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New Tech Will Cost $4.1M at Jinnah Medical Center

New Tech Will Cost $4.1M at Jinnah Medical Center

Do you know New Tech Will Cost $4.1M at Jinnah Medical Center? Syed Murad Ali Shah, the chief minister of Sindh, has given a $4.1 million grant for the Patients Aid Foundation (PAF) to upgrade the outdated Cyberknife machines and equipment at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) so that patients from throughout the nation can benefit.

Murad was addressing on Sunday at a nearby hotel at the signing of an agreement between the Sindh government and the Patients Aid Foundation to create a working partnership at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC) in Karachi for several projects, including the Cube knife.

In addition to donors and benefactors, the programme was attended by advisers in law Murtaza Wahab, Qasim Soomro, Zulfiqar Shah, and Shahid Rasool, the executive director of JPMC. The CM reported that he had been informed that there are roughly 2,000 patients on the Cyberknife facility’s waiting list.

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The chief minister also declared an increase in the annual grant to the Patients Aid Foundation from Rs340 million to Rs540 million beginning with the following fiscal year. At the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC), Karachi, Patients Aid Foundation (PAF) has been providing assistance to the underprivileged and indigent patients since 1991.

New Tech Will Cost $4.1M at Jinnah Medical Center
New Tech Will Cost $4.1M at Jinnah Medical Center

According to Shah, the Patients Aid Foundation (PAF) increased its bed capacity from 1,100 to 2,208 beds after the JPMC was transferred to the Sindh government, and his government has already notified the JPMC of this higher bed strength for the upcoming fiscal year budget.

According to the CM, the Sindh government and PAF jointly ran two Cyberknife and Tomotherapy installations that were made by the PAF. “Thanks to this collaborative effort, JPMC is now among the top 10 facilities in the world, has two Cyberknives and Tomotherapy, and is the only facility on the earth that provides free cancer treatment with cutting-edge technology, irrespective of race, religion, and ethnicity,” he stated.

The Patients’ Aid Foundation and the Government of Sindh have signed an Agreement for 25 years to operate various facilities at JPMC to further improve the free diagnosis and treatment facilities that would otherwise be out of the reach of the average person, according to Shah. This agreement formalises the historic partnership.

The JPMC is the only public hospital in Pakistan that provides free PET-Ct & PET-MR exams regardless of the kind of cancer, according to the chief minister. He stated, “There is no free PET SCAN service anywhere in Pakistan,” and added that it might cost as much as Rs90,000 per scan in private medical facilities.

According to the CM, a cancer patient may need two to three PET scans while undergoing treatment. Shah recalled and stated that JPMC hosts the most patients compared to any other centre in Pakistan. “Pet scan and cyclotron at JPMC is also a collaborative project of the Sindh government and Patients Aid Foundation, which I had launched in 2016,” Shah remarked.

I’m announcing the approval of an increase in the annual grant to the Patients Aid Foundation from Rs340 million to Rs540 million for the period 2023–2024 in order to solve this serious issue. According to the chief minister, Cyber knife give cancer cures for as much as $50,000 to $90,000 worldwide, which is out of the price range of the average person.

New Tech Will Cost $4.1M at Jinnah Medical Center
New Tech Will Cost $4.1M at Jinnah Medical Center

Patients have taken advantage of this free service at JPMC from 167 cities in Pakistan and 15 other countries, and the number of patients is growing daily, he revealed. Speaking at the event, Prof. Tariq Mahmood, head of the Cyberknife Unit, noted that while the JPMC initially primarily treated brain cancers, the number of patients was rapidly rising due to public awareness that cyberknife was the best and safest alternative to surgery for treating stage-1 prostate cancer.

Cyberknife, unit-1, which is an older technology, currently takes more than an hour for each patient, according to Prof. Tariq. This unit can treat up to 30 patients in a day, as opposed to the current “technology to treat a patient,” which takes less than 15 minutes.

At this point, the chief minister announced a contribution of $4.1 million to the Patients Aid Foundation to help replace the outdated Cyberknife at JPMC Karachi with the most recent model, benefiting patients from around the nation.

Speaking at the event was Parliamentary Secretary for Health Qasim Siraj Soomro, who said that under chief minister Murad Ali Shah, the provincial administration had not built health facilities across the province where high-quality care was offered without charge. Prof. Shahid Rasool, executive director of JPMC, thanked the chief guest, the chief minister, the donors, and the PAF for their unwavering support in transforming JPMC into one of the best medical facilities in the world that cares for the sick and suffering of humanity without regard to any form of prejudice.

At JPMC, PAF Chairman Mushtaq Chhapra outlined the development of his collaboration with the Sindh government and claimed that the service would not have been feasible without the assistance of local, national, and international donors. Additionally, he provided information on the Medical Complex at JPMC, whose construction the CM promised he would support with equipment and other resources once the structure was finished.

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