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Hide Your IP Address;Four Different Ways.

Hide Your IP Address, Contrary to popular belief, ISPs, ad companies, and even the government watch and monitor our online activities. Your online privacy and security are continuously at risk, so be sure to hide your IP.

One technique to protect yourself from data and privacy breaches is by masking or hiding your IP address. Further ways to hide your IP address include NAT firewalls, Tor Browser, and proxy servers.

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How to Use VPN to Hide IP Address

Hide Your IP Address, Use VPN

Through a networking tunnel known as a virtual private network, the encrypted data is delivered to the VPN server (VPN).

For enhanced data security, anonymity, and privacy, always use a VPN service, especially if you are connected to a dubious public

Always examine the privacy policy of the VPN client and confirm the reliability of the supplier. Using a free VPN service is not encouraged due to the well-known fact that their software is set up to collect your data, including your IP.


Hide Your IP Address, Apply proxies.

The proxy server stays in place between the internet and your devices. Only the proxy server’s IP will be visible to the host server or website you are attempting to visit; the real IP stays concealed.

The proxy and VPN are similar in certain aspects. However, the proxy servers only support one app at a time and provide no traffic encryption. The main advantage of utilizing proxies over VPNs is that most proxy servers are faster because there is no need for encryption for internet data.

Always go with the proxy server option that gives the best combination of speed, security, and anonymity if you’re using them to hide your IP address.

Hide Your IP Address
Hide Your IP Address

Using Onions.

The path taken by IP packets when using conventional routing was easily traceable. Therefore, masking the IP in a typical network context is rather challenging.

Use onion routing instead to browse the internet secretly by masking your IP. On an onion network, the layers of encryption around the data are similar to the layers of an onion.

However, since each user request must go via the nodes, Onion routing will make your internet connection slower. Additionally, the Tor Browser is the only way to access this encrypted network protocol.

Hide Your IP Address
Hide Your IP Address

NAT Firewall implementation.

NAT firewalls implement Network Address Translation (NAT), which changes private IP addresses into public IPs. A router or even a firewall can implement NAT.

By blocking inbound unwanted packets, a NAT firewall also broadcasts your public IP address while hiding your private one. There is only one distinct IP address used in place of the old ones. Throughout this process, also known as IP masquerade.


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