know how...