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How to change your PC name in Windows 10

Change your PC name in windows 10

Would you like to assign a name to your PC? Windows 10 has a small utility that can allow you to remember your computer, which is useful particularly for the management of a set of PCs because you need to know which PC is what. This function is very useful.

Windows 10 has plenty of cool stuff to do, but the random name it offers your PC when you are cleaning up is a function that merits a huge thumbs down. Windows 10 brands you with a name that starts with “DESKTOP” followed by a string of numbers and letters instead of making you give your machine something unforgettable. And yeah, on a laptop, it’s going to do it too!

This can be frustrating, fast, if you’ve got more than one Windows 10 PC. Is it in the dining room or upstairs DESKTOP-2P57JKL the PC? Who does that? Who knows?

Here’s how this can be remedied.

Go to the Settings menu for Windows 10 and then choose System. Scroll down to Around the left navigation bar. There is a list of useful computer configurations with the form and speed of the processor mounted, the system storage, and more. Click on the button “Rename PC” to appear.

Change your PC name in Windows 10
In the Windows 10 Settings menu, go to the System > About page. Click the “Rename this PC” button in the center of the page.

You previously had to enter and adjust the System Properties menu in the legacy Windows Control Panel. Don’t do more. Only type your new name in the area “Rename your PC” and click on “OK.” You should not use spaciously or punctuation, because Alexa’s PC is flat out. Note, Microsoft doesn’t encourage you to be too imaginative. Instead, the combination of the capital letters and numbers would be very vanilla.

You will be asked now or later to reboot the PC and the name change will come into place after it is done.

windows 10 rename your pc
You can’t get too fancy with Windows’ naming scheme.

Without renaming your PC you will usually get by great. If you run a home with multiple laptops in it, it may be useful to give each laptop a well-known name (“HPENVY” or “MOMSLAPTOP”). If you have ever lost a computer and have to use Microsoft’s own “Find my unit” feature, it can be incredibly useful to know which laptop is missing or which needs to be handled. Very perfect for handling licenses for Microsoft 365!

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