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WhatsApp Brings Picture-in-Picture Video Calling for iOS

WhatsApp Brings Picture-in-Picture Video Calling for iOS

Do you know WhatsApp Brings Picture-in-Picture Video Calling for iOS? WhatsApp has received a significant iOS update from Meta. Picture-in-picture capability for video calls has finally been included in WhatsApp version 23.3.77. Users of Meta’s chat app for iOS have been requesting that feature for a long, and the business started testing it towards the end of the previous year.

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In the same way that PiP modes on other platforms shrink your video call when you glance at another app, WhatsApp does the same. This lets you multitask while still being able to view the person you’re conversing with via the service. If PiP is not available right away, Meta writes that it will roll out “over the coming weeks,” along with other improvements included in WhatsApp’s most recent upgrade.

WhatsApp Brings Picture-in-Picture

In December, WhatsApp announced that it was planning to add picture-in-picture capability so that users could use other applications and multitask while still participating in video calls. Picture-in-picture, which debuted on the iPhone with iOS 14, functions with applications that play video content, although third-party app developers must add support for the feature.

In addition to this function, WhatsApp is also making it possible to include a caption when transmitting documents on both iOS and Android. Moreover, the business is testing a function that lets iOS users submit 100 images or documents at once. With the most recent version, Android users can access this capability.

WhatsApp unveiled a number of Status-related features earlier this month, including voice updates, emoji reactions to Statuses, rich link previews in Statuses, restricting who can view an update, and showing rings around the profile picture if they have uploaded a new Status. These features are the app’s own take on the Stories format.

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Other new features in WhatsApp 23.3.77 include the ability to annotate documents that you transmit using the app. Moreover, Meta has improved group chat settings so that you may add longer subjects and descriptions to more fully convey the nature of your conversation groups. A new feature allows you to design an avatar that you may use for your profile picture and stickers.

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