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Apple Watch Series 7 Has Several Issues, Users Say

Apple Watch Series 7

Third-party apps on the Apple Watch Series 7 are not working properly, as users who have already received the device have noticed that the icons are missing.

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Apple Watch Series 7 Issues

Certain third-party applications lack on-screen icons. It can be difficult to distinguish which app is which, and selecting the open app can be perplexing, according to 9to5Mac.

The smartwatch’s home screen is devoid of third-party programs such as Drafts, Fantastical, CARROT Weather, and PCalc. Users can experiment with a different resolution to transform the icons to a list view and make the names visible.

According to initial reports from other users, the issue appears to affect just apps with vector icons. According to James Thomson, the developer of PCalc, the issue does not exist with the Apple Watch emulator on a Mac.

This may imply that Apple should address the issue directly rather than relying on third-party app developers to do so.

According to iMore, Apple has yet to react to a request for comment on the subject of third-party apps.

The issue appears to affect only the Apple Watch Series 7, not previous models running the same operating system.

Despite being dubbed the best Apple Watch series to date, the new device is already experiencing issues, which Apple needs to resolve quickly before pushing for global delivery.

Apple Watch Series 7 Review

The Apple Watch Series 7 begins at $399 for the 41mm size and $429 for the 45mm variant. The device’s screens have a 20% larger screen area than its predecessor and are 40% slimmer than the prior smartwatch, according to GSMArena.

The larger screens make it easier to navigate through apps. For those that prefer the fundamentals, a somewhat larger display means that images and text are more visible.

Additionally, the Watch Series 7’s new Retina display is a significant enhancement. Its border is 40% thinner than Series 6, allowing your app or watch’s face to take up the entire space.

Apple revealed that the display is 70% brighter indoors than the previous smartwatch model, allowing users to see everything more clearly.

With USB-C, charging the Apple Watch Series 7 is 33 percent faster. With a larger screen, the somewhat larger keys on the password function are easier to tap. Additionally, you can readily see the statistics provided on the screen, which includes your heart rate, calories burned, and distance traveled.

The Series 7’s Modular Duo face acts as a one-stop data hub, displaying time and other indicators such as weather forecasts, temperature, market trends, activities, and heart rate. Additionally, the Series 7 includes the Contour Face function.

Apart from the two Series 7 faces, all smartwatches now feature a new World Time face. The World Time face, which is compatible with Watch OS, displays all 24 time zones and other customisable information.

Series 7 is also more difficult. It features a 50 percent thicker front crystal for increased resistance to fractures. It is the first to get the highest level of dust resistance certification. Additionally, it may be submerged in water up to 50 meters deep.

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