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Chicken Meat Prices in Pakistan Break All Previous Records


Do you know Chicken Meat Prices in Pakistan Break All Previous Records? Prices for chicken meat have reached an all-time high in Pakistan, where one kilogramme of chicken meat currently costs between Rs. 700 and Rs. 705 in the twin towns of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Furthermore, poultry farmers claim that the scarcity of feed has led them to close more than half of their operations, resulting in a significant chicken crisis and rising costs.

People are now asking with the government to act fast to limit the spike in chicken costs as a result of the considerable public uproar over this issue. Farmers are worried that if the feed crisis persists, poultry production may soon stop, significantly increasing costs.

The government’s opposition to the importation of genetically modified soybeans, a key ingredient in chicken feed, is the main cause of the feed problem. This decision forced the closure of broiler feed mills. Wholesalers fear that if authorities do not take urgent action, chicken meat prices may soon approach Rs. 1,000 per kilogramme.

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Chicken Meat Prices in Pakistan

According to a survey conducted by a local news website, the cost of chicken meat is higher in Rawalpindi and Islamabad than it is in other cities, with prices in Lahore reaching Rs. 575 per kilogramme and Rs. 580 in Gujranwala.

The lack of feed also makes it challenging for poultry farmers to meet the demand for eggs over the winter, driving up egg prices and causing worries about a potential supply deficit.

Citizens have encouraged the government to solve the poultry issue and make items more broadly available and cheaply priced in light of these situations.

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