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Five Biggest Software Blunders in History

Software Blunders
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It has no doubt to say that its a world of technology. Everyone is moving in this world through technology. We have wrist watched on our hand they tell us time, we need to make a call we have mobile phones, we need to store out data we have certain data storage files every single thing in this era is governed by technology.

Software failure makes a devastating loss to the economy. Software development is one of the serious matters with the assurance to build an application that is secure. That is like chasing your own scary thoughts. You think you did it but here most of us make blunders and should keep that in mind. In the past era just because some software blunders has to survive. In the end no pain no gain, there is always a beautiful way after darkness.

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Here I am gonna educate you with some of the biggest software blunders in the history of all time.

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The java bug 2012

I remember when 2012 was ending and there was news all around the world about the java vulnerability that lasts longer than anyone can think. That effects the java plug-in version 7 and as well as version 5 and 6 that almost every java releases in the past eight years. That vulnerability spreads like a deadly virus even breaking the chains of a sandbox which was generated by the plugin that also runs the code i.e malicious code on a remote server easily.

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There were more than one billion users that become victim to it. One of the SEO company in Karachi has recently come across this problem but the masterminds were there to resolve it. Hackers all around became active as they recognized the exploit and uses that as their weapon When this news was publicly released. This mighty java bug was featured as the renowned web threats tool. One the cool exploit kit and another Blackhole exploit kit.

A renowned company named Oracle was a developer of java, challenged to bug fixed. A security patch was issued by them on 14 January but there were so many claims that rushed and unfortunately incomplete side of the story.

One of the members that belong to the underground community of hacking offered that he can reopen the hole in the java plug-in patch and ask for a price of $5000. Later on, CMU/SEI CERT certified experts suggested that the java plugin must be disabled even after when someone installs the patch, chief officer security of Rapid 7 said that it can take up to two years for Oracle to develop a fully secure version of the java plug-in.

Lost if the climate orbiter in Mars

It was 1998 when NASA climate orbiter was on a mission towards mars and all of a sudden this orbiter spacecraft was lost somewhere in the space. It was somehow the engineer’s fault it was revealed that the engineering team subcontractor fails to establish a conversation English units to metric.

That was a moment of embarrassment when the lapse sent the crafts approximately $125 million crafts that were deadly close to the surface of mars attempting to make the orbit stabilize too low. It was a belive that spacecraft was lost is the mars atmosphere where the atmosphere stress crippled the communication to the orbit.

Child support system EDS

A highly complex system of IT was introduced in 2004 by EDS to the United Kingdom child support agency (CSA). And at the very same time, a department is known as (DWP) the department of work and pension they decided that they should reconstruct the entire flow of agency once again.

The downfall was both of the organization’s agencies were not able to work together, as a result, the opposite results came across and manifold errors were introduced.  It was a devastating loss for the UK as the system manages to overpay the budget to 1.9 million people. Not even this but also underpay the amount of 700000 that has 7 billion USD in the uncollected support payments.

The horrifying problem came across, as the system stuck up with the 36000 new cases and 239000 old cases, as a result, it cost the taxpayers of the UK over USD 1 billion.

The Morris worm

Blunders sometimes lead an individual personality from an odd person to criminal. The same thing happens when a student at Cornell University he suggested a coding in software and what happen was the code gives an error resulting thousand of software to be crashed in 1988. It was assumed that probably it was the first worm attack on the internet that widely spreads.

The student was Robert Tappan Morris that is why this massive blunder is termed as Morris worm. He was found guilty and is being blamed to involved in the criminal hacking. He was fined by the government of $10000.

To clean up this devastating mess it has cost more than about $100 million. Robert Tappan Moris is now a professor at the institute of technology Massachusetts.

Pirating by a Microsoft customer

Incidents happen and when incidents happen in the IT world it has cost everything to recover the resources back. It happened when someone from the Microsoft team accidentally installed software that contains bugs and overall the window servers infected.

Around 20 hours it was told to the windows customers that the software they are running was pirated. During this time the vista customers turned off their most important features. The image was destroyed the customers were unhappy too but the names of the customers had ruined their image publicly. This error could have removed easily if they test the software before using it.

Software intelligence tool to resolve the software errors

To avoid the errors you should have useful tools such as software intelligence tools helping to communicate in a good way to develop an intelligent side of your software. Make sure to avoid any software mistakes because it can badly ruin your image in a working place. Using and having command on several defending tools can help you to secure your computers.

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