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5 Best Tools to Download Instagram Photos

Download Instagram Photos

It’s hard to argue that Instagram is now only just an entertainment and recreation outlet for the industry. You will discover your favorite brand with many inspirational photometric images, amusing videos, company deals, and shops. Instagram is a perfect place to get to know your well-known actor or talk with the motivating speaker to see your pal on the other side of the planet in real-time.

But one challenge is the pace at which some material shifts, amid these unlimited possibilities. The only method of filtering our crucial information or inspiring material a week ago is to store it on a trustworthy device, which means that Instagram might not be of relevance.

If you can still store your Instagram pictures is still doubtful, here are 5 reasons why it is still necessary to do so.

5 reasons for Instagram content storing

1. A constant source of inspiration

It is very convenient to have a place with lovely pictures that you can always access and browse and draw inspiration. If a phone library or a laptop folder is important. It is not important. The most important thing is the confidence that the inspirational images won’t go anywhere.

2. Your meme folder

The memes that are perfect at cheering up on gloomy days are another enjoyable thing about Instagram. I believe more than once you have come across a meme that fully represents you or your mates. Save them so that you can joke without an internet connection at any moment.

3. Instructions and guides with 24/7 availability

Have you seen a cool pie recipe or the major stages in plumbing? You can store them to be opened and update your memory every time without using Instagram.

4. It’s legal

It’s all about sharing content freely with others. There’s no mistake to store an image captured by another person, hence. However, bear in mind the copyright rules, since it is a violation of the owner’s rights to use the contents of someone else for commercial purposes.

5. It’s safe

It is completely safe to use encrypted networks and applications, as I want to show in this guide.

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5 tools to download Instagram pictures

While images can be kept in Insta itself easily, it is difficult to save them in your phone gallery or device. It is not advisable to use an unverified external app since the data and device can be harmful.

There are three key ways to upload Instagram snap: to keep it in IG, save it using platforms like Instagram photo downloader, or to use tested additional applications (in case of phones or images bulk uploading from IG).

1. All your Insta data downloading

Instagram has a great feature that allows you to get all your Instagram pictures, comments, profile information, likes, and more in one click.

How to do via PC:

  • use a browser to open the Insta app;
  • switch to the profile and pick out gear image next to the “Edit” button;
  • pick out “Privacy and Security” and scroll down to find “Data Download” and hit on “Request Download”;
  • point out your email and password to specify the location to which the link for downloading all data will be sent.

Now you just have to wait for the link to come and upload all the data.

How to do it via Phone:

  • open the Insta app with a phone;
  • pick out 3 horizontal lines in the top right of the profile window;
  • select “Settings”-” Security”-” Download data”-” Request Download”;
  • point out the email as in the previous case and wait for the link.

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2. Original photo downloading

You may set the IG app’s option to get content created with Insta camera automatically to your phone’s gallery.

How to set up:

  • switch to your profile with phone Insta app;
  • pick out 3 horizontal lines in the top right;
  • select “Settings” then “Account” and “Original photos” at the bottom;
  • move the slider to the right to activate the automatic download function.

The other users image saving with Insta “bookmarks”

If you’re satisfied with collecting photos in the Instagram app itself, this option is just right for you. You may mark any inspiring images and find them in “Saved”.

How to do:

  • pick out the necessary Insta image and hit on bookmark icon;
  • tap on “hamburger menu” at the top right of your profile, then “Saved” to browse photos anytime with the Insta app.

You also can add collections by picking out the “Plus” icon to filter the photos by the desired category.

Insta image downloading with web-based tools

1. Bigbangram Instagram photo saver

The tools developed by the Bigbangram service uploads IG photos to any device without signing in and installing. Use it free and anytime.

How to use:

  • pick out the Insta image and hit on 3 dots then “Copy link”;
  • insert the copied photo URL in the downloader input line and hit on “Download”;
  • go to gallery or “Downloads” to explore the photo with JPEG format.

2. DownloadGram

The platform also works online and downloads Instagram videos, images, IGTV, and Reels. It is compatible both with phones and computers. The disadvantage is that you may only upload one photo per time.

How to use:

  • open the tool via a browser;
  • find the necessary photo on Insta and copy its link (3 dots then “Save link”);
  • insert the URL in the input line of the saver and hit on “Download”;
  • the image will be stored on pc “Downloads” or phone library.

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3. Instagram photo downloader

The essence of Instagram photo uploading with this web platform is the same as in the previous cases.

How to use:

  • switch to the tool via browser and insert the copied image link from Instagram in the input line of the saver;
  • hit on “Download” and browse the content on the device “Downloads”.

Instagram image downloading with the app: to Android


The tool is placed in the Play Store. It’s the instrument that allows you to get Insta photos without copy and paste actions. But the main drawback is ads and compulsory access to your data.

How to use:

  • install the tool to Android;
  • give the app access to your Insta data;
  • browse photos and videos and pick out those you desire to get in the app folder;
  • explore them offline.

Instagram image downloading in bulk

It is not always safe to use external apps to upload photos in bulk. But we have two secure options for you.

4. 4K Stogram

The tool was developed for the PC version; it may upload all found photos according to a specified location, hashtag, or username. There is a free limited version.

How to use:

  • install the tool to your pc;
  • then open it and indicate a particular location or username to get all found images;
  • don’t forget to hit on “Subscribe” to start the loading process.

5. Save-o-gram

The app is paid but has a 7-day trial version. You may pick out individual images or get them all in bulk. The version is also for desktop.

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