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Checking the Warranty on a Dell Laptop

Checking the Warranty, The majority of Dell laptops come with a regular warranty that lasts around a year from the date of purchase or a three-year extended warranty. So, by adding your normal or extended warranty time to the purchase date, you may quickly determine when your laptop’s guarantee will expire.

Your purchase receipt should also mention the warranty for your Dell laptop, and you may check it there. However, you can still check your laptop’s warranty online or utilize the Dell Support Assistant if you can’t remember when you bought it or if you’ve misplaced your receipt.

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Checking the Warranty
Checking the Warranty

Examine online

Checking the Warranty, By entering your device’s service tag on the official support page, you can quickly determine the status of your Dell laptop’s warranty online. Typically, a sticker with information about your equipment will have the service tag on the back of your laptop.

Checking the Warranty, You can also look inside the system for your laptop’s service tag if you can’t locate it.

  1. To launch Run, press Windows + R.
  2. To launch Command Prompt, enter cmd and click Enter.
  3. Type the following command into the Command Prompt: retrieve serial number wmic bios
  4. The service tag for your Dell laptop should be returned by the command. (Be sure to record it.)
  5. You can check the status of your laptop warranty by entering your service tag after receiving it on the official Dell website.
  6. Checking the Warranty, Visit Dell’s main website.
  7. Your service tag should be entered in the text box below.
  8. Select your product, then select Search.
  9. The status of your laptop’s warranty should be shown together with other hardware information. You can click View Warranty Details to see more details.

Checking the Warranty, Utilize Dell Support Assist to check

Checking the Warranty, Using Dell Support Assist is another option to view the warranty on your Dell laptop. All of the more recent Dell laptop models have this program pre-installed. You can still get Support Assist from the official website if you have an older Dell laptop without it.

  1. Navigate to Start and select All Apps.
  2. To access it, scroll down and click on Support Assist.
  3. The Service Tag in the top right corner with your mouse.
  4. Details about your laptop’s warranty and other technical data ought to appear.
  5. If you’re not extremely tech-savvy, you can also contact Dell’s customer service to inquire about the status of your laptop’s warranty.
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