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The “Rishta Hunt” App Ends The Problems

The "Rishta Hunt" App Ends The Problems

Do you know The “Rishta Hunt” App Ends The Problems? In Pakistan, rishta searches are one of the most disregarded aspects of our system. Finding the proper partner is difficult in the first place, and our society has accumulated numerous undesirable aspects that make it even more challenging.

A mother of three unmarried daughters, ages 32, 28 and 25, claims she sent a Rishta aunty PKR 10,000 but even after six months she had no response on any potential matches for her daughters. All of her children have degrees from respected colleges, but the families she was sent to either had poor levels of education or came from other backgrounds than her own.

A girl from Lahore claims that five families have visited their home to see her as a potential Rishta, but none of them have left a comment. She claims that her skin tone is wheatish and that everyone expects the girl to be fair-skinned. She has now informed her mother that although all prospective rishta-seeking families can view her photo, she will never serve tea in front of them.

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When a boy from Karachi asked his parents to contact the parents of a girl from his university for Rishta, the father declined because the girl’s family’s demographic did not match their own.

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The “Rishta Hunt” App

A family is well-known in the community for having made 30 house visits in search of the ideal girl for their only son, who is prosperous and earns a high salary. The family never responds to anyone they visit, other than to say that they are looking into “alternative choices” and will let them know shortly.

In Multan, a woman finally got engaged. The mother of the bride-to-be was instructed to make arrangements for a car, gold jewellery, furnishings, etc. just two weeks before the wedding so that her daughter may live comfortably in the new family.

Wadood Matrimony, a new enterprise, was recently established. The business asserts that they have created a mobile application to address the majority, if not all, of Pakistan’s Rishta search issues. We spoke with Mr. Ali Nasir Hussain, the company’s founder and a social worker, and we questioned him about how this app is affecting Pakistani culture, which has deep-seated issues.

The female should be fair, and the boy should have a good salary, he claimed, as these are the two criteria that the majority of people look for in a Rishta. However, the success of a marriage is not based on these two factors; rather, a happy marriage depends on the compatibility of the couple’s personalities. He claimed that the App’s main objective is to shift people’s attention away from material prosperity and physical attractiveness and onto individual personalities. They quiz candidates and their parents on their personalities to make this happen. Other individuals can listen to the responses and determine whether their way of thinking, way of living, and personality match the potential matches.

The "Rishta Hunt" App
The “Rishta Hunt” App

According to Mr. Ali, a study was done to determine the downsides of Rishta searches on the Internet. He claimed that bogus profiles were the initial issue. Numerous websites and Facebook pages in Pakistan offer online Rishta services, yet 90% of the accounts are bogus. You are unsure about the accuracy of the picture, name, or even the gender. To address this problem and safeguard the security of CNIC, the App only collects the ID card number and facial photo from CNIC. The information is then confirmed with NADRA. The profile is published after that.

According to Mr. Ali, the App is made to combat social issues in our culture, such as discouraging Jahaiz. Some people search through dozens of homes in search of Rishta without ever feeling content. The app keeps track of how many contacts are visited. Additionally, they have created a feedback mechanism. The app queries candidates about their opinions on the opposing party following the meeting with the family. Any such demands or activities can then be reported, and the feedback will be added to the candidate’s profile. Naturally, no one wants unfavourable remarks on their profile.

Wadood Matrimony has a promising design. The public’s response has been overwhelming, and many people have created profiles. We anticipate that it will address Pakistan’s Rishta search-related issues. We are hopeful that further individuals will step up and use technology to address additional issues in Pakistan.

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