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Understanding Why Instagram should be an Integral Part of Your Marketing Strategy


Instagram has been gaining traction over the years and has established itself as a very popular social networking site. We understand that thanks to the phenomenal volume of traffic generated by Instagram, it is currently an integral part of online marketing endeavors by businesses. We know that businesses already leveraging Twitter and Facebook are well-prepared to implement an online Instagram strategy. As per the Search Engine Journal, even though Twitter and Facebook once dominated the social media circuit, they are not regarded any longer as the best platforms to connect and engage with clients and attract new customers.

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Instead, currently, Instagram is right at the forefront when it comes to assisting diverse businesses in establishing a robust online presence. Ever since its inception in October 2010, Instagram has accomplished itself as a robust and powerful marketing tool just right for businesses aspiring to broaden their visibility and presence of their products online. You must integrate Instagram into your marketing plan irrespective of the industry. Here are a few pressing reasons for doing that.

Your Customers Are Expecting It

It is quite natural for your customers to look for you on powerful social media platforms like Instagram. They would be searching for you by hashtags relevant to your business or precisely your name, or location. Whatever the way, your clients are sure to be disappointed to not find you on such a vibrant and popular platform like Instagram. Even if you do not plan to be massively involved and active on Instagram, you could consider embracing the best practice to come up with an Instagram for Business account that has all the relevant information about your business including contact information.

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You must keep posting from time to time and update your Instafeed. If you fail to set up an impressive Instagram for Business account for your company, your clients would be forced to cross over to your competing brands. In this context, you must know that you could also buy automatic Instagram likes from a reputed digital marketing company to boost your follower count. But we will suggest you increase your likes and followers by influencing your own content.

It Is Supposed to Be an Indication of Trust & Credibility

When you are having an “Instagram for business” account particularly a verified account, it is a clear indication that your business is very much legitimate, transparent, and reputable. If you are running an exclusively online business, it is a wise idea to have an additional Instagram for Business account, a platform for your clients to know more intimately about your business, its vision, goals, and aspirations. Instagram proves to be extremely valuable to your business. The behind-the-scenes videos and pictures of events or contests or your usual working day could connect you to your customers on a whole new level and add a whole new dimension to your overall business appeal.

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Your Clients & Users Could Tag You

Suppose you have provided exceptional service to your client or a customer is incredibly happy to use a product she had purchased from you. It is quite likely that your clients would like to share their experiences online via Instagram. Their positive review is really welcome and is as good an asset for your business as gold. This sort of a post is something you would like to be a part of and definitely wished to be tagged so that the post can appear and show up brightly and prominently on your Instagram account.

However, the unfortunate part is, if you are not on Instagram, you cannot be tagged by your customer on any glorious review posts on Instagram and that should certainly be a massive loss of opportunity.

Tagging & Selling Products Is Possible

If you are selling products, you could share Instagram videos and pictures that could be linked directly to all those products. That seems like a fabulous opportunity for boosting your sales and followers too. For taking advantage of this brilliant feature you may consider creating a catalog of products from your FB page.

Great for Online Reputation Management

It is of great help if you are having an Instagram account for your business. It is best for search engine optimization of your business website and it would go a long way in boosting your overall online reputation management. You must have realized that your business’s reputation is of pivotal importance if you wish to gain more potential customers and retain the existing ones. You need to be extremely vigilant and careful about whatever content is shared online regarding your business. So that whenever potential clients are looking for your business information, they get good reviews and positive information about your products and business as a whole.

In this context, you must understand that your social media platforms generally would be showing up on the very first page of the SERP as well. Hence, it a good idea to have a business profile in all the major social media platforms with your business or brand name. Remember that way, if there is any adverse or negative publicity online, your social media accounts along with your website would fight effectively to oppose the criticism with good publicity and rank above the negative comments or reviews online.

All Your Competitors Have Embraced Instagram & Now It Is Your Turn

All your competitors are present on this truly vibrant and powerful platform. You are missing a lot of amazing opportunities and avenues for boosting your business if you are still not on Instagram. You would be lagging behind and your competitors would be staying well ahead of you and you would be forced to lose your competitive edge. Do not allow your competitors to forge ahead of you. Create an Instagram account for your business. If you are confused about how to go about using Instagram, simply keep observing what your competitors are doing and get an idea from them. Get inspired by your competitors and try excelling in what you do so that you get grand reviews online and beat all competition.


More and more people are attracted to this versatile and powerful social media platform. You simply cannot go on ignoring the fact that you are not getting to connect with millions of new or potential customers simply because you are not having a business account on Instagram. You must join this amazingly vibrant and progressive social media platform to boost your brand’s online awareness, visibility, follower-count, and to gain phenomenal popularity.

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