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Explore Varied Uses of Instagram as a Social Media Platform


Instagram is much more than simply a way of envying your neighbor’s vacation pictures. Even though it hurts to browse through amazing travel pictures while you are toiling at work, the advantages of Instagram simply cannot be undermined and are far-reaching. Consider the incredibly broad spectrum of new services and products you have discovered on this powerful and versatile social media platform via friends tagging brands or paid social media advertisements.

Social media is great for establishing connections. However, it is quite challenging to connect these to your crucial business assets, your customers. We also know that it is quite overwhelming to create, manage, and maintain an Instagram account. It takes remarkable consideration and time to drive sales and even makes things work.

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Instagram is supposed to be a powerful and versatile platform for businesses that are used to delivering stellar visual content. While approaching Instagram as an integral part of your unique social media stratagem, you must remember to bring your individuality and unique personality with you. We know that users on Instagram are more in the habit of checking their accounts regularly as compared to other social media users.

These users would be engaging with the specific brands that they love. If you come up with impressive content, your brand could get a boost in followers. As per the Search Engine Journal, irrespective of the fact whether your organization is driven visually or not, you could still achieve amazing reach with the powerful marketing platform Instagram.

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Top Uses of Instagram as a Social Media Platform

Focus on Sharing Your Products

Instagram is predominantly a visual platform. Organizations that are used to selling physical products must flaunt their upcoming and even present items. Even musicians could be using the efficient video feature of Instagram for sharing snippets of all their upcoming songs. Thinking outside the box helps. Display images of your office, colleagues, employees, production process, or even special events provided it is suitable for your overall brand image.

By sharing behind-the-scenes moments of your business, you make your Instagram posts interesting and personal. This helps in fortifying relationships and cementing a bond with your target audience. In this context, you may contact a reliable digital marketing company such as Like4Like and seek their services for gaining likes automatically.

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Reposting images from Fans: Instagram as a Social Media Platform

Fans of a specific brand are in the habit of sharing their excitement on social media platforms. They sport their favorite shoes or jewelry and share selfies. Even though Instagram does not boast of a reposting feature, you have easy access to third-party tools like PhotoRepost that allows you to keep reposting pictures to your Instagram feed. Remember that sharing user-generated content helps in demonstrating fan involvement.

Consider Creating a Personal Space Using Tags

In addition to flaunting pictures from your fans, you may consider using hashtags on Instagram for creating a space to call your very own. We know that some firms are known for creating hashtags for content. As such, fans are allowed to get pretty much involved in the process by taking, as well as, tagging pictures. Pay attention to the caption of your photo. You cannot leave your pictures to convey their message on their own. Remember Instagram boasts of a commenting protocol in every picture. You need to constantly get active in the comments section of your images and keep engaging with all your friends and clients.

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Share Your Images with Other Social Networks: Instagram as a Social Media Platform

While Instagram as a Social Media platform, you are free to use other social media platforms as well. If you are maintaining your presence actively on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or other social media platforms. You may think of utilizing Instagram as a central reserve or hub for your pictures. When you are posting a new picture, you are free to share it on whatever social media platform you want to share on. You may share pictures on Flickr, Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, etc.

Engage With Customers & Potential Customers on a Platform Where They Are Present & Active

Over 1 billion people are using Instagram every single month and over 500 million use the platform daily. This is, therefore, a powerful social networking site for engaging and connecting with your fan and follower base. We know that around 80 percent of Instagram accounts are following a minimum of one business. This social media platform is just great for brands and businesses that do not wish to be flooded with sales copy, messaging, and announcements. Instagram is a pretty simple platform. You follow your Instagram friends and whenever you come across impressive visual content, you should engage.

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Use & Build Impressive User-Generated Content

User-generated content is an integral part of establishing trust in your products and brand. Research reveals that consumer-submitted pictures and videos were far more in demand in comparison to brand or retail visual content. Moreover, younger shoppers do not seem to be the only ones opting for user-generated content. Almost 50 percent of people between 30 years and 44 years of age feel the same.

Helps in Revealing In-Depth Insights Relating to Your Audience

It is of pivotal importance to learn and understand your audience. Instagram is instrumental in letting you know precisely who they are, exactly where they are coming from, and what are their unique likes and dislikes. Instagram goes a long way in uncovering these data and information.

First of all, being active in an online community, you get to understand who these people are. You would follow popular hashtags relevant to your industry to know what people are concerned about and what their issues are. You could share their happiness and everyday victories. Secondly, Instagram is known for providing vital native insights into your followers and community. With these valuable insights, you could obtain information and accurate data about your followers like age, gender, location, and precise times or sessions when they are relatively more active.

Lastly, Instagram as a best social media platform provides useful insights for seeing your ROI on Instagram. The ads manager platform is best for providing important information.


Do not forget that Instagram is the most popular social media platform to engage actively with your precise target audience and connecting via visual content. Moreover, business-specific features like targeted ad campaigns, business profiles, meticulously detailed insights, and even shopping buttons present in Stories assist you in getting the maximum advantage from this platform while enhancing your ROI.

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