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10 Tips for Growing Your Food Blog In 2021

Food Blog

Turning your hobby into a business is very exciting, but how are you sure that you are doing everything right?

You have to read this article to find out!

Among all advice, you can find some specific instructions on how to make the best food blog in 2021 and be different than others!

1. Be Sure That You`ve Learned Techniques

Entering the vast area for cooking is entering a very competitive activity that will because of its necessity always have the audience, but you just have to know how to connect it with you. Before starting your food blog, you have to have some knowledge about cooking that is more formal than preparing a couple of dishes. Since you educate people and try to give your opinion, you should use advanced vocabulary and the right collocations.

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If you just love cooking but don’t know any theory behind it, maybe it`s time to learn and be prepared. Also, when you learn some new technique, be sure to practice it and to look professional on your blog. Never try a new cooking technique or recipe on the blog if you have never tried or tasted it before.

2. Find The Right Equipment

Finding the right equipment is another big step before posting and it can be advanced on many levels. First, be sure to have all dishes that you may need while preparing a meal. This will help you a lot because it saves time during the process of making the video or post. Then, use pretty dishes to attract viewers, so be sure you have at least one complete. Then, make a clean and comfortable surrounding and enough place to work every day.

The kitchen will become your new office, so you have to feel good in it. Also, you will have to get technical equipment, like lighting and a professional camera. Also, be sure to have a good laptop with programs that can help you with managing all your work.

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3. Research The Market

You have to make research on the market before you start to be aware of your competition and to know what is trending and how to gather people fast. It can be a long term process, but worth your time. First, check some of the most popular food blogs and see why people love and follow them. Also, check how they began and what are they using to keep fresh and wanted.

You can learn a lot just from reading comments and finding what interests people. Then, find the specific blogs that interest you the most and check your competition. Be aware of people that like that particular niche and if there are interested in it. Also, find something that you miss at your competition and add it to your blog to be different than others.

4. Find Your Area OF Expertise

When you`ve prepared your equipment and know your target market, you should find your specific area. The food blog is a very wide area to research, so you need to know what to specify. There are different food blogs and not all are in form of recipes. Some are about food from all around the world, some are made to criticize restaurant food, and some are about interesting food facts, while some are about cooking.

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If you want to make cooking videos and recipe instructions, you should also decide what your style will be and what type of food would you like to prepare. Don’t go extreme and begin with vegetarian recipes, but then add some meat dishes. Try to be consistent and find what you like most to be more credible.

5. Choose The Right Communication Channels

You have to choose more channels to communicate with your public and to let people decide which the best is for them. If you are doing the right thing, people will follow you, but not everyone uses the same apps. Some may like newsletters coming on their mails to remind them, some prefer social networks, while some still search for their favorite website. Once you find all channels, you have to be consistent on all of them, so none of the followers would feel forgotten.

Also, it is important that you are familiar with work on each platform and that you have the same message spreading. Also, many channels are free in some basic form, so don’t hesitate to invest to make your site looking better than the others. This will give you more control over your work, too.

6. Adjust Your Brand

Adjusting your brand and message for each channel can be long lasting and exhausting, but it is a crucial step to gain the trust of your followers. You should adjust the type of material, language, and content. If you are posting on Instagram, are you sure that a long recipe and description is a good option? Rather write a small and informal description and save long recipes for the webpage. It is a good thing to do a professional design and choose a template that will always highlight your message. The language you are referring to must be appropriate and interesting for your public and always without grammatical mistakes.

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7. Stay Connected With Community

The key to a successful blog is to have a loyal community and the easiest way to reach that is to communicate and stay in touch with them. May your posts be interesting and calling to engage, so you can get feedback. Each feedback, good or bad, is worth and you have to recognize it. If somebody is writing bad critics, try to improve what you can. Don`t react to any type of insulting and never begin to quarrel.

Always keep a polite and business tone in those types of situations. If you see a good reaction to informal communication, continue with that and try to answer quickly and honestly. Also, allow yourself to be human, to express your thoughts and opinions, and to make a mistake or be funny sometimes.

8. Make Interesting Content

Your content must be interesting and relevant so that it won`t just make people interested in it, but to educate them too. When making new content, be sure that it is truthful, interesting, and new. Never copy any segment of the content from someone else – you can be inspired with some idea, but make it appropriate to you. Show your enthusiasm, knowledge, and reason why you are good at it.

When people notice how much you enjoy yourself, it can become contagious and they will want to become part of your story and share it. Sometimes, you will have to work harder than others and results won`t be visible at the same moment. But if you try hard and stay consistent, results will come and your audience will recognize it.

9. Always Have Enough Content

Time management is a really important part of your work. You will have to make plans and schedules and stick to them. Making content uses much time, even though it looks simple. Because of that, you will need to make content before even opening your blog to always have something to cover yourself in lack of time. Be sure that you have prepared at least 20 to 30 stories and materials that you can upload when you work on a project and won`t finish on time.

Also, you can always add some more relevant material, but having a backup allows you to be constant and to keep the audience interested and informed. Also, the creative process doesn’t know for deadlines, so this can save you if you have a creative blockade or needs some days off.

10. Use High-Quality Equipment

When making a food blog, there is one major rule to remember: people eat with their eyes. On the blog, they can`t smell or taste your food, so you have to attract them visually. This includes delicious photographs that present your work in the best light. They have to be high quality and photographed on your own. Never use someone`s photographs because this is considered stealing an idea.

Also, practice taking a good photograph and play with lightning, colors, textures, and positions. Food is a good source of creativity and you can plate it in different positions to get a good effect. The same is with a video when the goal is to make an entertaining video that will keep the viewer interested in it.


Developing a good food blog is making your dreams come true, but you have to make some good steps so it works. If you have a good idea, it is only half of the job that needs to be done. With consistency and enthusiasm, everyone will recognize your will and work. You have to consider the length of the process; a big project can’t be done within a month. Keep your head on the goal and don’t give up your dream!

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