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10 Best Consumer Engagement Platforms 2021

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The emergence of social media and other means of communication revolutionized how businesses communicate with their consumers. Most companies have historically focused on telephone contact and e-mail to get consumers involved. Yet over the last couple of years, things have changed so much.

Consumers don’t like newsletters today. You don’t want to be in touch like this anymore. They would like to communicate via social media, video chat, and other related platforms. This is why you have to adapt to organizations like yours. How do you do it best, however?

How best can you enhance communications with your clients? Well, you need a consumer engagement system/ platform. Such a platform will assist you to connect with your clients through a variety of channels. The consumer engagement system can also give you enough customer data to personalize your marketing campaigns. In a nutshell, a customer engagement platform has the ability to revolutionize your company’s customer experience and make it more dynamic.

Best Consumer Engagement Platforms: 1Q, RedPoint, Bold360, Astute Solutions, LivePerson, Pega, Chirpify, WalkMe, Aurea CX Platform, Vivocha, Velaro, Magentrix, Avaya, Eudata, Doxim, etc.

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What are Consumer Engagement Platforms?

Consumer engagement platform provides the ability to centralize multiple customer experiences. Any of the services that a website can have included social networking, webchat, personalized marketing, and CRM functions.

It is important for customer involvement platforms to empower you with what you need to interact effectively with your customers, to monitor customer actions, and to test marketing strategies. This kind of functionality can help you appreciate the pain points of your client and deal properly with them.

Consumer interaction is a business communications link through several correspondence networks between a customer and a company. This relationship may consist of online and offline response, contact, effect, or overall customer experience.

Best Consumer Engagement Platforms


BoldChat is a market-leading live chat and customer commitment solution which allows companies to engage customers online, mobile, and socially quickly and effectively. Unleash the distinctive identity of the organization and adapt chat execution to individual deployment methods, team dynamics, and specific market requirements. We also reinforced BoldChat’s proactive chat engine effective features to target a visitor to a website with the appropriate message at the right moment to connect with a live chat conversation, which is six times more likely to purchase proactive chat.


Avaya offers business collaboration and interaction systems globally to businesses of all types. Avaya provides centralized email, call centers, networking, and associated services. Incorporating speech, video, data and notifications, conferences, and technologies to enable real-time commitment, the organization explores messaging, conference contact, and technology solutions. When Avaya brings companies together in an environment of convergence, software, social, and cloud, it connects business people more smoothly and improves efficiency. Innovation is flourishing and customer loyalty is growing.


1Q is the best consumer engagement platform that has changed the way brands reach consumers, giving you instant access to key audiences to make quick and informed decisions. By 1Q you can reach people where they live, where they are now, where they have been and where they will be in the future. With 1Q, consumers are paid instantly, per response, in cash, cultivating an eager, honest, and incentivized member base. 1Q knows the value of consumer’s time. While other platforms not pay.


WalkMe is a cloud-based Communication and Interaction Platform for businesses. The context-smart platform directs and leads users to work within every online experience. The Framework anticipates user requirements and offers support when and when it is needed. WalkMe also drives consumers to behave by identifying new features and suggesting good quality products. WalkMe is a forum for improving games that simplifies the online user experience immediately. WalkMe supports marketers and product managers to maximize customer acceptance and revenues by offering a lively, effortless, and customized online interface.


The next step in evolving the consumer engagement platform is Pega Marketing. With advanced customer analysis and market rules integrated in real-time, Pega actively reviews and advises the most appropriate offers, information, channels, and actions for any customer encounter. With Pega, consumer relations with consumers can be improved and customer service management can be focussed across all platforms beyond segmentation projects. Pega delivers a consumer brain that is still online. Pega Marketing allows the users to satisfy their loyalty to their clients.

Zendesk – Cloud customer service

Zendesk is one of the best consumer engagement platforms. Build improved consumer experience with Zendesk, which is the leading software for user involvement in phones, chat, e-mail, social media, and other platforms. With the help of Zendesk, you will easily respond to your customers. Implementation, usage, and scale are simple. With this app, you can become a reliable operator and establish brand loyalty. It’s a really marvelous company support ticket scheme.

Customer engagement Features: Analytics, Checkout, Churn Management, Communication Management, Community Management, Content Syndication, Feedback Collection.


Chirpify is a conversation white-label platform. It offers users different features for tracking social media, such as holding tags on similar hashtags, images, check-in, and sites. Triggers can be tracked and an instant and complex response can be submitted to them when a customer sets a key. It helps users to start electoral campaigns, tournaments, gating materials, utility management, and more. The analytics functionality by Chirpify analyses consumer campaign views, posts, scope, and impacts. The functionality tests the transfer of ads and demonstrates whether clients link their social media pages to the programs of users.


Vivocha is a small and big company’s online customer interaction platform. In a few simple steps, the online customer service can be set up, beginning with collaboration and re-time collaboration, which allows the customer directly to reach an agent via chat. The next move is to include consumers on every website by constructive guidelines, for example, the “working time.” Pageviews and communications can then be displayed graphically by real-time analysis and reporting. The most interesting last move is definitely to design the logo using the widget designs.


Velaro is a live chat software company that offers its customers the best living chat experience. Live chat lets consumers reach the brand’s distribution and support team directly so that Velaro offers all the major resources that the customer needs. It also gives an insight into what the guests do and from what they come to ensure that figures will still refresh the brand. Velaro focuses on Workflow and Routing, in addition to visitor monitoring, allowing the user to locate the correct person at the right time for their issues.


Eudata is a hub for customer engagement and supports large corporations in providing value-added services for the customer base. Eudata WCS is the perfect companion for all moments of contact with digital consumers and organizations, from self-help programs to the initiative. Live or continuing contact between business executives and consumers (agents, specialists, or account managers). Organizations can use voice or video on the web or on smartphones to humanize the experience of their customer.

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