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The 5 Most Important Software Innovations

Important Software Innovations

According to American computer scientist David A. Wheeler, “To be a “most important” innovation, an innovation has to be an idea that is very widely used and is critically important where it applies.”

Since the invention of the Programming Language (PL) of FORTRAN in 1955 and the Operating System (OS) in the same year, to date, we have improved a lot in these two. It’s becoming more efficient, smaller, faster, cheaper, memory consuming, and secure.

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Undoubtedly, if we say that PL and OS were the essential software innovations in history, you can say that father of all software innovations later on. But here we will discuss software innovations that are apart from it and have an idea of mass impact, life-changing and widely used according to David A. Wheeler.

Innovations are ever-changing and an improvement process. We will present to you the five most important software innovations to date in human history.

1. World Wide Web (WWW)

  • Year of Invention – 1990
  • Inventor – Tim Berners-Lee

What we called today Information Technology (IT), it was started in 1989 with the invention of World Wide Web (www) by Tim Berners-Lee’s idea of using World Wide Web (commonly known as “WEB”) with Internet Protocol HTTP, HTML language, and domain name system URL/URIs at one place and combination of these things called Web.

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We consider it a significant innovation as it changed human thinking. Now we can communicate globally just because of the invention of the Web. Every business is going online with the help of the Web. In this era, an online presence is a must for everyone and everything. We can’t think about our day to day life without it.

Still, many sectors are operating offline, but after COVID 19 Pandemic, it has changed drastically, and everyone is moving towards online, and everything is possible with the help of Web innovation. So we can say that the Web has a massive impact.

2. Search Engine

  • Year of Invention – 1994
  • Inventor – Alan Emtage

Archie was the first search engine developed by Alan Emtage was a student at McGill University in Montreal. Since then, many search engines have been created. It was a revolutionary technology that enabled the general public to search for anything on the internet.

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Nowadays, whatever we want, we can just google it, and the answer is ready. If you’re going to find any location, restaurant, query, information, image, video, etc., it’s at your fingertips just because of search engines.

Today, we have an advanced search engine that you can search for anything just by your voice, image, etc. It makes human life more comfortable and more knowledgeable. Google has become synonymous with search engines in today’s world. It’s an outstanding achievement of Google that makes search engines far smarter than one can think.

Google Search Engine conquered the search engine business. It has a significant impact on today’s information technology and human life; that’s why we think it should be on our list of the five most important software innovations.

3. Google Map

  • Year of Invention – 2004
  • Inventor – Lars and Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen

Remember the old days when everyone asked each other to find new places or establishments. But this is the digital era, and thanks to Google Maps, with the help of satellite technology finding new areas, is becoming far more accessible than ever. It was a revolutionary innovation in technology.

If you want to go anywhere or find new places, your new guide is Google Maps. You can see maps on a road, satellite, or street view. You can see traffic on your route or suggestions for alternate routes, then whatever transport mode you choose, whether it is walking, car, bus, bicycle, you will find the best route suggestions and no need for a person to guide you on every turn on the street.

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It is an innovation that has changed the traveling experience forever. Billions of people use it every month. It has a significant impact on the daily life of humankind.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Year of Invention – 1958-1960
  • Inventor – John McCarthy

John McCarthy was the founder of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Unlike humans and animals, artificial intelligence is the intelligence of a machine. It mimics the cognitive functions of the human mind. It is useful for problem-solving and learning of humanity. It performs the task just like a human in a smarter way.

Due to the innovation of AI, our day to day life is becoming easier. A self-driving car is the best example of AI. Apart from this, AI nowadays is used widely in drones, healthcare, art creation, games, search engine, mathematical theory, online assistants like Siri, Alexa, predictions in many areas, lots of robotics work, and many more.

You can see that invention like Alexa and Siri has changed the world with its intelligence. That’s why AI is in our top 5 list, and undoubtedly it will impact human life drastically shortly.

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5. Virtual Reality (VR)

  • Year of Invention – 1968
  • Inventor – Ivan Sutherland (first VR headset created)

Virtual Reality (VR) is a new digital invention that creates a 3D environment for a user by using CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) and content that feels like a person’s real presence through senses like hearing, touch, sight and creating a simulation.

It is being used in industries like sports, military, education, medicine, fashion, video games, architecture, entertainment, and many more. VR is our future innovation of all time. It’s going to change our view of the world amazingly.


Software Innovations are the great revolution of the 20th century that changed human life. It can be divided into two eras of innovation: software innovations and the second is after software innovations. CPU is the engine of the computer. You can find the best free CPU benchmark tool here.

It has changed the world perspective faster and becoming closer to each other. But innovations are always evolving and improving processes, so what will be our future technology if we have achieved this much in a few years?

This list can include many more software innovations, and every one is essential, but we are giving only those that impact extensive and life-changing experiences for human beings. I hope that our future software innovations will be more unique and will change our life experience.

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