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Top 7 Legit Free VPN Services to Use in 2020

Legit Free VPN Services

Are you looking for a free VPN service to help you surf the internet anonymously and without risking your private information? The primary function of a VPN is to make sure that you get to enjoy your privacy while accessing the internet. Therefore, having a good VPN service is an important part of the whole experience. That is why we have collected these 7 free VPN services to ensure you enjoy that right. All you need to do is download your complimentary VPN and enjoy the services.

Are VPNs Really Free?

There is a clear difference between getting a free VPN and buying a premium service. With VPNs, nothing is really free because unlike premium services, the free versions lack key features. Only by purchasing these features will you be able to enjoy the full VPN experience.

Free VPNs also come with the added baggage of advertisements, slow speed, malware and the risk of losing your information. The services are usually downgraded so that you have to pay to enjoy the whole experience. This is what makes premium VPNs very effective. However, you can still avoid all this baggage and enjoy a free VPN service by using complimentary VPNs.

While most VPNs will try and make sure that you buy a premium service, there are a number of VPNs that offer superior quality of service without you having to pay anything. This means easy streaming of services such as Netflix, getting access to restricted servers, and enjoying a fully–functioning support. By using these recommended VPNs, you stand to enjoy:

  • Access to Geo-blocked articles. That means you will access articles and information that is restricted to certain areas.
  • You will enjoy lightning-fast connection rates
  • Your information will not be synced to any account or device

Best Free VPN Services

  • NordVPN: ideal if you are planning to travel for less than 30 days or are looking to start using VPNs.
  • RusVPN: This service is ideal for people who are not looking to use any streaming services.
  • TunelBear: Only use this if you are tech-savvy enough to understand your system’s security needs.
  • Windscribe: This service has a little bit of buffering but is ideal for streaming.
  • Great for anyone who doesn’t want their VPN for torrents.
  • Proton: Offers you great service, but will not torrent.
  • Opera: offers great service but you have to use it within the Opera browser.

What is the Catch?

Most free VPNs in the market are not fully free. There, are a number of things you will have to contend with in order to enjoy whatever service they offer. For example, a free VPN might come with slow connections or restricted date use. In fact, 0ver 60% of the free VPNs we tested do not support streaming or torrents. Others have slow links, intentionally made so in order to get you to opt for a premium and more convenient option.

What this means is that while they are offered as no cost VPNs, they are really not that free because most times, you end up being the product. Customers have experienced the loss of private information by such VPNs. This is usually frustrating for users.

Given the amount of danger you expose yourself by using free PNs, and the fact that whatever is being called free isn’t really free, is there really a free VPN service that won’t pose risk to your safety? The truth is, you can only lose data if your VPN service is able to collect and store it. Plenty of these free VPN services lack no-logs coverage. That means that they are able to monitor and keep logs of your personal information. This will endanger your privacy.

We made a point to analyze a number of complimentary VPNs and found some unrealistic services which offered VPN services. Our investigations revealed that most VPNs come from China. This is probably because China has one of the strictest censorship programs in the world. This means that some of their privacy policies include provisions for logging and sharing consumer information. Therefore, it is best to stay away from these VPNs in order to safeguard your privacy.

Another reason to be wary of free VPNs is that the firms offering these services understand that its users live simple lives. Therefore, the continued use of free restricted support will lead to an upgrade. This would, normally, sound like a good thing. However, the best free VPN is not necessarily the top paid. Merit for these free VPN services is not based on value offered.

Therefore, most free VPN services will offer you expensive programs but with second-rate features thus making you pay for nothing. Other services, however, don’t offer free trials but come with affordable plans and great service.


This service is not usually free. However, it is a far superior service packed with innovative features for everyday internet users. You may use NordVPN to get a month’s worth of internet usage with no risks involved.

This is ideal if you are looking to use a VPN service for a short while. For example, if you are traveling for less than 30 days, you can use the service to bypass geo-blocks and censorship at zero cost.

Additionally, NordVPN is an excellent service for safe streaming without necessarily using a costly program. The service is easy to maintain and you can cancel it whenever you don’t need it.

Visit NordVPN

Advantages of NordVPN

  • Guarantees lightning-fast connection rates
  • Has over 5,100 servers around 60 countries
  • Unblocks Netflix so you never miss an event
  • Comes with innovative safety protocols, military-grade encryption, and a kill switch


RusVPN is so far the best VPN choice for subscribers. The free version offers fast speed, military-grade encryption, and secure surfing. Users also get the chance to enjoy geo-blocked content from anywhere in the world and with any device.

Additionally, the free version comes with 500MB daily which is sufficient enough for daily browsing.

As a user, you can add one additional device for free hotspot shield accounts and gain access to a number of restricted services. It is important to note that the free version comes with a number of ads.

Free Version Features

  • Zero logs coverage secures your search history
  • Streams Netflix, Hulu, and many more streaming services
  • Military-grade encryption for your internet data protection
  • Quick connection rates ensure lag-free surfing
  • Infinite info for up to 5 devices
  • Access to more than 2,500 servers in 25 countries
  • 24/7 live chat technology support


TunnelBear VPN is a great VPN service for beginners. It comes with a user-friendly interface that features animated grizzly bears. This makes it live up to its name. With TunnelBear, you can easily link servers in more than 22 states and enjoy friendly connection rates.

Also, you do not have to worry about anonymity. The service is built to ensure that you enjoy the best anonymity through an AES 256-bit encryption. The service does not log information either. Therefore, your information will not be retained by the service making it possible for you to protect your data.

A free account comes with a number of features, among them 500MB of information every month. You have the option of tweeting them to receive an additional 1GB of information. It does not come with streaming services such as Netflix and will not allow you to access geo-blocked content.

Free Version Features

  • Good link rates for buffer-free surfing
  • No logging and Effective encryption for maximum security
  • Ad-free service
  • No streaming, therefore, no TV or music on the move
  • Limited Data to only 500 MB/month
  • Little server system compared to other VPN suppliers Windscribe

Windscribe is one of the best free VPN services based on its generous allowance to information. As a free account user, you will get 10GB of info each month and an additional 5GB if you join the service.

Windscribe also gives you the chance to win an additional gigabyte every month if you can refer your friends.

Windscribe comes with a number of cool features such as R.O.B.E.R.T, a malware and Ad blocker for both paid and free users. The premium version comes with a comprehensive privacy policy that will explain in detail what kind of info they store, how they store it, and the levels of encryption provided.

Windscribe also boosts a no-logs policy which is ideal for anonymous browsing. Windscribe provides its users with a desktop program and browser expansion. The app has a user- friendly interface with easy to use icons. Users also have easy access to a live chat function and additional installation guides.

The service provides its free users with access to servers in 10 out of 50 countries.

Free Version Experts

  • Reduced server system when compared with the full version
  • Infinite data
  • The App shops some info while linked
  • Accessibility to complete server system in 50 nations
  • Data restricted to 10 GB/month


Hide.ME offers users a rather sweet deal for a free VPN service. As a user, you will get the support you can depend on, 2GB free information per month and security protocols for your data protection. Additionally, Hide.ME offers a selection of 5 countries, one of which is in Europe to pick from.

While Hide.ME offers great free support, it does not offer streaming options for services such as Netflix. However, users get to torrent which is actually a more popular option. The best part about using Hide.ME free account is that the service is really free. That means no ads, quality technical support,
strong encryption, no logs, and numerous protocols. All these are geared towards ensuring that your privacy is maintained at all times.

Free Version Experts

  • Limited bandwidth means restricted playback and browsing
  • Lifetime complimentary support so you will never have to pay
  • Data is capped at a small 2 GB/month
  • Just access a restricted number servers
  • Offers awesome connection rates for quick loading and surfing
  • Infinite info on 5 apparatus
  • Offers easy access to more than 160 servers in 55+ nations
  • No-log coverage for your privacy
  • Supports torrenting


ProtonVPN is a good VPN service compared to mainstream services. However, the features offered are not as impressive unless you are using their premium service. The free service offers you infinite data on a single device but with intentionally reduced connection rates.

Proton VPN does not allow streaming services such as Netflix but comes with a number of services optimized for easy torrenting. You will, however, have limited access to nations with P2P file-sharing capabilities.

The free version as an easy to use interface which can perform well in different platforms. This is a bonus for most people. It offers strong security features such as strong encryption and protocols. This way, you can browse without worrying about data loss or loss of anonymity.

Free Version Experts

  • Infinite data for added protection
  • No-log coverage and Swiss privacy legislation offers high safety levels
  • Reduced server system with accessibility to only 3 nations
  • Slow connection speeds which lead to slow loading and surfing
  • No torrenting or streaming


While Opera offers what appears to be a VPN service, it is not really one. What they do is produce a browser-based system that helps maintain anonymity for users in a free and secure environment. All you need to enjoy Opera services is to download their browser.

The browser is compatible with Operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. With it is an integrated Adblocker and VPN for added security on your data and anonymous browsing. You will find this service helpful when using public Wi-Fi networks.

There are tens, if not hundreds of great free VPNs in the market today. However, regardless of how great a VPN service is, nothing comes close to a paid service. This is because premium services come with additional features that ensure you enjoy the whole VPN experience.

This means additional security protocols, features such as torrenting and streaming and so much more. Additionally, you get to enjoy infinite information with paid VPNs with access to more servers and faster

Luckily, you can easily check out the paid VPN services for free as most will offer you a free 30-day trial or a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the experience.

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