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Panel Mount USB Connectors: An Overview

Panel Mount USB Connectors: An Overview
Panel Mount USB Connectors: An Overview

Do know Panel Mount USB Connectors: An Overview? The mechanical components that were incorporated into the design of a connector half to allow the connector to be fastened to an enclosure, equipment panel, or external casing are known as panel mounts. Cable connectors like USB connectors make up the majority of connectors with panel mount features attached to them.

Panel mount operation

  • There are three panel mount position types – rear-face or external mounting, front-face or internal mounting and side mount.
  • Rear-face or external mounting sees most of the connector being on the front face or the outside of the equipment panel or box.
  • Front-face or internal mounting sees most of the connector being on the rear face or the inside of the equipment panel or box.
  • Side mount sees the connector housing being fixed to the horizontally oriented panel, which is more of a method of securing it than an actual connection from the exterior to the interior of an enclosure.

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Panel mount is employed when?

In order to allow for the connection to be formed between the inside and exterior of an enclosure, a hole must be drilled in the enclosure wall or panel.

There is no reason why several cables couldn’t be put through that hole to transport power and/or a signal, provided the entire system was intended to be a one-time installation with no need to replace anything. The only restriction is that the sides must be coated to protect the cables.

On the other hand, it will be more practical to have the connection partially built into one side of that enclosure, with a cut-out or hole that the connector may sit in, if you need to be able to plug and unplug the enclosure frequently if they are being constructed in separate locations.

The panel mount USB connector, which is then installed inside the cut-out, will be wired to the back of the interior electronics.

Panel mount USB connections’ benefits

Compared to cable mount USB connectors, panel mount USB connectors have a number of benefits. The electrical connections on the connector’s back are not put under any external stress as a result of the connector’s attachment to the panel, which reduces the likelihood that they will break and increases the reliability of the aforementioned device.

Untrained individuals can securely disconnect and reattach cables as well. The connections on the back of a computer, which are entirely panel mount, are a good illustration of this.

It is also possible to design entire modules to be replaceable components inside of smaller enclosures, and the devices can be kept inside the boxes to prevent tampering.

Look through RS components for the appropriate USB connectors that you require. Although mechanical panel mount is advised for applications used in more demanding situations to guarantee connectors do not move away from the panel owing to a single bump, they can be panel attached using adhesive methods such as glue instead of mechanical fasteners.

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