China launches a self-driving car travel service

self-driving car

The giant Chinese passenger transport, Didi ChuXing (DiDi), and t is testing the service of self-driving car on roads designated in the city of Shanghai for this purpose.

Users who have registered in advance on the DiDi mobile app can take a self- driving the vehicle for a free ride, provided their departure and arrival points are within the designated 53.6km roads.

DiDi said security personnel have been deployed to the autonomous vehicles to respond to emergencies and take the wheel if necessary.

In addition, it has established a security center to monitor the vehicle’s operational status and provide remote assistance when necessary.

The company said they are cutting overall costs, but for now, deploying a taxi equipped with all of these sensors and cameras would cost more than $ 14,000. Big investments would be needed before people can see these cars everywhere in the city.

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