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Tools and Components of PBX System Commissioning and Integration with Asterisk, PSTN, and GSM

PBX System

The following are the below tools and components of a PBX system Commissioning and Integration with Asterisk, PSTN, and GSM.



VMware, Inc. is an auxiliary of Dell Technologies that gives distributed computing and stage virtualization programming and administrations. It was the main monetarily fruitful organization to virtualize the x86 architecture. With VMware, multiple virtual machines with different OS can be operated on one PC. With VMware, multiple servers can be created and can be operated on one PC.

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Zoiper and X-lite Softphones:

Zoiper is SIP and IAX protocol base, Zoiper Communicator is a multi-stage softphone offering a free form with numerous helpful elements. This softphone has been tried and appeared to be steady on Windows, Linux, and OSX. And X-lite is SIP protocol base Softphone.


Analog PBX system: Private Branch Exchange is a telephone network own by a company or user for the organization. The users can call within the organization just like intercom, free of charge, and also outside the organization using their respective communication services like VoIP, ISDN, or analog.

Panasonic PBX:

In this system, Panasonic PBX TEA308 is used which has 3 CO lines and 8 FXs ports with efficient call handling, Day/Night/Lunch mode, Caller ID, and optional features like DISA, door opener, and voice mail.

Operator Console: An attendant console is a phone station that is for the most part some portion of a private branch trade (PBX) or Centrex or other private phone frameworks. The specialist reassure gives control to numerous call administration highlights and answers and routes approaching calls.

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Panasonic Console:

In this system, Panasonic Console Set KX-T7730 is used which has 8 direct extension keys and 3 CO lines keys. It is used to program all the features and inbound outbound rules of the PBX system.

Analog Phones:

A phone that sends and gets electrical frequencies in the form of the human voice. Simple telephones have been the standard since the appearance of phones in the late 1800s. Single-line and two-line telephones that connect straightforwardly to landlines from the phone organization are simple. Interestingly, the present multi-line office telephones that associate with an in-house PBX, and in addition cordless telephones, send computerized motions between their base stations and the telephones. The signs are digitized voice yet not living in IP bundles as they are in voice over IP.

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ATA Gateway:

It is called the analog telephone adapter which converts the analog signal into the digital which helps to connect the analog hardware equipment with VoIP service. ATA provides dial tone to analog phones or PBX system connected with its FXS ports, Ethernet is plugged in into the device connecting with IP PBX system to register the ATA with SIP server. Once the device is configured properly and registered FXS ports on the IP PBX server, the dial tone will be provided and analog phones will work with VoIP service.

In this system, two Linksys ATA gateways are used for FXO and FXS ports required in this project.

  1. Linksys SPA-8000 is used which has 8 FXS ports and a LAN and WAN connection to provide Ethernet.
  2. Linksys SPA-3102 is used which has 1 FXS port and 1 FXO port to connect to the PSTN system, a LAN, and WAN connection to provide Ethernet.

IP Phones:

A VoIP telephone or IP telephone utilizes voice over IP innovations for putting and transmitting phone brings over an IP organize, for example, the Internet, rather than the customary open exchanged phone arrange (PSTN).

GSM Modem:

It is a modem with a SIM card jack and provides services as a portable GSM operator, telephone handsets can be attached with this modem and can avail the calling service from the GSM operator. It completely works like mobile is used for calling through the GSM.

4-port Switches:

It’s a layer 2 device, which associates devices inside a system. The switch is a PC sorting out a gadget that interfaces devices together on a PC arrange, by using bundle 4.3 changing to get, handle, and forward data to the objective contraption. Not in the slightest degree like less impelled organize focus focuses, frameworks switch progresses data just to one or various contraptions that need to get it, rather than broadcasting comparable data out if of each of its ports.

TP-link routers:

It’s a layer 3 device, which associates two unique systems. A router is a system association device that advances information package between PC structures. Routers play out the improvement sorting out points of confinement on the Internet. An information bundle is commonly sent a start with one switch then onto the accompanying through the systems that set up the web network until the point that it achieves its objective. And for more blogs like this visit knowledge-bull.

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