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Jazz Internet Packages 2023 | Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Jazz Internet Packages 2023

Jazz Internet Packages 2023: As far as speed and reliability are concerned, Jazz Internet (4G) is Pakistan’s best and fastest 4G network. Additionally, Ookla has praised the internet speed of Jazz 4G, which is remarkable for a mobile network. Due to the increased competition among internet packages and deals, Jazz offers a wide range of Jazz Internet Packages 2023, including daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages.

For your convenience, we’ve included all of the current rates and recharge balance requirements for all of the Jazz Internet Packages 2023 that are currently on the market. There are a variety of jazz net plans to pick from, depending on your demands. In order to make it easier for you to select the finest internet plan for your needs, all of the jazz packages featured here are updated on a weekly basis.

Take a closer look at some of its economical and simple jazz internet packages and learn how to sign up in less than a minute. All of the Jazz internet packages (3G/4G) have been categorized into daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly options for your convenience. Let’s get started right away, without spending any more time!

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Jazz Internet Packages 2023

Jazz has different daily bundles that can satisfy all your internet needs such as “daily mega package” which offers customers 1000 MB for the whole day in just Rs. 25 (including tax). The customers can subscribe to this daily package by dialling *117*4# on their mobile device or they can use the Jazz World app to activate this amazing offer. This bundle will not be renewed automatically, you have to subscribe it again after 24 hours. You can check bundle status by dialling *117*4*2# or visit Jazz World app to find out the remaining MBs and validity.

There are many affordable and exciting daily jazz internet packages 2023 which Jazz is offering to its customers such as Daily YouTube and Social, Super Ghanta offer, Daily extreme bundle etc. that can cater to all user’s needs.

With Daily YouTube and Social bundle, customers get 1 GB data for YouTube and social apps like Facebook and WhatsApp for the whole day in Rs. 15 (including tax). Jazz sim users can activate this daily internet bundle through Jazz World app or dialling *968# on their mobile device. Just like the aforementioned data bundle, this bundle will have to be subscribed again upon expiry.

Jazz has different hybrid bundles which customers can subscribe to enjoy amazing internet and call services. With Daily Super offer, customers can enjoy 150 MB fast internet, 1440 Jazz to Jazz minutes and 50 SMS for the whole day in just Rs. 17 (incl. tax).

Customers who are interested in availing this offer can dial *212# or *444# then select a super daily offer to activate this amazing offer. Customers can easily unsubscribe this offer by dialling *212*4# from their mobile device. This offer will not be renewed after 24 hours and customers will be charged base rate for both internet, SMS and call services.

They have some special location-based offers as well like Sindh Daily offer which offers customers 250 MB data, unlimited Jazz minutes and 1500 SMS throughout the day for just Rs. 12 (incl. tax). This offer is only for the residents living in the selected areas of Sindh and they can easily avail this offer by dialling *522# from their mobile phone. Subscribers of this offer can use this bundle till mid-night. After that, they have to subscribe to this offer again.

Not only Sindh, but Jazz is also offering these special offers for other provinces like Punjab and KP. You can head over to the Jazz World app to find all the location-based packages or you can scroll down to find all the amazing daily internet bundles in one place. So, what are you waiting for, avail these amazing daily internet bundles to enjoy the country’s best and fastest mobile internet services.

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Jazz Internet Packages Daily (3G/4G)

The social media packages or bundles included in the Daily Jazz internet packages 2023 with Free MBs are also known as social packages. You can find out more about Social packages by scrolling down to the bottom of this page. Learn how to subscribe to Jazz’s fantastic internet deals, and find out how much you’ll be charged to recharge your account. As a side note, we’ll also list any hourly or one-night internet packages if they’re available.

Jazz Hourly Internet Packages 3G/4G

Jazz hourly internet bundles are the best solution if you just need MBs for a short amount of time. Social media browsing can be done at a reasonable cost with an hourly Internet data bundle. Subscribing to the Jazz hourly internet packages gives you access to the fastest data services. An hourly package is the perfect choice if you want to pass the time on Facebook and Tiktok. Fast, dependable 4g service with a larger data capacity is now available through Jazz’s SUPER GHANTA bundle. Packages like this one are less expensive and give you with a lot of information. The Jazz hourly internet bundle is ideal if you need to utilize a lot of data rapidly. Here are some more specifics:

Jazz 3 days Internet Package 3G/4G

Jazz 3 days internet packages are also a wonderful option for those who aren’t big fans of shopping. Because it offers the least amount of data for the least amount of money. It is possible to subscribe to Jazz 3days Internet bundles and use them to socialize on social media. The details of the three-day Browser and three-day Extreme deals are provided below.

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages 3G/4G

There are a lot of customers looking for Jazz weekly internet bundles. There is a lot of data included at a low cost in these plans. You don’t have to take a break from using the internet all the time. Once you’ve signed up for the data bundle, you won’t have to worry about renewing your subscription. For a week, you can utilize all of the internet services you want.

Jazz weekly internet packages offer a wide range of advantages. Access to data services is available around the clock. The entire week’s validity is available. You can utilize 7 GB of data for Rs.210 if you activate the Weekly Mega deal. WEEKLY MEGA PLUS is the ideal deal if you enjoy watching Netflix, YouTube, or playing games. You’re allowed to use 25 GB of storage space.

A significant amount of data may be readily downloaded and uploaded. You may also sign up for a free membership to the Jazz TV app, which provides access to a wealth of programming. After activating the WEEKLY MEGA PLUS deal, dial *2299# to subscribe to the Jazz TV App. The WEEKLY PREMIUM PACKAGE is a fantastic combination of free minutes and internet data. It is available every week. You can make use of up to 4 GB of data and 50 free minutes across all networks.

It’s time for yet another amazing offer of WEEKLY YOUTUBE & SOCIAL for those of you who enjoy using IMO, WhatsApp, YouTube and Facebook. With video calling, you can spend time with your family and friends and share your photos and videos with them. This can all be done with just 5 GB of storage space. Check out the following details for Jazz weekly internet packages 3G/4G.

Jazz Internet Packages Monthly

For a month, you’ll have plenty of data to utilize for activities such as gaming, education, movies, business, and social networking. Monthly subscriptions are appropriate for those who prefer to retain their data in a centralized location and are unable to subscribe weekly or daily. Once you activate the package, you can use the internet for the entire month. Jazz Internet Packages Monthly is a one-time purchase, so you don’t have to worry about re-subscribing.

Jazz 4G Data SIM Packages 2023

The Jazz 4g data sim is one of the company’s best new services. Data is the sole focus of a 4G data sim. A data sim differs from a standard phone sim in that it can only be used for internet connectivity. The Jazz 4G data sim improves your online experience. A data sim allows you to access the internet from virtually any location. Mobile, tablet, and laptops can all utilize your data sim. You can use your data sim on any sim-enabled device to access the internet.

Pakistan’s 4G data sim provider, Jazz, is fantastic, allowing you to choose from a variety of bundles to suit your needs. These packages have been created with the user’s experience in mind. It is possible to make use of 4G data sim packages such as the “Social,” “Night,” “Weekly,” “Monthly,” and “Long-term” bundles. Social bundles allow you to consume 5, 6, and 10 GB of data every week and month, respectively. For those who want to subscribe to weekly packages, you can choose from 1GB Weekly streamer, 3GB Weekly Premium, 7GB Weekly Mega, or 20 GB Mega bundles. Monthly data packages are the best option if you use a lot of data. There are a variety of 4G Monthly data packages that can be activated based on your consumption.

You can choose from a variety of plans, including the 4 GB Monthly Starter, the 8 GB Monthly Mega, the Smart 15 GB, the Basic 25 GB, the 60 GB Regular, the 100 GB Mega, and the 150 GB Heavy. Long-term bundles might also help you save money. A 3 Months Bundle of 50 GB/Month or 6 Months Bundle of 100 GB/Month is available if you want to use the internet for a long time. For further information on Jazz 4G data SIM packages, please refer to the following details.

Postpaid Jazz Internet Packages

When you subscribe for a postpaid subscription, you’re free to use the services you choose. Postpaid service is the best option if you want to use your network services without any problems. Jazz Internet Postpaid Packages are the best way to get the most out of fast 4G services at a reasonable price. Once you’ve paid for the service, you can use it for a full month. It is easy to use Jazz Internet Packages that are pre-paid. It is possible to use a large amount of data for both socializing and watching fantastic material with Jazz Internet Packages.

Prepaid and postpaid consumers alike may rest certain that Jazz is looking out for their best interests at all times. Monthly Streamer Monthly WhatsApp, Monthly Premium, Monthly, Monthly, Monthly Super and Monthly Ultimate are just a few of the incredible data bundles offered by Jazz to its postpaid clients. Data bundles for postpaid customers include Monthly Streamer 2GB+ Social Volume 2GB, Monthly WhatsApp 5GB, Monthly Premium 5GB+ Social Volume 3GB, Monthly Supreme 16GB+ Social Volume 3GB, Monthly Super 25GB+ Social Volume, and Monthly Ultimate 50 GB. Only Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter may benefit from additional Social volume statistics. Only WhatsApp can make use of the monthly amount of data allotted.

Add-on bundles are available in addition to the ones included in the base package. There are different Add-on packs available if you have used up your monthly data allowance and still need more. Data Add On 1,1 GB, Data Add On 2,2 GB, and Data Add On 3,4 GB can be activated by subscribers. If you’ve used up all of your data, you don’t need to use any of your remaining credit to continue using data services; simply purchase an add-on package to meet your needs.

Just Subscribing to postpaid data packages is a great way to relieve your stress and enjoy your preferred monthly Postpaid Jazz Internet packages at an affordable price. There are only a few companies that provide customers the ability to choose from a variety of volume data bundles. You can find all the details here:

Jazz Internet Device Packages 2023

For all of your internet needs, Jazz Mobile broadband bundles are a one-stop shop. Using a Jazz Internet device bundle is the best way to distribute data. The new possibilities offered by Jazz Internet gadgets are limitless. The maximum speed is 150Mbps. Sharing info with loved ones is also possible. You can connect up to 12 wireless devices.

High-volume data bundles can be used to meet all of your needs. The Jazz Bundle Regular is the best option if you want to consume a lot of data for a lengthy period of time. In addition to the 30GB (24hr) and 30GB (useable 1am-1pm), there are the Mega: 50GB (24hr) and the Heavy: 75GB (24hr) and the 3 Month and 6 Month Bundles of 50 and 100GB, respectively. Users can access the device portal at http://jazz.wifi/ for old devices or for new devices to subscribe or update their package. In other words, they don’t automatically recurse. Once the promotional period has expired, you will need to re-subscribe. Use and subscription notice SMS will be sent to the customers’ MBB and other contact numbers, as well.

We also have a “welcome back” program for returning students. Inactive clients can take advantage of this promotion as well. Those who haven’t used their Dongle sim for three months or more are eligible for this promotion. You can find out if you’re eligible by contacting *6363# and selecting option 4. Welcome back offer subscription information will be made available only to those customers who meet the eligibility requirements. In order to take advantage of this promotion, you must have an MBB SIM (SC62). Reactivation customers will receive 15 GB of data (6 am-6 pm) for free. For Rs. 300, users can get 20 GB of data every seven days, and for Rs. 1000, they can get 50 GB of data every month Please dial *6363*8# to take advantage of this special promotion. During the 90-day period, the customer can acquire this offer numerous times, and the incentive will be added and the newest validity term will be applied to each one.

Genuine and updated packages are available here. Jazz’s mobile broadband plans are made with families and businesses in mind. As a result, let’s have a look at all the fantastic deals and their respective coupons.

Jazz Internet Packages Infographic

Jazz Internet Packages
Jazz Internet Packages 2023
Jazz Internet Packages 2023
Jazz Internet Packages 2023

FAQs about Jazz Internet Packages 2023

What’s the Best Jazz Daily Internet Plan?

You can see in the table above that there are eight different jazz daily net bundles. However, if you are still unable to decide on the ideal daily bundle, we are here to assist you.

What is Jazz Daily Browser Package?

This daily internet deal is ideal if you just want to surf the web for a few minutes while you’re out and about. You may sign up for the best internet bundle for less than 15 rupees by dialing *117*11#. Is it worthwhile to join? It may be for some, but it won’t be for the majority of people. Because 50MB of internet usage for a day is so little. MBs of content can be found on some websites. As a result, I don’t think you should buy this one.

Messages and WhatsApp daily package

If you haven’t tried it yet, we highly recommend the Jazz Daily SMS Package. for one day only, a user may easily subscribe to this by dialing *334# and get 10MBs for WhatsApp alone and 1800 SMS to keep in touch with my friends & family only for the low price of PKR 7.2. In my opinion, this is the best internet deal you can get for ten rupees.

Jazz Daily Super Internet Package

We like the Jazz Daily Super Offer just as much as we like the Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle. PKR 17 gets you 150 MB of data, 1440 Jazz minutes, and 50 SMS. How much more can you expect for that price? Get the jazz daily super subscription for one day by calling *212#.

Jazz Daily Extreme Bundle

Everyone isn’t going to like this package. The Jazz Daily is a great option if you’re running out of data on your monthly or super card and require a lot of it at night. Dial *757# to receive 2GB of Data for PKR 15 good from 12 am to 12 pm.

Daily Mega Package

You can access up to 1 GB of jazz data in a 24-hour period with Daily Mega, however with the Daily Extreme, you can only use it from 12 am to 12 pm, which is why it is better for heavy internet users. Dial *117*4# to sign up for the Jazz Daily Mega net plan! You must have a balance of at least PKR 27. This is the greatest 30-rupees internet package.

Jazz Daily YouTube & Social Package

Most people are eagerly awaiting this Jazz Daily web deal. You may have seen its commercials and banners on billboards around the country and on local television stations. No? One gigabyte of storage is all you need for YouTube, WhatsApp, and Facebook for just PKR 15 a day. You can acquire a free day’s subscription to the service by phoning *968#.

Jazz Internet Hourly Extreme Package

Internet Hourly Extreme is ideal if you need to download several gigabytes in the next two hours and don’t have access to a WIFI network nearby. Get 2GB of Data for the next two hours for PKR 20.32 by dialing *846#. (balance requirement). That’s a great deal considering how much you can do in only a few hours with this low-cost daily internet plan.

Is there a better weekly jazz internet package 2023?

For those of you who are seeking for a week-long subscription to Jazz’s internet service in 2021, we’ve got some intriguing options for you to choose from.

Jazz Weekly YouTube and Social Bundle

An offer/weekly internet bundle such as Jazz’s YouTube & Social including IMO, WhatsApp, and Facebook deserves some recognition, if not all of it. We chose this plan because of the generous weekly data allowance, which can only be used on YouTube and the previously mentioned social networking sites. To take advantage of this deal, you’ll need to phone *660# and have PKR 89 in your account. For about 80 rupees a week, this is the best weekly internet deal.

Weekly Jazz Premium Internet Package

A total balance of 147 PKR is required to subscribe to this net package. In all honesty, I think it’s a good deal. With the 3GB of internet bandwidth you’ll be given per week, there are no limits whatsoever. To sign up for this service, all you have to do is phone *117*47#.

Weekly Jazz Mega Internet Package

Greetings, high data consumers. All three of these are destined for you! Recommendation Received! If you have PKR 210 in your account, you’ll need to add about PKR 240 to your account to obtain this deal. You may obtain 7GB of unrestricted mobile data for a reasonable price by dialing *159#.

Weekly Mega Plus – The Best Deal!

To subscribe to this bundle, you’ll need to have PKR 275 in your account. This is the one for you if you’re a serial downloader or if you use your mobile data to watch media all day every day. Even if you share it with your friends and family, you won’t be able to eat it all. Because for a week, having unlimited access to 25 GB of data is an incredible luxury. To sign up for the Jazz Weekly Package Plus, dial *453#. Additionally, this is arguably one of the best internet packages for gaming.

Weekly Extreme Internet Package – Odd restrictions

During the hours of 12:00 AM – 12:00 PM, you’ll be able to download 2500MB. That’s completely unfair. Regardless, if you’d like to get your hands on it, you’ll need to have PKR 75 in your mobile account and dial *117*1# to subscribe for a week.

Weekly Plus Bundle

I’m not paying PKR 210 for only 12GB (6GB only from 2 AM – 2 PM) for 7 days. Instead of this overpriced package, opt for the weekly mega or weekly mega plus. However, you can sign up for Jazz Weekly Plus by dialing *157#.

Which is the Best Jazz Internet Package Monthly?

To prevent the headache of recharging your balance and subscribing daily or weekly, it’s advisable to buy a Jazz internet bundle that works best throughout the month. Jazz monthly internet plans come in numerous varieties, so let’s figure out which one is best for you.

Jazz Social Package Monthly

If you only want to use your mobile data to stay in touch with friends and family on WhatsApp, Facebook, and IMO for the duration of the month, the jazz monthly social internet package is for you. It costs PKR 99 and provides 5GB of jazz mobile data that can be used for these services as well as 12000 SMS. Dial *661# to become a subscriber.

Jazz Premium Internet Subscription for One Month

In the event that you’re constantly on the move or don’t have access to a broadband internet connection at home, you may want to look into a mobile data plan. Then you should get this bundle, which comes with a PKR 620 balance and gives a lot for the price. When you sign up for this service, you get 25GB of data for a month and 250 minutes of all-network minutes. Dial *2000# to obtain the bundle.

What is the procedure for activating Jazz’s Internet plans?

With Jazz internet bundles, you can activate them in various ways. You may find the codes and instructions for activating Jazz internet packages in the list of internet plans above. In addition, the Jazz App and Easypaisa allow you to activate Jazz internet subscriptions.

Deactivating Jazz Internet Packages is a simple process.

The same rules apply if you want to deactivate jazz internet packages, as shown in the tables above. In addition, you can deactivate your Jazz internet subscription using the Jazz world app and the official website of Jazz. It’s important to note that if you don’t want to resubscribe to a package, you must deactivate it. It will automatically resubscribe if you recharge your phone number and any internet offer isn’t cancelled.

How to Check remaining internet MBs?

Using the *117*4*2# command, you can see how many MBs are left on your Jazz phone’s memory card. Installing the Jazz world app on your phone is also an option. You’ll be able to see the subscriptions you’ve already purchased and how much space you have available.

How to increase Jazz Internet Speed?

The finest tool for checking internet speed. As far as Ookla is concerned, Jazz is the top network for LTE service provision. You’ll receive the fastest speeds in areas with the widest variety of signals. But if you live in an area with a weak signal, you can install a signal booster in your home. But in most areas of Pakistan, Jazz 4G gives the greatest service and the fastest internet.

What is the best way to share Jazz Data MBs?

Data MBs can only be used by one Jazz user at a time. You can, however, distribute your remaining credit to other people. You can do this by dialing *100*03XXXXX*amount# to share the balance. PKR 4.77 + Tax per transaction will be levied to the users.


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