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Facebook Now Has two Billion Active Users a Record


Do you know Facebook Now Has two Billion Active Users a Record? In the third quarter of the year, Facebook saw a record 2.93 billion users, up 4% year over year. Facebook and Instagram’s parent company, Meta, has released its Q4 2022 earnings report. According to data from Meta’s research, Facebook has surpassed 2 billion daily active users, setting a new record.

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This information is released at a time when Meta is dealing with numerous issues, including legal challenges to its advertising regulations, growing competition from other social media platforms, and a collapsing stock price.

As a sigh of relief for the company, this data demonstrates that both new and existing users are regularly interacting with the application, which has been suffering as a result of TikTok’s rising popularity.

Facebook Now Has two Billion Active Users a Record
Facebook Now Has two Billion Active Users a Record

By the end of Q4, there were over 2.93 billion daily active Facebook users, down from around 2.96 billion in the third quarter. Additionally, it was disclosed that in 2022, Facebook saw a growth of 4% year over year.

“I’m happy with the high engagement across all of our apps and the continued growth of our community. Facebook recently passed the 2 billion daily active user mark. Reels and our work on our AI discovery engine are the main forces behind this. Beyond this, our management theme for 2023 is the “Year of Efficiency,” and we’re committed to growing as a stronger and more agile company,” remarked Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg when discussing the new achievement.

While the Reality Labs losses have played a part in the decline in Meta’s income over the past year, Zuckerberg also stated that he thinks the business is going through a “very quick phase transition” in comparison to earlier years. He replied, “We can’t just treat everything like hypergrowth. There are going to be some sectors that are going to grow extremely quickly or that we want to invest in for the foreseeable future.

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