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The ChatGPT Extension is also Added to Opera’s Web Browser


Do you know The ChatGPT Extension is also Added to Opera’s Web Browser? Plans to integrate ChatGPT have also been made public by The Opera. On Wednesday, its parent firm, the Chinese company Kunlun Tech, made a brief announcement about its plans. However, the Norwegian company Opera has now disclosed some information on the functioning of its ChatGPT-based browser.

In a news statement, Opera stated, “AI-generated content services to the browser sidebar.”

ChatGPT Extension is also Added to Opera’s Web Browser

Following reports of Microsoft incorporating OpenAI’s system into its own browser and Google introducing its own Bard AI tool, Opera has immediately integrated ChatGPT into its browser. Companies connected to browsers and search engines have shown a particular interest in the rise in popularity of AI, especially since ChatGPT began as a browser-based service.

For its ChatGPT-powered version of Bing, Microsoft is the first app to offer a waitlist. Although Google’s Bard AI isn’t yet available, the company claims to be testing the service as a number of ChatGPT substitutes start to emerge.

Shorten’s launch coincides with Microsoft’s statement that it would rebuild Edge and give the browser a “AI-powered copilot.” Web page summaries are among the capabilities of the new Prometheus model from the corporation.

Additionally, Google revealed this past week that it is developing Bard, an AI chatbot that uses its LaMDA platform. The timing of the releases shows that Microsoft and Opera view generative AI as a means of displacing Google from the browser business. It remains to be seen, though, whether Chrome users will really abandon it as a result of those additions.

The ChatGPT Extension is also Added to Opera's Web Browser
The ChatGPT Extension is also Added to Opera’s Web Browser

There are also features like the “Shorten” button in the address bar that will cooperate with browsers to make their operations simpler. As a result, AI will be able to create a summary of a webpage or article. Opera’s overall goal is to create tools that will assist users in sorting through the projected content boom brought on by the emergence of generators like ChatGPT.

According to CNBC, Baidu and Alibaba are two additional businesses that have plans to create their own AI tools soon.

In the third quarter of 2022, Opera had about 321 million users, while in early February, ChatGPT’s daily users surpassed 100 million. With a 2.4% market share and a ranking as the sixth most popular browser worldwide, AI integration technologies could help Opera keep up with rivals like Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

We don’t yet know how ChatGPT’s use on its main hub will change as more options are made available and it is integrated with other platforms. The text generator still has its own difficulties, including frequently overcrowded servers, planned premium pricing options, and the possibility that the chatbot will be used to produce malware.

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However, OpenAI’s partnerships with various businesses may boost the amount of individuals who use its technology without requiring them to use the platform. Early in February, ChatGPT reached the milestone of 100 million users. According to Reuters, there were roughly 13 million unique visitors everyday in January.

In the third quarter of 2022, 321 million people used Opera. With a 2.4% market share, it ranks as the sixth most used browser globally. According to Statcounter, Microsoft Edge had a 4.5% market share while Google Chrome had a 65.4% global market share.

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