Federal Minister for IT and Telecommunication Syed Amin-ul-Haque encouraged young graduates especially women to become techpreneurs or launch startups in Pakistan

Federal Minister for IT, To say Education is important is an understatement. It is probably the most important tool to change one’s life. The education sector has always been one of the most important pillars of Pakistani society. The government of Pakistan has always played a major role in the development and improvement of education. Sector in Pakistan, said The Federal Minister for IT and Telecommunication, Syed Amin-ul-Haque.

While addressing the audience as a Chief Guest at the graduation ceremony for the second cohort of the Shahjehan S.Karim Incubation Center(SSKIC), IoBM on Saturday, the Federal Minster stated that the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication(MoIT&T) is working on skills development of the youth of Pakistan so that they can establish effective start-ups or be techpreneurs.

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Federal Minister for IT, Importance of Women Education.

Federal Minister for MOIT&T highlighted the importance of women education to empower the women of Pakistan. “Education is a fundamental right of every citizen. According to Article thirty-seven of the Constitution of Pakistan, but gender discrepancies still exist in the educational sector. Women education is very essential for the economic uplift and to empower them to become equal contributors in the economic progress. Further, Women participation in start-ups must be increased by fifty percent”, he added.

However, The Federal Minister also highlighted the significance of start-ups in Pakistan. “It is very well said that the entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity. Since start-ups are centers of novel innovations, they generate jobs, which implies more career opportunities; more employment leads to stronger economy, and a healthier economy has a direct bearing on the growth of cities where the start-ups locate.

Federal Minister for IT, National Incubation Center(NIC).

Talented professionals abound in Pakistan, and start-ups give them the ideal stage on which to display their skills, luring international corporations to invest there. In addition, National Incubation Center(NIC) across Pakistan are working to boost start-ups and facilitate youth to have their own businesses”, he said.

“IoBM provides the seed money to the start-ups incubated at the SSKIC,” said Mr. Talib Karim during the Welcome Address. He commented that SSKIC focuses on technology as it is the future of industries. Such tech-based ideas will eventually evolve the industries, he added. “Innovation happens when you have to resolve challenges”, said Mr. Mehboob Karim, Advisor IoBM. “We need to continuously innovate to come out of the crisis we are facing in various sectors.”

Federal Minister for IT, Mr. Bashir Janmohammad, Chancellor IoBM emphasized that entrepreneurs need to work in the agriculture sector to increase the yield that will improve our exports.  Mr. Burhan A. Saiyed, Head of SSKIC, IoBM said that SSKIC received over a hundred applications from across Pakistan for Cohort 2. “We screened these ideas based on their scope of innovation and sustainability.”

Ms. Maira Siddiqui.

Federal Minister for IT, The Valedictorian, Ms. Maira Siddiqui, Founder, Chiragh Education Technologies said, “SSKIC’s mindset must be appreciated for addressing the shortcomings of the start-ups for them to become successful business ventures.”   The start-ups that graduated in Cohort-2 are Arm Rehab, Chiragh Education Technologies, Elecnovate, Goddard Discovery, Sehatlings, ThaliHelp, and Wizzyo Live Chat.

Federal Minister for IT, Furthermore, Concluding the address, Federal Minister for MoIT&T appreciated efforts of Mr. Talib Karim, President IoBM and his family for establishing an exceptional private sector University in Pakistan and facilitating start-ups by their students. He congratulated the students that have graduated and the ones that have successful start-ups in Pakistan.

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