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How to Locate Hidden Cameras with a Smartphone

Using a mobile device, discover hidden cameras

Locate Hidden Cameras

Someone could be watching you with hidden cameras whether you’re in a hotel room or a changing room. It is an obvious infringement of privacy that you cannot ignore.

Fortunately, the smartphone in your pocket can help you locate any concealed cameras and avert any potential accidents. You may quickly find them by using your phone’s built-in camera, flashlight, and applications.

This post is for you if you’re interested in learning how to locate hidden cameras on a phone. In the end, you will also discover manual methods for examining covert cameras.

Locate Hidden Cameras with a Smartphone

Areas That Might Have Hidden Cameras

Knowing where to look for concealed cameras in your room will be useful before you start looking. There are several locations where the camera could be concealed depending on the density of the objects in the room.

For example, if you are in a bedroom, the camera might be positioned so that it faces directly at the bed. You must check the cameras in every location where you can see the bedroom clearly. Here, we’ve created a list of potential locations for covert cameras.

Door knobsWall DecorsCurtains rod
Bath showersPhone chargersRouter
Power socketsFan speed controllerPens
Stuffed toysMirrorsGoggles
Air purifierBook racksClocks
Flower vaseLight bulbsTable lamps
CupboardsFansSmoke alarm


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How Can I Use My Phone to Find Hidden Cameras?

It’s time to find the cameras now that you know where a spy might hide them. Finding covert cameras can be made easier with the use of mobile devices. The majority of the time, your phone’s built-in Camera app performs flawlessly. Alternately, a few third-party programmed are available.

Use of Camera App

Today’s surveillance cameras primarily employ infrared technology. Using the iPhone or Android’s built-in camera, you can quickly find it. You will notice a purple light glowing on your phone’s screen when infrared light enters the camera.

1. Turn off each and every light in your room. Drop curtains, too.

2. Now start the scan of your room on your phone by opening the Camera app. For scanning, you can either utilize a front camera or a back camera.

3. Move your phone slowly in the direction of the aforementioned questionable regions.

4. If you notice a purple light flashing on your screen, carefully examine. This is what appears on your phone’s screen when the camera picks up the infrared light.

 5. There is definitely a hidden camera in your room if you notice a purple light blinking on your computer screen.

Utilizing the Light App on Your Phone

Next, you may find the concealed cameras by using the flashlight on your smartphone. Glass covers the exterior of the security cameras. Therefore, if you point the flashlight in the direction of the camera, it will reflect some light, allowing you to see if there are any concealed cameras.

1. By closing the curtains and shutting off all the lights, you can make your room gloomy.                         

2. There shouldn’t be any sources of active lighting in the space, then switch on your phone’s flashlight.

3. Look around the place carefully from all angles.

4. You will notice glittering light assaulting your eyes if there is any kind of reflecting surface.

5. Check to see whether there are any additional things, such as a camera, close to the reflecting surface.

Apps from Third Parties

You may also check for hidden cameras in your room using a variety of third-party apps that are readily available on the Play Store and App Store. To help find hidden cameras, these apps integrate the use of radio frequency, reflection detection, and infrared light scanner. Search the app store using terms like “Hidden camera detector” to download the programmer.

Manual examination of covert cameras

It’s possible that your smartphone won’t always be able to find hidden cameras. It’s because all cameras have a reflecting quality and don’t emit infrared light. Therefore, performing a manual inspection to discover the hidden cameras would be beneficial. Here, we’ll go over a few techniques you can use to locate a hidden camera without using your phone.

Check the room’s mirrors.

There is a good likelihood that the mirror in a locker room or restroom is a two-way mirror or has a hidden camera underneath it. The mirror that has a covert camera underneath it differs slightly from a regular mirror. If that’s the case, you can gently press on the mirror to inspect. A hidden camera might be underneath the mirror if it flexes or bends just a little bit.

Examine the space between your finger and the reflection it left on the mirror. If there isn’t any space between them, the mirror may be a two-way mirror, and someone may be watching you from behind it.

Examine the Wirings

You can also check the wiring in the space. It can assist in determining whether your room has a hidden connected camera. Please examine all of the potential problem areas mentioned above. Check where the weird item came from and look for concealed cameras if there are unusual things there, such as two wires going through a wall. Additionally, check to see if anything is positioned oddly. You can change it to record events in your room.

Protect the Suspicious Items

You can cover up any unsettling items in your immediate vicinity if you believe you are being watched. Take a towel and cover the eyes of the teddy bear, for instance, if you feel its eyes on you. Or perhaps there are some eyeglasses on the table directly in front of your bed. Shield it. Check the space to see if there are any items that seem to have no use or are positioned strangely. Please store it out of the way or wrap it.

RF Signal Scanner

A tool that aids in detecting electromagnetic device emissions is an RF signal scanner. It can also be used to find any concealed cameras in your room. As soon as you approach the vicinity of radio frequency signals, it will begin to beep. But make careful to turn off any radios, TVs, and mobile phones that have electromagnetic fields in the space. Otherwise, the RF detector will continue to beep, mistaking those gadgets for cameras.


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