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10 Best Instagram Followers Apps to Boost Instagram Followers

Instagram followers apps

Any business that is serious about long-term success should aim to enhance brand visibility via social media. Yet many people struggle to navigate through the noise with so much competition. Instagram becomes the platform of choice in social media – by consumers and brands alike. In order to be competitive, companies need to produce content frequently and keep the process as consistent as possible. We all know that social media popularity like Instagram is critical to all people and brands. So, what’s the first step to getting popularity on Instagram? Naturally, the true followers are on the increase, but not always free. Here, we will discuss the best Instagram Followers Apps to boost your Instagram Followers.

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More real Instagram followers are much more popular, more views, more commitment, and ultimately. In this case, you need a trustworthy Instagram app, which can be used to organically obtain more targeted supporters (iOS, Android, PC, and Mac).

Here are 10 Best Instagram Followers Apps that can help you market your business using Instagram and grow your followers.

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Best Instagram Followers Apps to Boost Your Instagram Followers and Likes

1. GetInsta – Best Instagram Followers Apps

GetInsta is the best app to get free Instagram followers and likes organically, providing a safe and free platform so that true users will like one another, follow one another and get to know one another. It can be used very easily.

You get free coins on the platform when you like posts and follow others. These coins can then be used to create real interactions to publish “likes” and to “followers. Learn more through the link!


  • It is available for Android, iOS, and PC
  • It’s totally free and unlimited free
  • 100% real and active followers of Instagram users
  • The followers will growth organically
  • Easy to use


Delivery is not the fastest. The growth of the followers is not the fastest, but it allows 1k followers of real people to be gained in 5 minutes.

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2. ViralUpgrade

ViralUpgrade is an influencer and brand growth platform. Moreover, it is a white-glove option since an account assistant is assigned to take over the growth of your account. These helpers engage with your target audience and increase organically your following base to increase the traffic and sales of your website.

You provide the details of your desired population information and define it using the targeting options of the tool. Weekly reports detailing the growth of the account are sent to users.

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3. Sprout Social

Businesses on Instagram often measure their success on the platform based on their likes, comments, and supporters. Sprout Social allows a company to plunge into more helpful information. The app enables brands to view performance data between individual posts within specific timeframes. It also makes it possible to pre-schedule publications, making it much easier to publish consistent Instagram content.

4. SocialRank

On Instagram, it’s a difficult task to dive into your followers. The folder icon takes you to a one-stray list of all the accounts you follow. This tab is of little use to businesses with large follow-ups to view particular followers. SocialRank has a highly regarded search engine and makes it easier for companies to reach certain followers. It’s important to know who follows your Instagram brand-always to know your customer base.

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5. HootSuite

HootSuite, the first-ever social media manager, is still strong. It is integrated with Instagram, of course, but also Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You can create and schedule posts that will be published on the platform and keep up to date with the notifications of the followers that have mentioned your profile in your posts so that you can interact more easily and get new users to follow you. Follow this link and learn more about HootSuite!

6. Buffer

Buffer also works with Instagram post scheduling, a direct competitor to HootSuite. Its interface is very simple and intuitive, making it easy for you to create and plan your posts without having problems or deep social networking skills.

In addition, it has several analytical tools, allowing you to see how many people like your profile, comment and follow. Please follow this link to learn more about Buffer, one of the free and paid versions of this option!

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7. SocialGest

SocialGest is yet another app to get new Instagram members to plan, analyze, and create campaigns that will enable your social networks to be managed and monitored in only one place.

In any of your social networks in one single interface, you can also analyze how well your hashtags are doing and answer all your comments and messages. Besides, you can plan your content and the app does the rest and posts it at the best time and date.

SocialGest also allows you to see metrics for analysis and even export reports for you, all you need to know about your account and your popularity. Just follow the link to see more.

8. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is your great marketing ally because it works with all your social networks and your online store. It is a multiplatform analysis tool that helps you to identify the people who follow you inactively and even those who do not follow you.

It also helps you schedule posts, finds and recommends articles and images that your audience can enjoy, and much more, to keep your feed informed and so that you can easily find more followers. To know more about this app, follow this link!

9. InsEnGage App

InsEnGage is a tagging application devoted to getting people and likes. It is for Android 4.1 and up mobile telephones only.

It is never easy to ride, especially when new to Instagram, to find a significant number of followers. This Instagram followers app for Android enables you to quickly and safely increase free followers. But I didn’t test it, some users said it wasn’t easy.

10. HikeTop

Do you want to make new followers with your photos viralized? HikeTop is an app that will help you get more info, comment, and followers by posting the best descriptions and hashtags on your photos.

HikeTop is available on Android and iOS as well as a stunning free app, secure for anyone, completely ad-free, and with a very intuitive interface. See more about it on their official webpage!

5 Tips when using the apps to get new Instagram followers

Whilst these applications are extremely important to gather new followers, the success of them depends entirely on how these applications are configured. We have 5 key tips below to help you make the most of them:

Watch to the offered training:

Many of these apps have videos and e-books that train how to properly configure your account to get the best results. Use it;

Keep posting to your Instagram:

There are apps to get new followers, but they won’t do it all themselves. You should continue to post on your feed, your stories and to interact with your followers;

Set up a nice automatic message:

Automatic messages are one of the strong features of these apps. Send users directly to your website, channel YouTube, or even mailing list with these messages;

Respect the speeds the apps recommend:

It is recommended that you start using these apps slowly if you have a newer Instagram profile and get followers and a small rhythm. Find yourself free to increase speed if you have many followers already;

Don’t use more than one app at once:

The use of more than one application at a time could cause your account problems. So, it is advisable to try just one at a given time!


The Best Instagram Followers Apps are a great way to find new followers, but they have to be used alongside certain other strategies, keeping a constant number of relevant and interesting posts so that you do not lose the followers you have already.

What’s your favorite strategy to never lose your followers and stay relevant on the social networks? What applications do you use to get Instagram supporters? Please leave a comment and don’t forget to review our bio ideas for Instagram for you!

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