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JazzCash Review: Pros and Cons

JazzCash Review

JazzCash Review: With roughly 10 million monthly active users and a defined aim to enhance financial inclusion, JazzCash is Pakistan’s leading digital payments platform. Approximately 100 million Pakistanis – nearly half of the country’s population – are still unbanked. Money transfers, bill payments, debit cards, insurance, savings, ticketing, food delivery, government, and corporate payments are all available through JazzCash. The JazzCash USSD channel, mobile application, and over 80,000 retail agents across the country provide access to these services. JazzCash QR and an online payment gateway solution are also available to more than 45,000 retailers.

JazzCash Review

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JazzCash has pledged to increase the proportion of women in their mobile money user base by 2023 as part of the GSMA’s Connected Women commitment campaign. JazzCash aims to assist women both digitally and financially so that they may not only maintain themselves and their families, but also contribute to the greater economy of Pakistan. In this article we will review the JazzCash in detail.

JazzCash Review

JazzCash Review: Pros and Cons

JazzCash Pros:

After the initial setup of your JazzCash account, it is very easy to send and receive funds throughout the country.

  1. Pay Utility Bills: Customers can pay their utility bills through JazzCash App without wasting their time. Jazz Cash allows its users to pay their bills from home very easily. Jazz Cash makes it easy as you can pay bills with just a click.
  2. Mobile Load & Bundle: You can recharge your SIM card with JazzCash. Through JazzCash, you can recharge Mobilink, Telenor, Warid, Zong and Ufone SIMs.
  3. Money withdraw from Payoneer: This is the one of the best feature of JazzCash and through this feature Freelancers from Pakistan can withdraw their funds direct to JazzCash account.
  4. Bank Transfer: You can transfer your funds to all popular Pakistani banks.
  5. Receive/Send Payments: You can receive and send payments easily from anyone in Pakistan.
  6. Online Shopping: is one of several websites where you may shop online and pay through JazzCash. In-app purchases are available in games like PUBG, Garena Free Fire, Cross-Fire Legends, and many others. Jazz cash can be used to purchase game-specific currency and valuables. It will be far more convenient than purchasing game stop gift cards.
  7. Desposit Funds: The actual question is how can you save money and use it later? The solution is straightforward: There are three main approaches: I) Paying a visit to a local Jazz Cash agent ii) Making a purchase with a credit or debit card iii) Applying for a VISA.
  8. Book your Bus/Cenima Tickets: Jazz Cash also makes it simple for customers to purchase bus tickets. Simply go to the book tickets menu and look for the tickets you require, then purchase them. Tickets are available from the following partners: Daewoo Express, Cinepax Theatres and Kohistan bus service.
  9. Security: When it comes to sending and receiving money, we all know that security is crucial. Jazz Cash ensures that users have a safe and simple way to send money. Jazz wants you to take the following precautions to avoid any kind of double-dealing: 1. Activating Face ID, 2. Activating Touch ID, 3. Make sure you have a decent MPIN. Now you may transmit money without worrying about being robbed.
  10. Free-gifts: Users of Jazz Cash can receive presents from time to time. As a result, you should check in on a regular basis to see what you can get.
  11. Locating nearby JazzCash Agents: You can go to your local Jazz Cash agent if you need money in cash. Using the Find nearby Agents feature in the Jazz Cash app, you can find the location of your nearest Jazz Cash agent.

JazzCash Cons:

  1. JazzCash app takes too much loading time
  2. Instant payment sending/receiving is not available. 30 minutes wait/delay for sending/receiving payments is unacceptable. Thats why customers are facing difficulties and they are moving to other networks.
  3. People use this type of services in emergency but company has its own policies and in future this will decrease company reputation.
  4. Bugs in JazzCash App
  5. JazzCash is not providing quality customer suppport service.
  6. On Google Playstore, JazzCash app rating is 3.0. This is not a good rating as compared to other competitors.
  7. Many Freelancers and customers complaint about the fraudluent activities in JazzCash app.
  8. Many freelancers who withdraw money from Jazz Cash have complained that when they transferred money from Payoneer to JazzCash account, the money appeared in Jazz account balance but suddenly the money disappeared when they Jazz contacted to Jazz customer support they did not support.

Top 10 JazzCash Reviews from the Internet

ہمایوں – Delayed Payments

Previously it was working fine but for a few weeks I have noticed that when I transfer money from my bank to Jazz Cash it takes around 5, 6 hours to reflect money in jazz cash wallet whereas from bank the amount is deduc cted instantly. Why would I use Jazz Cash if I can’t use the money when required!! Pathetic. And if there is a need to speak to a CS rep, it takes ages to get a real person on the line. Disappointed with Jazz.

Hasaan Fazal says;

Worst app to transfer money. Can’t use it to make payments as transfers are severly delayed. On calling customer care they ask you to wait for 6 hours. SIX hours! Before this time it’s not even an issue. Imagine the situation that you have paid someone via this app and now you are without money and the other party has also not received anything. App meant to embarrass you in the best way. I think they are delaying transfers to make a short term pool of floating funds to earn interest! Lanat!

Uzair Siddique says;

The updated version of the app is just horrible. The user experience has declined tremendously. The UI also has problems and needs work. Its such a big blunder by a big telco company. You need to hire good in house designers. Your design team has a lot of feedback data and usability study still they designed a horrible user experience. Focus to make your product stand out from others. Right now its just pathetic.

M Hassan says;

Could be a very helpful app but have two big issues 1- Most of the time when you need access to your account they say “sorry something went wrong we are fixing it”, it’s really frustrating and compel us to think that this is not reliable. 2- Second issue is communication, it didn’t say biometric is necessary to add cash instead they just say if you need higher cash limit you do biometric. It wasted my time as well.

Hidaya Tus Sabeel says;

I am user of this application since long. Day by day its progress falling. Its updated version is difficult, time taking, and confusing. Sometimes its not show actual amount, long time after transaction it shows “its expired.” Here m failed to paste account nmber. Its feature of “Repeat” is not working. Its process steps have been increased. Old version was easier to use while you are new on app or not familiar, but new one is quite confusing, Please update old version again.

Umar Khalid says;

Previous version is quite easy to use rather than this version, alot of difficult interface to use it. One more issue is that it don’t have the option for copy/paste Account number when we have to transfer amount to other bank. Please have the option so that account number can easily be copy paste. So much stucking now, have to reopen several times no fingerprint login done and yesterday have to open/reopen to use this app. Must have to improve services for any customer.

Ali Raza says;

I am using this app for couple of years but after last update it became worst app to use for mobile banking. While money transfer transactions time out and funds deducted from user account but payment/transfer is not done. Upon complaining they want confidential information of user like date of birth, mother name, etc which is absurd and unprofessional. They don’t care and interested in solution. So, choose wisely either switch to alternative options or be ready for unnecessary inconvenience.

Annie Abdulrauf says;

Worst update.user interface is not good and I lost all the important history details and in search filter of one year it is not showing that although the data is not that old. You should know that record details are important for user. I want the previous version. SO kindly uninstall the update. I may stop using Jazzcash. You should ask the customer either they want to update or not .

Malik Imran says;

I was definitely inspired from jazzcash but nowadays it has been a scammer service. I never received my amount on time. When we talk to the customer service they say there’s no any pending amount for you. Even customer service is too ignorant, they have no time to listen our request. Also the updated version is too bad, slow , unethical and full of bugs.

Sadia Pervez says;

This is the worst app i can say! I have been giving the same review again and again and i am writing it for one more time now that I haven’t used this app before. I am using it for the first time and it is saying that already an account is registered over this CNIC. I really need jazz cash account otherwise i wouldn’t have informed you about it. I have mailed you as well! What do I do now? Its really frustrating! About 5 months have passed now! And still no response or help from your side!
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