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Instagram starts using QR codes like WhatsApp

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The social network has added a feature that will allow you to easily follow accounts. We tell you how to use it. Instagram wants to make it easy for you to follow other accounts.

The social network Instagram owned by Facebook has added a new function with which you can follow other accounts or allow them to follow you using a QR code. The function is now available to everyone without the need to update the app. To use it you must go to your profile and in the upper right corner click on the icon with the three horizontal stripes.

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Here you will have the new option “QR Code”. By clicking on this option, you will see that you can customize your QR code since the app allows you to change the color of the background, apply emojis or include a selfie just by pressing at the top where it says “color”, “emoticons” or ” selfie “.

You can send your QR code to anyone by clicking on the arrow icon located at the top right. By clicking on it, you will send the card with a link through the instant messaging applications or social networks of your choice.

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To add someone using this new system, you just have to open then “QR Code” option again and click on “Scan QR code” below. Your cell phone camera will automatically open and you just have to point to the QR code you want to add and voila, it will direct you to that person’s profile so you can follow them.

Recently another application owned by Facebook, WhatsApp, also added a system to add contacts through the use of QR codes. This way of adding contacts is the same that Snapchat has been using for a long time. It is a faster and less intrusive method since you do not have to provide your phone number to third parties.

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