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Beginner’s guide to writing plagiarism-free content for SEO

writing plagiarism-free content

Are you interested in knowing how to write SEO-oriented content that converts into ROIs?

Search engine optimization and plagiarism-free content are cheeks by jowl with each other.

Your SEO strategy is doomed to fail if you think you can optimize your website without giving due deference to plagiarism-free content.

You may believe that SEO-friendly writing is a difficult task but in this article, I am going to break this notion.

Check out the article to know how you can enhance your SEO with unique content creation. So, let’s start without any fuss.

Why plagiarized content must be brushed off?

Every once in a while Google de-ranks some websites and ranks others. Do you know the number of websites is growing day by day and the figure has reached a simmering height of 1.9 billion?

Amid such a bombastic number, imagine writing something unique. Thus, plagiarism becomes part and parcel of every first draft of a writer.

However, avoiding plagiarism is the key to ranking higher because deeply affects your ranking and marketing.

Most of the content on the internet is meant to market your business whether it is in the form of products or services.

As a webmaster, you have to market your business through blog posts. You may easily see high-ranked blogs getting loads of traffic in a single day. On the flip side, you can also see the low-ranked blogs.

The main reason behind such disparity is the quality of your content. Plagiarized content is often of bad quality.

It neither increases marketing nor ranks better on search engine result pages. Because Google, being the giant search engine abhors copied content and flags it down the moment its algorithms detect such content.

For instance, Panda update de-ranks and even penalizes copied and hollow content and makes your content good for nothing.

On the marketing side, if somehow, you have built trust and gathered a handsome number of readers, who read your blog regularly, you would lose them ultimately by plagiarizing your content.

Hence, you must keep plagiarism at bay if you want to improve your website SEO to rank better.

How plagiarism-free content should be employed in SEO?

SEO is a set of guidelines that helps you rank better on Google. As Google keeps on tinkering with its algorithms, so SEO keeps on evolving with each passing day.

Till now, webmasters have extracted more than 200 factors that Google focuses on to rank your content.

Writing unique content is one of the major factors as the content itself is considered the king of online marketing.

SEO is of three main types: on-page, off-page, and technical SEO.

Your content creation deals with both on-page and off-page SEO. On-page refers to the representation of content on a website. Thus, it has more to do with the searchability of your content.

Google’s Rankbrain algorithm is a true example of its use because it focuses on the intent of your content.

It employs machine learning to teach itself of the coming inputs and gets itself trained. Hence, it accounts for LSI keywords, in addition to main keywords.

Now of you have written unique content, it gets ranked easily, as it appears in the search results more often.

Off-page SEO also deals with your content indirectly. Despite focusing on your backlinks, it has an impact on your content uniqueness. Because if your content is of good quality, you would get more backlinks.

Write Plagiarism Content

How you can write plagiarism-free content?

1. Check your content with online tools

If you are considering writing plagiarism-free content, you need to check plagiarism in your content after completing your work.

It is a good habit because it makes you sure which chunk of your content is plagiarized. After knowing, you easily make changes accordingly.

2. Get some beforehand knowledge

Knowing anything gives you s boost in your confidence that helps you take an active role in writing. As they say that little knowledge is more dangerous than knowing nothing.

So, the clumsy writing you see on some blogs some from knowing little to nothing. It not only distracts the readers but also affects the ranking.

Thus, if you want to sound creative and engaging, you must know the topic very well before writing.

Content engagement comes from better research as you see a person who has complete knowledge of a topic, teaches better.

Thus enticing and plagiarism-free content is necessary for your good SEO.

3. Develop your own writing expression

Every successful writer follows a definite expression. Now you would say, how to develop your expression?

First, developing a unique writing style is not a single day’s task. You have to invest time and effort to come up with your own expression.

Your style not only helps you generate plagiarism-free content but also makes it more appealing because you are following your instincts while writing. In this way, you can generate SEO- friendly content.

4. Create your self-dictionary

Most writers find it difficult to add a unique touch to their writing. Because they lack new vocabulary.

In making their content unique, they add dictionary words into their text, only to make it difficult to read.

Nevertheless, such practice does no good to your content’s SEO. Having said that, you can write plagiarism-free content by reading good content frequently.

While reading, pick up new words and jot them down into your computer or a handy diary. Use these words when you sit to write your content next time.

5. Cite the borrowed sentences

After writing your content use several tools that check your content plagiarism. You can cite plagiarized sentences using different citation styles.

Likewise, you can also prefer to link to those sites from where you got the text. It will optimize your content in many ways.

First, it will remove plagiarism. Second, it will be good for off-page SEO as you are referring to credible websites.

Wrapping it up:

Plagiarism-free content and SEO go hand in hand. Their confluence makes you a successful webmaster, so you must write unique content with proper research, and good writing expression.

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