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Pakistani founder Raises USD 1m Seed Funds to Launch Super App for Effective Execution

WorqApp Review

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 27 September 2022 – WorqApp is a unique all-in-one platform built for effective enterprise execution. It is owned and developed by Nib Technologies Sdn. Bhd. (NibTech) — a Malaysian-born startup on a mission to make Enterprise Execution effective, founded by Hassan from Islamabad and Chee Hoe from Kuala Lumpur. The duo has been able to able to raise USD 1m this year as a Seed Fund to support the scale-up by Malaysian, Swedish, and Dubai-based investors.

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Jonas Lind, Managing Director of MegaDeals Invest and Chairman of WorqApp says “Interacting in today’s world is easier than ever yet the gap between strategy and execution is widening. This gap is especially prevalent in large companies and in fast-growing startups. The companies that close this gap will see a tremendous impact on financial performance.”

Hassan Mehmood, Co-Founder, and CEO of WorqApp share his experience from building the platform as ”One of the key success factors for WorqApp has been the “all-in-one” approach. You can think of super apps like Uber or WeChat but for Effective Execution. This approach reduces the cost for our customers and makes it possible for leaders to use one digital platform for effective execution.

When asked about the competitive factor, Hassan said “The core method of WorqApp involves the behavioral design and nudge theory to support its mission. The platform involves tools to communicate, collaborate and boost engagement making it easier to manage teams of all kinds, run high-impact initiatives that enable a business to see and achieve their long-term goals, develop talent among individuals for fast-moving career growth, and to help with everyone’s productivity using its built-in smart tools.”

Talking about expansion plans Hassan is very optimistic “in less than one month since the soft launch we already have customers from Malaysia, the Middle East, and Europe. WorqApp is a very customer-centric product and we have a goal to help more than 1000 organizations with Effective Execution within the next 3 years.

About The Company

Established in 2019, the Malaysian company has made constant progress as an emerging startup despite the challenging COVID pandemic period and has recently closed a Seed Round of $1m with Malaysian and foreign investors teaming together. The company is already helping many businesses with their effective execution model via the product WorqApp.

For more information about WorqApp, please visit


Hassan Mehmood
Co-Founder, CEO
Mobile: +6011 1627 0540

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