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How You Can Easily Increase the battery life of Your AirPods

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AirPods aren’t inexpensive, but owners do what they can to extend their lives. Now, Apple is supporting owners with a new feature in iOS 14 that’s expected to do the trick.

How iOS 14 Could Help Prolong AirPods’ Battery Life

The newly announced iOS 14 update, according to The Verge, includes a new feature that will help prolong the battery life of a pair of AirPods by enabling the operating system to learn when you typically charge your AirPods and when it should stop charging them.

This means that when it reaches 80 percent, the OS will stop charging the machines for a while and then start charging later.

It prevents 100 percent remaining on portable earphones for a long time.

Like most electronic devices today, AirPods uses a lithium-ion battery, which experts say should not always be charged up to 100 percent and that you can easily extend the battery life of your unit by reducing the overhead.

Several Apple devices such as MacBooks and iPhones also use the same technology with a feature known as Optimized Battery Charging, which helps to avoid premature wear out of the batteries.

A Few More tips

Macworld also gave a few tips to help lengthen your battery life.

For one, do not proceed to open the case while your AirPods are charging, because this may interrupt the charging process, which would result in harm to the battery.

Also, you can keep your headphones in a dry position where it isn’t too cold or it isn’t too hot, because that can also cause long-term harm, so don’t leave your wireless earbuds in direct sunlight or incredibly cold when you don’t use them.

The AirPods will have a couple of features that could support you but are not really needed.

To avoid using all the battery and in short, intervals having it charged over and over again, turn off those unnecessary features and try to use a lower volume as it could also drain the earbuds quickly.

Additionally, lowering the volume might also help save your hearing.

New iOS 14 Features Revealed

According to MacRumors, in September iOS 14 is scheduled to be released to the public and will include many new features and is one of the biggest updates yet.

Among the changes that Apple users should expect is the redesigned home screen, which includes support for widgets that can be dragged to the home screen from the Today view and can be customized to varying size.

The App Library is also added which allows users to see all the apps they have on their computer at a glance.

Apple devices will now have new space-saving apps, meaning incoming phone calls and Siri requests won’t take up the entire screen, with phone calls only showing as a banner on top of your iPhone display.

Meanwhile, Siri requests at the bottom of the screen will display a tiny, animated Siri.

Apple users have a few more new features in store, including Picture in Picture mode, App Clips, and even a smarter Siri.

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