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20 Best Movies and Series of All Time That You Should Watch Immediately

Best Movies and Series

‘Free Guy’, ‘The Matrix’, ‘Tron’ … We bring together those movies and series that mainly take place in virtual worlds.

1. Free Guy [2020]

Free Guy [2020]

In Free Guy (2020), Ryan Reynolds plays a bank teller who discovers that he is a minor character in an open-world video game, so he decides to become the hero of his own story, breaking the rules and causing a revolution. among players in the real world, who wonder how this virtual character acquired a consciousness of his own. In addition to Reynolds, the film also features Judy Comer (pictured) and Taika Waititi, among others. Free Guy opens in theaters on December 11, 2020.

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2. Upload [2020]

Upload [2020]

Robbie Amell (pictured) is one of the protagonists of the Upload series, released by Amazon Prime Video in 2020, which shows a future in which technology exists so that people can have an “afterlife” by uploading. your consciousness in a virtual world (which would be an equivalent of a digital sky).

3. Ralph Breaks the Internet [2018]

Ralph Breaks the Internet [2018]

The animated film Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) focuses on the journey that video game characters Ralph and Vanellope (pictured) undertake within the Internet to replace a piece of Vanellope’s game. A premise that allows parody of many Internet topics. This gallery deals with films in which an essential part of their plot takes place in a virtual environment, such as a computer or a smartphone.

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4. Ready Player One [2018]

Ready Player One [2018]

While Ready Player One (2018), directed by Steven Spielberg, takes place in a dystopian future, the essence of the film takes place within a virtual reality world called Oasis, a game in which millions of people participate to find a fortune. hidden. This virtual reality is full of references to pop culture.

5. The Emoji Movie [2017]

The Emoji Movie [2017]

That is the case of The Emoji Movie – which opens on July 28 -, an animated film in which the characters are emojis who live adventures in a fictional world that exists inside a smartphone.

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6. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle [2017]

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle [2017]

Unlike the original Jumanji, from 1995, in which the characters discovered a magical board game, in this sequel/reboot, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is an old video game console that forces four teenagers to have to assume identities in virtual games to complete the game and save your life. It opens on December 20

7. Black Mirror [2016]

'' Black Mirror [2016]

The anthological series Black Mirror has set two famous episodes in virtual worlds. This is the case of the acclaimed chapter San Junípero (2016), nominated for the Emmy 2017, in which the minds of the deceased or those who are about to die live in a simulated reality inside a computer. In 2014, one of the stories in the White Christmas episode is about how a copy of a person’s consciousness can live inside a home device.

8. Assassin’s Creed [2016]

Assassin's Creed [2016]

In this adaptation of the Assassin’s Creed video game saga, protagonist Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender) explores the memories of his ancestor Aguilar in 15th-century Andalusia by connecting to a machine called Animus. It is a hybrid concept since it mixes memories of another person with the possibility of the user exploring a virtual world.

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9. Wreck-It Ralph [2012]

Wreck-It Ralph [2012]

The plot of the animated film Wreck-It Ralph (2012) takes place within several consoles in a video game room, in which the protagonists of many of these titles – almost all famous characters of the 80s – live a life virtual when the machines are off and the players have gone home.

10. Tron Legacy [2010]

Tron Legacy [2010]

In Tron Legacy (2010), a sequel to Tron (1982), the character of Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) travels to the digital world created by his father, with the mission of finding it and bringing it back to reality.

11. Gamer [2009]

Gamer [2009]

Convicts with death sentences are forced to fight in a Doom-style virtual reality video game. Whoever manages to survive 30 missions will be released.

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12. Summer Wars [2009]

Summer Wars [2009]

The focus of the plot of the anime Summer Wars (2009) is a virtual reality game called OZ, in which users assume identities and may develop superhuman abilities. The protagonist must travel to this cyber world to defeat an evil program.

13. Spy Kids 3: Game Over [2003]

Spy Kids 3: Game Over [2003]

The third sequel to the Spy Kids saga, created by director Robert Rodríguez, places the brothers’ Carmen (Alexa Vega) and Juni Cortez (Daryl Sabara) in a video game in which they must go all the way to defeat the villain Toymaker ( Sylvester Stallone).

14. The Matrix Reloaded / The Matrix Revolutions [2003]

The Matrix Reloaded '/' The Matrix Revolutions [2003]

The two sequels to The Matrix (1999) were released the same year two months apart. These films delved into the virtual world called The Matrix, how it operates, and the danger for the opposing sides (humans and machines) when a sentinel program spreads like a virus within this network.

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15. The X Files [2000]

The X Files [2000]

It is one of the few episodes of The X Files series in which the threat is of a technological nature. It’s called First Person Shooter and it aired on February 27, 2000. Investigating a crime in the virtual reality gaming industry, Agent Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) must participate in one of these simulations to save her partner’s life. Fox Mulder (David Duchovny).

16. The Matrix [1999]

The Matrix [1999]

The Matrix (1999) is a movie about virtual reality par excellence. It is a universe that has all the elements of reality, and it feels like reality, but it is a simulation created by machines to keep humanity asleep, and thus be able to use it as a source of energy.

17. eXistenZ [1999]

Existez [1999]

The respected director David Cronenberg is also the author of the screenplay for Existez (1999) about a new type of virtual reality console that connects to individuals through the spine. The film flirts with the viewer’s confusion as to whether what they are seeing is the reality or the simulated world of the game.

18. The Thirteenth Floor [1999]

The Thirteenth Floor [1999]

In the film, the protagonist (Carig Bierko) must participate in a virtual reality simulator that recreates the city of Los Angeles in 1937 to solve a crime committed in the real world.

19. Harsh Realm [1999]

Harsh Realm [1999]

The science fiction series Harsh Realm (1999), original by Chris Carter – the same creator of The X Files – was about a group of humans trapped in a virtual reality simulation game.

20. Tron [1982]

Tron [1982]

Tron (1982) begins in the real world, with hacker Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), who is transported to the digital world of a computerized network, where he must participate in gladiator-style games while trying to escape with the help of a security program.


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