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Affiliate Marketing Guide For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing Guide

Every day, you’re likely to come across a website that promotes a competitor’s product or service. It might be because it’s so wonderful that it deserves to be publicized, but most of the time it’s because of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a terrific way for a website, blog, or social media channel to generate fresh cash. It compensates the promoter for any conversions or sales generated by a visitor clicking on the promotion. It’s similar to being a paid social media influencer who posts sponsored content or promotes products.

For a lot of individuals, it’s been a huge success. Take, for example, Zac Johnson, an early Amazon Affiliate Program user who went on to create a website and now earns $1 million per year. Or Abby Lawson, a lifestyle and organizing blogger who is now one of the top 21 highest paid bloggers in the world as of 2022.

There’s a lot of money to be made in affiliate marketing, and there are plenty of programs to assist you. We’ll start with the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and work our way up so you can get started with your affiliate career.

  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • How does affiliate marketing work?
  • Which companies are best for affiliate marketing?
  • How do I become an affiliate marketer?
  • What are the best affiliate marketing channels?
  • How much do beginner marketing affiliates make?
  • What are good examples of affiliate marketing?
  • Affiliate marketing trends
  • Affiliate marketing tips for beginners

So, let’s get started.

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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a means for your business, website, or blog to earn money by promoting the products or services of another firm.

A web visitor is directed to a third-party landing page or site after clicking on a trackable link on your site. If they take action, you get a commission as an associate partner based on that click, lead, or sale.

How does affiliate marketing work?

In most affiliate programs, there are a number of stakeholders to consider during the process, including:

  • The advertiser: The product or service that a brand or company wants to sell.
  • The affiliate or publisher*: The website that drives traffic to the advertiser’s website.
  • The affiliate network: In simple terms, this is the software that tracks traffic and sales.
  • The consumer: The individual who visits the affiliate’s website, clicks on a link or banner and purchases the advertiser’s product.

*When referring to a website that generates visitors to an advertiser’s website, you might use the terms affiliate or publisher.

Although affiliate marketing is a straightforward procedure, it does include numerous steps. The process an affiliate program takes from a user clicking a link on your site to get paid commission.

The link used to measure activity is the most critical component of any affiliate program. To ensure that you are paid at the end of the transaction, make sure your link is trackable and identifiable. To help you measure performance and monitor revenue, you’ll need a spreadsheet to keep track of all your links or UTMs (a snippet of code attached to a link).

Which companies are best for affiliate marketing?

Joining an affiliate program can provide you with benefits such as a dashboard to track all activity, analytics, and displayable creative materials, as well as access to fresh content and special offers for your audience.

There are many affiliate marketing programs available, but we’d like to focus on the top affiliate marketing programs that can help you generate cash. The following are some of the better examples:

Amazon Associates

As one of the most popular and successful websites, Amazon has virtually every product imaginable, making it simple to link to your article. The most valuable product segments are clothes and luxury beauty, and their Associate program gives commissions ranging from 1 to 10%.


Shopify has roughly 2 million merchants across a variety of categories, which means there are plenty of chances for affiliates. It comes with everything you need to get started (management tools, statistics, payments, and so on), and the commission is significant, at 200 percent for a monthly membership if it’s active for two months. In addition, you will receive a $2,000 reward if a referral registers up for a Shopify Plus account.


Clickbank is an affiliate marketplace that caters to a wide range of interests (arts, games, parenting, self-help, and so on), so it will be appropriate for most types of material. There are two types of commissions: revenue sharing (revshare) and cost per acquisition (CPA) (Cost Per Action).


The market for freelancers The affiliate program on Fiverr is a fantastic example. You get a dashboard to manage and track campaigns as an affiliate, as well as creative assets to advertise their services. Affiliates can earn up to $150 CPA for each new customer or up to $1,000 per sale, depending on the services they advertise.


ConvertKit is a relatively young email marketing firm that aims to assist creators with email management and landing page creation. Its affiliate program strives to increase subscriptions by paying a 30% commission for every paid referral or webinar signup.


Wix, one of the most popular web hosting providers, will pay you $100 if your affiliate link generates a premium payment. The company also supplies you with all of the necessary creative materials so that you can easily display banners and direct visitors to landing pages from your website. You must earn a minimum of $300 in order to be paid, thus you will not be paid until it reaches that amount.

How do I become an affiliate marketer?

While you can make your own tracking software, it’s certainly not the most straightforward method to get started. Setting up a program through an affiliate network, such as one of the ones described above, is the ideal way to go.

How to decide on an affiliate network

The first thing to do is choose the best network for you. There are a few factors to take into consideration such as:

  • What commission do they pay and how is it structured?
  • What companies and categories do they work with?
  • What type of systems do they have and do they supply creative assets or analytics?
  • What is the approval process to join?
  • How or when do they pay out commissions?

It’s important to be diligent at this point because it will aid in matching a network to your requirements and forming a successful collaboration. You don’t have to stick to just one application; try a few to determine what works best for you.

What happens when you decide on an affiliate network?

After you’ve decided on a network, you’ll need to create an account and set up affiliate terms. Your affiliate network account manager will most likely be able to assist you with this.

The commissions paid for sales, the types of sales considered valid for commission, different rates for different products, your brand guidelines, and whether affiliates can use your brand term in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to drive traffic for people looking for your brand are all part of an affiliate program’s terms.

How do I get approved for affiliate programs?

Each affiliate program has its own set of approval requirements. For instance, Shopify demands you to have an active website, a large following, and original material, whereas ClickBank has no such requirements.

Regardless of the platform you choose, the best method to get started is to be professional and seem to the affiliate network and its merchants as a valuable asset. Here are some pointers to assist you in getting approved:

  • Make sure your website is up-to-date and active
  • Create original content that focuses on a particular topic e.g. fashion, food, fitness, technology
  • Optimize your content for SEO
  • Show engagement with your audience through comments or likes
  • Ensure you have channels driving traffic to your site (social media, backlinks, etc.)

How can I start affiliate marketing with no money?

While having a successful website that generates affiliate revenue is the ultimate goal, it is not necessary to begin there. If money is a concern, distribute affiliate links through your social media networks.

To attract traffic to certain products, you might incorporate affiliate links in your social media postings. You may also make product-showcasing videos and provide links in the description for others to review and buy them.

What are the best affiliate marketing channels?

Affiliate marketing can be done through a variety of marketing platforms. Plus, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one; include affiliate links in all of your channels to increase your revenue possibilities.

However, exercise caution in your interactions to prevent appearing to be a spammer, as this will turn people off. Let’s take a look at the most effective affiliate marketing channels for increasing sales.

Use websites and/or blogs for affiliate marketing

Hosting a website or writing a regular blog is one of the finest ways to make money with affiliate marketing. You can generate unique material that attracts visitors to your site and hopefully directs them to third-party sites where you can make money.

Consider launching a blog if you don’t already have one. It’s a terrific method to showcase your individuality while also driving traffic to your website from other sources like social media. Product reviews, particularly in the financial services and tourism industries, are some of the most effective material for boosting affiliate sales.

On your website, you might also have a ‘pick of the week’ section that looks at a product that strikes your interest. In an ideal world, a visitor will find something they want, resulting in a sale for the advertiser and a commission payout for you, the affiliate who pushed the customer through the funnel.

Use social media for affiliate marketing

As previously stated, you may begin as an affiliate with a modest budget, and social media is a fantastic area to learn and explore.

Facebook is an excellent place to start because it is one of the most popular platforms and you can quickly target people with certain interests using Facebook Watch or Facebook Live. Look through your Facebook page today for users who are evaluating or promoting things that have affiliate links.

Creating a YouTube channel is also a terrific approach to establishing your online presence and giving quality content to a target audience. There are various ways to expand your YouTube following, so be creative and experiment with different videos to see what works best for you, adding affiliate links to monetize your efforts along the way.

Instagram is another affiliate marketing-friendly network. With their Instagram Affiliate program, the social media platform makes it simple to get started, select products, and track results. Many firms actively seek out Instagram affiliates to advertise their products via tempting descriptions and beautiful photographs.

Use email for affiliate marketing

Email is a terrific way to stay in touch with your customers and increase revenue. With the loss of third-party cookies, first-party data is becoming increasingly vital, and email is an important part of your affiliate marketing plan.

Use your newsletter to add links that will direct your audience to merchant websites if you have one. You can also send one-time emails to introduce special or limited-time offers to which you have affiliate access. Just make sure you’re sending out stuff that your subscribers have requested and will enjoy.

If you don’t already have one, consider developing one because email marketing is a terrific method to communicate with your audience.

Use microsites for affiliate marketing

Microsites are an excellent approach to targeting a certain market. They give you an opportunity to communicate with a specific audience and deliver value in a manner that a more broad website might not. Charities frequently use microsites to advertise a campaign or event.

Your microsite doesn’t have to be as elaborate or intricate as this one, but it does demonstrate how effective one can be in capturing the attention of a target demographic.

How much do beginner marketing affiliates make?

In the U.S, affiliate marketing spend is predicted to hit $8.2 billion in 2022. If you’re willing to put in the effort, there’s a lot of money in circulation for you to take a piece of.

Is affiliate marketing a viable career option? In a nutshell, yes, it is possible. Why not check into making money from your fantastic website or blog that attracts people in or your social media material that gets noticed?

In the affiliate sector, there are tiers, with people with greater experience and who have been doing it for longer often making a lot more. You’re just getting started as an affiliate marketer, and it takes time to build up links, an audience, and revenue, so expect to earn a small amount at first.

According to PayScale, an affiliate marketer earns roughly $53,000 per year on average. For individuals with greater experience, this can rise to nearly $100,000. Some bloggers report earning, on the other hand, claim to make anywhere from $3,000 to $31,000 per month from affiliate marketing and other activities.

Earnings can also vary depending on the industry. There are affiliate networks for 80% of the world’s brands, so if you do your homework, you’ll find lots of options.

The most profitable industries in 2022 are

  • fashion
  • lifestyle and wellness
  • technology which includes gaming,
  • travel (now recovering post-pandemic)
  • home and lifestyle
  • personal finance, and
  • pet care

Affiliate marketing trends

With affiliate marketing on the rise, there will be some trends to keep an eye on. Here are four of the most important to monitor and investigate to see if they have an impact on your affiliate marketing plan.

1. Collaborations with micro or nano influencers for hyper-targeting

Specificity is the key to affiliate marketing success for both the brand and the affiliate. Brands are seeking for influencers as part of their outreach plan in an area that is important to them since they want affiliates who have a link to their product or service. Consider a yoga studio with healthy recipes or a home improvement store with decorating ideas.

This means that nano (500 to 10,000 followers) and micro (10,000 to 25,000 followers) influencers will have greater chances across marketing platforms. Consider becoming an affiliate with businesses on sites like TikTok and Instagram if you fit into that category and have a captive audience.

2. Build communities and respect the privacy

Advertisers are seeking for new ways to acquire customer data as third-party cookies on Google are phased out in 2023 to safeguard user privacy.

To fill in the gaps, businesses can utilize affiliate marketing to send traffic to a website, microsite, or blog where people can sign up for a newsletter or a special offer. Working with affiliates that engage with their audience and build trust by offering valuable and relevant material will be critical.

3. Live shopping

Advertisers are seeking for new ways to acquire customer data as third-party cookies on Google are phased out in 2023 to safeguard user privacy.

To fill in the gaps, businesses can utilize affiliate marketing to send traffic to a website, microsite, or blog where people can sign up for a newsletter or a special offer. Working with affiliates that engage with their audience and build trust by offering valuable and relevant material will be critical.

4. Improved reporting

One of the most crucial aspects of affiliate marketing is reporting. If you’re advertising a business or product, you’ll want to know if sharing their link generates a click, lead, or sale.

MMP (Mobile Measurement Partners) will be important in tracking attribution to improve reporting. Most affiliate networks and ecommerce apps can be integrated with MMPs, so check to see if yours can.

In order to enhance click-through rates and sales, social networks are continuing to improve their analytics and reporting. Monitor your important data points and KPIs on a regular basis to assess performance and optimize titles, messaging, and graphics.

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Affiliate marketing tips for beginners

Let’s look at some simple recommendations to get you started now that you know the foundations of affiliate marketing and some amazing examples:

1. Recommend products you know

Gaining your audience’s trust is the best method to become a successful affiliate marketer. As a result, only recommend things that you are familiar with. Before suggesting a product or service, you should give it a try and provide honest feedback. What you don’t want is for a visitor to return with a complaint that you can’t honestly address.

2. Recommend products aligned with your brand

People will come to your website because you are an authority in a specific field. The products you recommend should be relevant and related to your content, whether it’s coffee, knitting, or artificial intelligence (AI). Maintain the message that sticking to what you’re good at will help you establish your own brand in the long term.

3. Promote several products

When you first begin, don’t rely just on one vendor or brand. In the beginning, you must test things to find what resonates with you, which may or may not be what appears to be an obvious fit. Keep your items consistent with your brand, but try out a few different ones at once to see what works best.

4. Test and optimize your conversion rates

Keep an eye on your blog’s and landing page’s conversion rates. Assume your conversion rate is 2% and you receive 2,500 visitors each month, which equates to 100 referrals. To double that conversion rate, you’ll need to bring in an additional 2,500 visitors. There is, however, an easier way.

Improve your landing pages, load speed, try a fresh call-to-action, or swap out aesthetics to make it more engaging by focusing on conversion rate optimization. It’s remarkable what a few minor changes can achieve for your conversion rates and revenue.

5. Produce valuable content

It may seem self-evident, but you must develop unique and compelling content in order to attract visitors to your website or blog in the first place. Don’t just copy and paste someone else’s work or a blog from another website. People are looking for original stuff.

Consider other sorts of content as well. Why not create an infographic or an ebook to increase traffic and collect client information? Or could you make a basic video for YouTube or TikTok without hiring a professional?

6. Consider partnerships

Making links with other affiliates to help each other out can be difficult when it comes to driving traffic to your site or social media. If you work in the same industry, you can share advice and content by including links or resharing social media postings.

To increase backlinks and traffic, consider writing guest blogging on your own and other people’s sites. When it comes to affiliate marketing, every little bit helps, and having connections in the field can be beneficial, especially in the beginning.

7. Learn the basic concepts of digital marketing

You must understand the foundations of digital marketing and affiliate marketing in order to get the most out of your efforts.

Posting videos on social media or starting a blog isn’t enough. What makes for great content, and how can you know whether it’s good? How do you examine your data to achieve actionable results that help you convert more customers?

What is the solution? Learn new skills and improve existing ones by enrolling in a short or long digital marketing course that will provide you with the most up-to-date information and knowledge to help you succeed.


Affiliate marketing, as you can see, can be a rich and satisfying job. It gives you the freedom to establish your own hours and promote the items and brands you desire. The rewards for those prepared to put in the time and effort can be enormous. We hope that this blog provides you with all of the information you require to get started.

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