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Samsung Will Meet Growing Apple Need Of FC-BGA Chip


Do You Know That Samsung Will Meet Growing Apple Need Of FC-BGA Chip? Apple will receive an FC-BGA chip from Samsung for its next M2 CPU, according to a SamMobile rumour. Samsung will thereafter meet the rising demand for Apple’s substrate chip in its most recent MacBook laptop, tablet, and iPad models.

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Samsung will thus serve as Apple’s primary source for the cutting-edge, high-tech flip-chip ball grid array (FC-BGA) substrate. For the record, Apple released the M1 microprocessor in November 2020; however, it was based on the British processing architecture known as ARM.


Apple Need Of FC-BGA Chip

Later this year, Apple M series’ newest iteration will be unveiled. The successful supply of hardware chips will result in enormous financial rewards for Samsung.

Currently, Samsung and American tech giant Apple are quite close to agreeing on a deal. It is important to note that a Korean phone manufacturer is pouring a massive $1 billion into an FC-BGA manufacturing facility in Vietnam. Additionally, Samsung has already made over $241 million in its South Korean chip manufacturing facility.

Chips are produced using a substrate called FC-BGA. In essence, it is a tiny copper wire that relays user input to chips and answers back to the user. The main uses of this chip are CPUs and GPUs, in part because of the vast amount of circuit connections it has.

High-density semiconductor chips are connected to the mainboard using FC-BGA, which transmits electrical signals and powers them. If the supply is successful, Samsung will make enormous profits.

The rigid flexible printed circuit board (RFPCB) from Samsung has already been sent to Apple for its handsets, including the iPhone 12 and 13 models. Because of barriers to entry for production technology, only a small number of businesses have provided Apple with FC-BGA chips.

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In addition to Samsung, other companies that can manufacture FC-BGA substrate chips include Nanya Technology Corporation, Japan’s Shinko Electric Industries, Ibiden Company, and Taiwan’s Unimicron Technology Corporation.

The two tech behemoths’ collaboration may be strengthened, according to industry experts, if the acquisition goes through successfully.

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