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Future Apple Watches Might Include Cameras


Do you know Future Apple Watches Might Include Cameras? Apple just just submitted a patent application for an Apple Watch strap that could have a camera (US-11571048-B1). Think about an Apple Watch with a camera on the back; that would be really cool, no? Perhaps one will appear in the future.

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Future Apple Watches Might Include Cameras

Future Apple Watches Might Include Cameras
Future Apple Watches Might Include Cameras

Recent discoveries indicate that Apple just proceeded to submit a patent application (US-11571048-B1) for an Apple Watch band that might have a camera. Apple will be able to add a built-in camera with Apple watches thanks to this proprietary watch strap technology.

Patently Apple, an Apple Inc.-focused blog that posts the most recent information on any new patent applications submitted by Apple, broke the story first.

The patented watch strap with two segments and a nest part was detailed in Patently Apple.

This strap, which has two sections, will make it simple for users to separate the watch from the strap and utilize it separately, which is likely to happen when they want to take a picture.

Apple’s patent includes a number of illustrations that describe the functioning of the watch strap’s design. The apple watch may be seen being used individually and separated from its strap in one of the pictures.

Apple has filed patent applications for new Apple Watch camera straps before. The tech behemoth has since filed a number of camera-related patent designs for the Apple Watch.

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A 2019 rotatable Apple watch camera strap and even a patent for an Apple watch with a camera in its digital crown are two examples of these patents.

There is a good chance that this new unique Apple watch strap design won’t ever be used, but only time will tell, much like with many other patented Apple watches.

When comparing the Apple Watch series 7 and 8, you can immediately spot differences in design, functionality, features, and much more. Apple enjoys introducing fresh, unique designs and functions into its watch.

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