Unresponsive Surface Charger? Here’re 6 Ways to Fix It.

Unresponsive Surface Charger, The Surface charger has an LED indicator that lets us know if it is charging the Surface battery or not. If the charger is not producing any power, the indicator is not glowing, and if there is a connection problem, it blinks or flashes on and off.

The charger or power source most certainly has some issues if the charger indication is off or flashing. But, if the indication is on, other parts outside the charger can be the cause of the issue. We cover every method you could use to troubleshoot the charger issue in this article.

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Unresponsive Surface Charger, A power source check

Making ensuring your power supply is working properly should be your first priority.

  • Verify whether the power strip or wall socket is turned on.
  • Verify the security of each connection on the power extensions.
  • Check to see if other gadgets connected to the same power source function.
  • Other power sources or surge protectors can also be tried.

To fix any problems with the power supply, you might need to consult with professionals. You can continue utilizing various outlets or power strips in the meanwhile.

How to Fix Charger Power and Connectivity Problems

Unresponsive Surface Charger, The original charger that is included in the packaging is the one that works best with Surface. If you are unable to utilize such chargers, you must ensure that the alternative charger satisfies the device’s power needs. On the official websites, you can search for the correct requirements.

Apart from that, there are a few other things you should attempt to fix any potential short-term problems the charger may have.

  1. For 10 to 20 seconds, disconnect the charger from the Surface and the power source before attempting to reconnect.
  2. Both directions of the Surface device’s connector accommodate the charging. Hence, try connecting it in reverse.
  3. If necessary, you can test the functionality of your original Surface charger using another one for the same model.
  4. You can also try using a suitable PD charger in place of the original one if your Surface laptop has a USB-C charging connector (PD – Power Delivery port).
Unresponsive Surface Charger
Unresponsive Surface Charger

Unresponsive Surface Charger, Fresh Charger

If the connectors are dirty, the charger could not operate correctly. The connector and charging port connection can become obstructed by dust or debris.

If it is unclean, you can wipe the pins using a microfiber cloth or any lint-free swab dipped in rubbing alcohol or isopropyl. To get rid of any sticky gunk, you might also use a pencil eraser.

Then, reattach the charger to the gadget and check to see whether it functions.

Don’t Charge with a Surface Dock

Unresponsive Surface Charger, Surface If the battery is completely discharged, docks won’t be able to recharge the Surface device. In this case, you must make use of the Surface’s appropriate charger. After a while, you can switch to the Dock.

Unresponsive Surface Charger, Look for electrical shorts in the charger.

The shorting of the positive and negative wires inside the Surface charger is the primary cause of charger failure. In such circumstances, you might attempt to open the charger and repair it.

  1. To pry out the slot on the end of the charger connector, use a precise knife, tweezer, or other similar pointed object.
  2. Moreover, there is a second magnetic slot there that is glued in place. Scrape the remaining glue off after removing it as well.
  3. Push the cable out and pull the case in to release the inner connector and its circuit from the outer casing.
  4. Unresponsive Surface Charger, To ensure that the cable enters the connector’s casing if the wiring on the other end of the connector is broken, you might need to shave off the cable’s cover.
  5. Delete any protective brackets and adhesive from the area where the connector and cable connect. Remove the spacer if there is one.
  6. Remove any rubber or glue residue, and disentangle any shorting that may have developed between the two groups of wires emerging from the cable.
  7. Connect the charger pins to the Surface device and test charging while making sure there isn’t a short circuit.
  8. Finally, on the connection point, use a hot glue gun to make insulation between the two sets of wires. You can also use different kinds of adhesive that dries quickly.
  9. Close the connector case and fully insert the connector.
  10. Reinstall the inside slots you previously removed. Reapply the glue before replacing the cap (with the outer slot). Wait for the glue to dry.
Unresponsive Surface Charger
Unresponsive Surface Charger

Request Assistance from Microsoft

Unresponsive Surface Charger, The charger may not be the problem if your Surface device won’t charge but the charger’s Light is glowing for some other reason. In these circumstances, you can attempt to force the device to restart or to install the Battery controller driver again.

In such circumstances, we advise you to send a service request to Microsoft so they can fix or replace the charger.

Unresponsive Surface Charger
Unresponsive Surface Charger
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