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Snapdragon X 65 5G modem-RF system: Downloads Speed Up to 10Gbps

Qualcomm X65 5G Modem

The new modem of Qualcomm is here, it blazes very quickly and it is not only for phones. Download data at up to 10Gbit/s from the Snapdragon X 65 5G modem-RF system and power high-tech devices from the beginning of this year. These include premium smartphones, PC’s, mobile hotspots, robots, fixed wireless connectivity, and company-based 5G private networks.

On Tuesday, Qualcomm also unveiled its Modem-RF X62 5G system that offers up to 4.4Gbps of download data and less costly smartphones.

You can upgrade data to 5G networks by 5Gbps and upload information just as fast as 3Gbits/s, just slightly faster than the previous generation of the modem, using the previously developed X60 modem on smartphones, such as Samsung Galaxy S21. The X60 is also able to add the slower, but more reliable sub-6 networks to the faster but finer millimeter wave range, boost overall efficiency, and enable users to see faster average speeds.

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The X65 is equally advantageous. Although you’re unlikely to see 10Gbps download speeds regularly, or maybe even ever, you will always see speeds that are faster than your current 4G smartphone. Partly because the X65 system has 8 antennas, which will improve connection, rather than four traditionally found in phones.

Durga Malladi, Senior Superintendent and Manager of 4G and 5G at Qualcomm, said during a meeting with a small group of reporters before this announcement “It means better coverage, better capacity for the network in general, and overall better user experience,” “You actually get to hit those peak rates more frequently.” He said the X65 is also stronger and gives the signal a longer range.

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Qualcomm is a world leading wireless chip maker and has been recognized as its customers for Samsung, Apple and almost all leading phone makers all over the world. Qualcomm has also been pushing its components into computers, cars and various other products in recent years and hopes to extend 5G from robots to VR headsets to everything.

This effort is helped by the Snapdragon X65. Although for most movable applications, 10Gbps speeds are currently not required, they can be vital for factories or fixed wireless access at home. In 10Gbps, the X65 is 10 times faster than the fastest fixed connection, currently approximately 1Gbps.

The highly-hyped 5G technology also runs 10 to 100 times as fast as the standard 4G mobile connection today and is much more responsive than 4G and Wi-Fi. 5G offers more network capacity, allowing many other devices simultaneously to be connected. And it’s more reliable than any other wireless.

Qualcomm will introduce its newest modem each winter on Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress fair, but the global pandemic with coronaviruses has put the conference on hold until the summer. Qualcomm is now working to integrate the technology in its next Snapdragon processor, which was launched in December, after introducing an independent modem. It usually appears on telephones early next year. Galaxy S21, a smartphone from Samsung, launched in mid-January and launched in February 2020 using Qualcomm’s Galaxy S21 888 Prozessor, announced in December, with its X60-modem.

The initial 5G hype seemed to be mobile. The super fast wireless network enables us in seconds to download gigabits of data and ultra high definition live video streaming. We can do things we can never do on a mobile device before – and we can almost instantly do them. However, 5G has more than just telephones to transform. It has enormous impacts on robots, automobiles, medical equipment, retail and other industries.

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Cristiano Amon, Chairman and President-elect of Qualcomm, said that during the reporters’ meetings ahead of the launch “when the 10 Gbps in a wavy mileage you’ve got a lot of business applications now that… you can benefit from the speed! PCs in homes or factory robots might be included. The X65 “is a pretty big deal because we now have the technology in place to start thinking about … the promise of all of those services of 5G beyond phones,” Amon said.

He said, however, phones won’t go away. And it will probably be smartphones some of the first products using the X65. Customers now have samples of the X65, which will be later this year’s first modem device. The technology giant could use an X65 version in the next iPhones, typically in September, although Qualcomm did not mention Apple.

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