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How to add text to TikTok videos?

Add Text to TikTok Videos

Text is an excellent way to grab eyeballs and get people to watch the entire video! You can intrigue the audience with text, which offers background — or even mystery. Visitors to the TikTok profile can see all the video thumbnails of your TikTok. If you see what it is, you might be more likely to click the video.

Another way to use text in order to promote interaction is to tell the viewers to wait for a surprise until the end of the video – to watch them until the end! Completion and repetition viewing is a great indicator of your content performing successfully on TikTok and if done right you will find a spot on the For You list.

Try VidClipper Video Editor to add text to your TikTok video and see how the crowd is doing. Check your TikTok analytics if you are not sure how your text-based visions are doing. Verify that text and no text exists between TikToks for certain topics in your score.

Adding text to your TikTok videos is one of the easiest ways to build inclusive and engaging videos on the app. The text editor of TikTok is straightforward and easy to use. Once you add text to your TikTok videos, your commitment, and overall performance will boost!

In this post, we’ll walk you through how to add text to video, how to use on-screen text to tell a story, and why it’s so relevant.

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How to add text to TikTok videos

  1. Download and Install VidClipper Video Editor on your PC.
  2. Record your video for TikTok and after the recording, you would need to open the video in VidClipper and then proceed with the editing functions.
  3. Go to the “Text” option to add custom texts, move to “Filters” to beautify your video, navigate to “Overlays” to add overlays, and just like that; you can access and add so many features to your videos, after finishing editing click on the “Export” button to export and save the video on your mobile.
  4. After you have finished editing your video to your satisfaction, click on the “Export” button to export and save the video.

Features of VidClipper Video Editor

One of VidClipper’s outstanding features is its vast catalog with different effects and transitions to be included in your videos. More than a dozen different transitions, plus pre-made animations, videogames, and even an extensive music library, all at your own fingertips, can be added with a single click.

  • 60+ Filters
  • 100+ Text styles
  • 70+ Overlay effects
  • 300+ Transitions
  • 200+ Animations
  • 600+ Songs

Why choose VidClipper Video Editor

  • This is easy to use and you can make your own video in 3 steps.
  • This is a professional tool for TikTokers. Best video and audio processing features.
  • Edit video tracks on different layers. You can apply your favorite functions for different video needs.
  • There are large libraries and templates, including animations, music, texts, filters, overlays, transitions, and much more are available.

Make your videos more interesting

Short and interactive videos will draw a wider audience into TikTok. Adding reactive texts to your videos also means adding a bit of variation to your content.

However, there are several other ways to build TikTok, depending on your purpose for using it.

So, you can also select Qshot Video Editor as long as you want to make a video or movie on your iPhone/iPad. You then export and post your video on your Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok account after creating it.

Download Qshot Video Editor App here.

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