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5 Tech Gadgets ideas for Apartment – The Ultimate Guide

Recently moved into a new apartment and already wishing to have the newest technology under one roof? Well, no need to stress about it anymore. If you are striving to have an up to date and trendiest apartment ever, you do not have to look for it anywhere else. Your love for tech gadgets and fascination with technology has already been sensed by us. Therefore. We have worked hard to bring you the newest and best tech gadgets for your apartment.

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Gone are the days when planters and paintings especially wall hangings used to seem like the craziest inventions made by humans but considering how fast the transitions are going on, the world is continuously in a race to bring the craziest invention and mind-blowing tech gadgets before we even wholly understand the former!

After great pondering over how these great transitions are resulting while bestowing us with the amazing tech gadgets each time, I am convinced there’s always room for something new to come in. No matter if you have just moved in and things are chaotic at the moment, there always remains space and enough allowance for tech gadgets if you love technology as much as we do!

Here we have brought you 5 amazing tech gadgets ideas to save your time and money both. These amazing gadgets are going to be the game-changer for your apartment.

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Best Tech Gadgets ideas for Apartment

Smart Lock:

Smart Lock

Safety over everything! Who hasn’t heard of it? Probably all because safety and security, both concerns us all. Moving into a new apartment directly gets you at risk because you aren’t familiar with who lives around and does what! So, while you wish to have an upgraded apartment, it is advised to start with securing what you would add next.

A smart lock does its job in concordance with what it aims to provide. Smart enough to function with your phone, this lock is the coolest tech gadget you would ever come across! You might have an already strong code added to your front door but not too strong for habitual experts planning to break into your apartment. For you to be technically advanced both in terms of your apartment and strategies, a smart lock must be a topmost priority.

If carrying keys along seems to be a “too responsible” task for you, a smart lock is a device that helps you get rid of this hassle. Its special features include:

  • Making your phone as its ultimate functional key, this smart lock works compatible with Google Assistant, IOS, and other virtual assistant software.
  • Additionally, it helps you keep track of people entering and leaving your apartment.
  • Help you in managing locks from miles apart.
  • All functions are maintained by smartphone and alternative key, just in case needed.

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Silent Alarm:

Silent Alarm

Living on your own and waking up on your own doesn’t go hand in hand. Being a grown-up and still facing difficulty in this regard doesn’t make you the only one dealing with this struggle. No matter how long you have been dealing with getting late for your job but it won’t be a hassle anymore because now you’ve got a solution for it as well.

A shake and wake watch is here to save you from getting late followed by embarrassment and penalties. Yes! This watch takes care of you when there’s no one else to wake you up. Similar to a usual wristwatch, this one has functionality far more superior than usual wristwatches. There is a reason to call it a smart gadget for your everyday use. Noticeable features include:

  • A smartwatch like this comes with both vibrating and sound alarms and additional LED light to help you be productive and punctual in your job and visit.
  • Equipped with modern features, the alarm wakes you up with recurrent vibrations and an additional sound alarm to get you hurried if you wake up too sleepy to make it quick.

Portable Projector:

Portable Projector

Say goodbye to the boring movie nights when you have a portable movie projector to upgrade the game at your apartment. Whether you have a party coming over or if it’s a weekend movie night at your apartment, this innovative tech device is going to make all eyes stick to it.

Make thrilling movie magic happen anywhere you want! This portable projector works incompatibility with the slowest of the device as well. Beginning from your smartphone to your top-notch laptop, this projector functions perfectly. Special features include:

  • Throwing a maximum of 12 ft wide and quality images to almost everywhere.
  • Display high-quality HD movies with exceptional graphical quality.
  • All of this must make you wonder about power saving and battery life. But the features aren’t ordinary in any aspect. Five-hour long battery life and minimum consumption of volts. Doesn’t it count to be the best choice you can make?

Neon Wall Clock:

Neon Wall Clock

Who isn’t getting enthralled and fascinated by the neon trend going around? Living in a boring apartment doesn’t mean to bear with it forever. Thankfully, we have got technology and gadgets to help us make it “our way” while making it possible for us to modify it with the fastest shifting trends.

This neon wall clock comes in multiple shapes and sizes and changes the outlook in an instant. Glowy in its nature, it is made to boost up the aesthetics and vibe of your apartment with the same rush. While other appealing gadgets seem more pleasing to you, they come with a limitation in their designs and production. This neon clock now comes with an option to be customized as per your need and color incorporation to match with the rest of the interior!

Special features include:

  • Depending on the time of the day, this clock keeps on adjusting brightness to be readable
  • Comes with no additional wires and a set of operating procedures for complexity.
  • Easily adjustable with a convenient mode of setting and easy fitting to any place you want.

UV Sanitizer:

UV Sanitizer

Passing through the global crisis of COVID-19, a germ disinfector is a must-have. Despite managing chaos for liquid sanitizers and adding more stress by looking for an authentic one, it would surely get very draining for you.

Considering the busy lives we have, no one can look that deeper just to buy a germ disinfector when you have tech gadgets with amazing advancements to assist us.

Portable to carry along, wherever you go a UV sanitizer wipes all your items including phone, keys, wallet, cards, and what not to make them safe for your use. Incorporated with UV radiations, this sanitizer box scans through the objects and breaks down the genetic makeup of germs hence resulting in disinfection of your products, and therefore making you secure!

Analyzed by medical experts, studies have proved these UV sanitizers to be effective against the control of harmful germs growing over your products. Make it an eternal part of your life and play your part in controlling the spread of COVID-19.

To wrap it up:

  • Safe to use, clean up your phone with high power UV radiation.
  • Durable functionality and portable to carry anywhere along
  • Support wireless charging and takes a maximum of 2-3 minutes to complete disinfection.


The ancient trend of incorporating antique pieces and blue pottery for décor has taken over by technology. Made for our ease, technology has definitely shaped our lives and has left all of us by surprise. While we plan to equip our homes and modify them with the newest inventions, technology moves feet ahead to leave us more spellbound than ever. If you are settled in your new apartment or planning to make a shift, these amazing tech gadgets would serve as astonishing game-changers for transforming the entire look of your apartment.

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