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NordVPN: The Best VPN for College Students


Today there are many reasons why we choose a VPN since we can only gain the necessary privacy with this service in order to avoid risks when connected. Actually, surfing the internet is definitely dangerous if the tools to protect your data are not used, and we can only really be assured of a high-quality private VPN.

It’s no longer a secret: many companies offer this type of service, but there are certainly some which distinguish themselves in terms of reliability and efficiency. NordVPN is one such service, and for that reason, we are currently relying on it to understand the benefits of a virtual private network.

It is good first of all to know what a VPN is and how it functions. The acronym represents the private virtual network. That’s why we talk about an essential service for encrypting your internet traffic and thereby protecting your data and identity on the network. With a VPN it is possible to surf with full security and it is no coincidence that the services offered in the business environment are highly recommended, as it enables you to easily, immediately but above all safely connect the bureaus located through all areas.

Basically, a VPN can be compared with a geographical LAN because it is virtual and thus accessible to those in possession of the permissions from anywhere in the world.

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A specific system called tunneling enables the VPN to encrypt and mask your IP address in your network. In doing so, potential hackers, but also censorship bodies, can not trace any data entering the web.

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The benefits of a NordVPN service

The Virtual Private Network’s advantages often depend on the type of service you want, so today we depend in particular on the best NordVPN. Let’s see why the virtual private network can be selected, both in business and non-business environments.

Possibility to have a dedicated IP address

With a dedicated IP address, you can access private servers or remote systems in complete security in a business environment. In fact, a list of authorized IPs can be specified by network administrators and only these are available for access, whilst all others are excluded. This allows you to enter your server from everywhere in the world without the risk of malicious persons being intruded and thus protecting the data.

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IP address protection

You can hide your IP address when you surf the net in the private area with NordVPN, and that is a great benefit. Indeed, nobody can see what websites you visit, or what files your device has downloaded.

24/7 support

Support is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In other words, all complaints can be resolved locally.

No censorship and bandwidth limits

The VPN service also has the advantage of enabling you to circumvent censorship by the government. A classic example is Netflix, which does not normally allow content from other countries to be accessed. This limit can be overcome and US Netflix can be accessed, for example, from France via the virtual private network. With over 5000 servers, this is a very powerful VPN service in more than 60 countries.

Available on various platforms

NortVPN can be used on a wide range of platforms, including Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. It is also support for a range of smart televisions, and especially for Firefox and Chrome, it provides secure proxy access.


Providing various subscription packages; 1-month plan, 1-year plan, 2-year plan, and 3-year plan at affordable prices.

1-month plan: $ 11.95 / month
1-year plan: $ 6.99 / month
2-year plan: 4.99 / month
3-year plan: 3.49 / month

Cheap, right?

Also, the payment system is flexible because NordVPN accepts many payment systems: Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, Alipay, and many others.

This post contains many more advantages not listed. Surely NordVPN is currently the best VPN service.

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