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Police in Peshawar Release An Anti-Mobile Theft App


Do you know Police in Peshawar Release An Anti-Mobile Theft App? To address the issue of cell phone theft in the city, Peshawar police have developed a mobile application. The programmed, which works with Android devices, will be used as a tool for IMEI number verification.

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An Anti-Mobile Theft App

An Anti-Mobile Theft App
An Anti-Mobile Theft App

According to Mr. Mehusd, the purpose of introducing this app was to use technology to enhance the delivery of public services. In the event of an emergency, he claimed that the system could provide quick access to the police. He claimed that with this app, users may report incidents such as robberies and explosions. He predicted that this would mark a turning point in emergency response.

He claimed that the crime rate was at its lowest since the previous year because to the police’s use of technology and study. He said that through fostering trust between the public and the police, crimes would be eliminated.

The software allows users to phone the police department for free in an emergency and may also be used to report crimes and accidents to the police. With the aid of this software, it is also possible to send images and videos of crimes and other situations with the police force. Additionally, it offers the phone numbers for the police stations in the city.

When purchasing a mobile device, the app will allow you to look up a phone’s IMEI number and will let you know whether the phone is being sold legally or whether it has been reported as stolen. All mobile devices reported as stolen in the city’s 34 police stations will have their IMEI information included in the app.

If the IMEI number of a stolen phone is entered into the app, it notifies the police of its presence and warns potential buyers that the phone is stolen, according to Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Peshawar Aijaz Khan.

For the app to be more useful, the police have asked mobile vendors to download it. The software was released in reaction to a recent rise in cellphone theft in the region, which is partially explained by rising phone costs brought on by higher exchange rates and taxes.

The Peshawar police are already pressing retailers to download the app, despite the fact that the software’s name and availability have not yet been made public. You can use the Peshawar Police mobile app up until then to call for assistance, report crimes, locate nearby police stations, and more.

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