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Ecommerce Success Pakistan (ESP) – Founder & CEO Huzaifa Ali

Huzaifa Ali - Ecommerce Success Pakistan

Huzaifa Ali, CEO & Founder of Ecommerce Success Pakistan (ESP), is a Pakistani national with years of experience in eCommerce, Amazon Brand Selling and other International eCommerce Channels and Software Development. Born and raised in Pakistan, he decided to serve Pakistan by sharing his knowledge and helping people build their eCommerce businesses on international markets such as Amazon, Etsy & eBay.

Huzaifa has got extensive knowledge and experience of Amazon Wholesale FBA Business. His aim is to transfer knowledge to bring a positive change in Pakistan to encourage people to start their own multi-million online international business and help build the economy of Pakistan, empower the youth, and bring out the hidden potential of people by helping them establish Amazon FBA Wholesale business.


He resided in Malaysia for four years, operating a software company and application development services. Also worked with multibillion-dollar corporations such as Shell and Hi-Rev Lubricants Malaysia.

He also lived and worked in Los Angeles as the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) for a large Media advertising company, where he built the entire infrastructure of managing large-scale servers, Live Video Stream Servers, and had around 2.5 million publishers managed globally, and the company was doing about half a million USD per month in revenue.

Ecommerce Success Pakistan

Huzaifa is working hard to make Pakistan an eCommerce hub by spreading awareness about the e-commerce industry in youth and waking their hidden ability to work as entrepreneurs. He aims to transfer knowledge to bring a constructive change in Pakistan to inspire people to start their own multi-million online international business and help build the economy of Pakistan.

Huzaifa is establishing a trend of allowing virtually every Pakistani to learn about the eCommerce sector online from anywhere in Pakistan by mentoring them through VSC and hosting Meet-up sessions around the country.

Expert (The Guru)

Having extensive knowledge of the relative industry, Huzaifa is well-known for his achievements in lead generation, Wholesale FBA Business, IT Business, and other eCommerce channels.  He is well-known for his accomplishments as an eCommerce specialist, having successfully led businesses in both Pakistan and the United States.


Huzaifa has more than 3 years of experience over Etsy Drop-shipping and he encourages every Pakistani female to become an entrepreneur and build business on Etsy and earn at least 1000$ per month. Other than that, he’s been working on “Etsy 1000 Project” which says that there should be 1000 partnerships under Etsy and for that he’s been mentoring the Etsy Success Camp for students of Pakistan. Currently, Etsy Success Camp is the ONLY advanced learning program in Pakistan.

Best Seller

Huzaifa is one of the best sellers on Groupon, Walmart, eBay, and other international eCommerce platforms and had $100k+ monthly revenue on Amazon Businesses and further multiplied by spreading knowledge to others.


The ultimate vision of Huzaifa is to develop an entrepreneurial mindset among every Pakistani individual and make them earn a hefty amount, generating Millions of US Dollars of annual revenue adding to Pakistan’s economy. Furthermore, he encourages women to start their businesses on Etsy and become self-sufficient, which will indubitably contribute to women’s empowerment in Pakistan.

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