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The best preventing XSS in Angular

best preventing XSS in Angular

Recently, more and more enterprises have become painfully convinced that information security is in fact a key issue in every enterprise. We should not forget that any uncontrolled data leakage from our company can cause huge losses, and also such a situation can directly contribute to the closure of the business. How can we protect ourself against it?

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A properly secured company

We should definitely be aware of the fact that we must properly take care of all the data on our company’s servers and disks. We cannot allow a situation where it turns out that some important information has fallen into the hands of a stranger. This is unacceptable and many of them, such as personal data, for example, are legally protected. If they fall into the hands of hackers, it may turn out that we will be threatened with severe sanctions. We should not forget about the lawsuits our employees or the companies we work with. Therefore, data security, regardless of what type, should be a priority in every company. Regardless of how big our company is, we have to take care of it from the very first days of our activity.

Recently, many companies have become convinced that the use of weak security systems or the lack of any methods of securing our company may force us to even close our operations. Very quickly in this way, we can not only lose all key customers, but also ruin our reputation in the market. It is not worth allowing this to happen, so we should create appropriate security in our company as soon as possible. How can this be done?

Web Application Security – how can we protect our company?

First of all, we should answer the question how hackers can steal confidential data or information from our company. Of course, there are many possibilities in this case, and the more various types of security there are on the market, the more opportunities for hackers to attack enterprises quickly and effectively. Recently, the Angular platform has been very popular. More and more entrepreneurs are using this solution, because it is a very popular product from Google.

It is worth remembering that this is nothing more than a special framework that has been created to design and create various SPA-type applications. It is worth noting that it was written in TypeScript. More and more companies decide to use this solution, because it was created by Google and it is a tool that is constantly being improved. Currently, we can use the next version of Angular, and Google provides us with full support. For this reason, so many companies are willing to choose this solution. A very big advantage of the Angular platform is the fact that it is a comprehensive solution. Certainly, if, in particular, we care about the protection of our company, it will certainly be a very good idea for us.

Another advantage is the fact that, as mentioned before, this type of platform was created on the basis of TypeScript. Thus, it allows programmers to keep the code clean as well as fully understandable. An interesting fact is that the JavaScript programming language is actually considered by many programmers as one of the simplest programming languages that can be learned quickly. This is what makes the Angular platform so popular. We should not forget, however, that such a solution can offer us much more.

In this case, we should pay attention to, among others, simple Angular design patterns. It is worth knowing that such design patterns very often consist of, among others, dependency injection, which allows us to remove direct dependencies that may arise between components for the benefit of the entire plug-in architecture. An interesting fact is that it is quite often used, inter alia, to add services responsible for such data exchange with an external API. Certainly Angular is one of the best solutions we can choose in our company. We should not be afraid of new products, because thanks to them we can often feel safer and will surely provide us with adequate protection for a very long time.

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