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iPhone 9 Or iPhone SE 2: Features, Price, and Launch Date

iPhone 9

Neither the coronavirus is going to make Apple delay the expected iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2. The company has already shown that it could launch its new iPad Pro and MacBook Air in times of crisis, and the same could happen with this cell phone according to new rumors.

The iPhone SE 2 is practically the most anticipated phone for Apple fans who want to pay little for a cell phone with the iOS operating system. Filter Jon Prosser announced Tuesday, March 31, that Apple held a meeting the day before, in which they decided to launch the phone on April 15, and that the availability date would be from April 22.

Of course, Prosser ensures that this could change since we are in the midst of a global pandemic.

This iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2 would arrive before the expected iPhone 12, which rumors also assure could be delayed if the pandemic extends for a long time. Here are the five strongest rumors that could come true on this Apple phone.

The 5 most anticipated rumors of the iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9.

1. Two models of iPhone SE 2

And now, attention, because the most exciting rumor of all about the iPhone SE 2 is: They would be two models! That’s right, everything seems to indicate that Apple would launch two models of its cheapest phone. The second could be called iPhone SE 2 Plus, and rumors say it would come with a 5.8 or 6.1-inch screen.

Of course, it would not have Face ID, which would allow the upper eyebrow to be even smaller. And yes it would have Touch ID, but since it does not have a front button it would have it laterally like the Galaxy S10E.

The SE 2 Plus would be a kind of cheap version of the iPhone XS. Although we are very excited, I must tell you a little secret: the rumors do not agree, so we are not sure if the SE 2 Plus would be launched this year or until next year.

2. Specifications: A13 Bionic chip, in an old body

And we just think that the iPhone 8 could pass to a better life when the iPhone SE 2 arrives because this cell phone would have much more current specifications. It would have the latest Apple processor, which is quite exciting, albeit in a somewhat old body.

Imagine a phone with the soul of the iPhone 11, but the body of the iPhone 8, that is what the iPhone SE 2 would give us. And it is that inside it would have an A13 Bionic chip that is the same as the iPhone 11 Pro Max; In addition, it would have 3GB of RAM, 1GB more than the iPhone SE, although one less than the iPhone 11.

If we talk about storage, it could come in 64GB and 128GB. The original SE came with 16GB and 64GB, by the way already back then 16GB was just a ridiculous size when that phone went on sale in 2016.

The camera would have 12 megapixels like the iPhone 8, which is not entirely bad, although beware because we would not have Face ID, although we would have Touch ID.

3. Price: Cheaper than iPhone 8

In position number 3 we have the price. And is that the iPhone SE 2 is expected to start at about $399, which would make it the cheapest of the iPhone.

Now, this is exciting news if you have an iPhone 6 or 7 or just want to switch to iOS, because you are going to have a 2020 phone, with the possibility of having the latest Apple operating system and its constant improvements.

Yes, we already know that you could buy the iPhone 8 for US $499, but that is a phone from 2017, and it does not have the latest processor and it will stop updating before this new iPhone SE 2.

In addition, compared to the latest iPhone and even the Galaxy S10 or S20, this phone would still be the cheapest and also with the Apple seal and could even be a rival for cheap phones such as the Pixel 4A. In fact, that iPhone 8 we talked about earlier probably won’t survive much longer.

4. Design: Bigger than iPhone SE

In position number four we have the design. The iPhone SE at the time was basically an identical phone to the iPhone 5S, although with internal improvements. It was a phone with a 4-inch screen and a cell phone for those who wanted something easy to carry in their pocket.

These days, the iPhone with the smallest screen is the iPhone 8, which is 4.7 inches. Reports assure that the iPhone SE 2 would be, basically, a relaunch of the iPhone 8, with the same screen, which could be exciting because lovers of small cell phones would still have the most compact Apple phone, although with a better panel.

Would it be OLED? Probably not, because everything seems to indicate that it would be LCD and manufactured by LG.

5. Name: iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9

In the fifth position we have the name, because yes, the smallest and cheapest iPhone could be called iPhone SE 2 because it is the logic that we have in our heads, but who needs logic?

Rumors and more rumors tell us that it could be called iPhone 9. Does this make any sense? Well not much. If we take a look at Apple’s page we find the available phones and we have the line of iPhone 11, iPhone XR and iPhone 8, so logically we are missing cell phones in the middle … the supposed iPhone 9.

It was rare for cell phones to go from iPhone 8 to 10, and it would be rare for an iPhone 9 to appear now, but … it’s Apple, so we can expect a name with letters or anything the company invents. Nothing is written at the moment but, we stand firm in the belief that it would be called iPhone SE 2.

History of the iPhone SE and why do we expect a new one?

The small iPhone SE was launched in March 2016 and has been raging ever since. In 2017 Apple lowered it to $349, making it one of the company’s cheapest cell phones of all time. Since it sold out, users are waiting for its second edition and, although the company has not confirmed that it exists, rumors and more rumors make us think that it is just around the corner.

At the end of 2019, Ming-Chi Kuo, the analyst who has given us the most correct rumors about Apple devices in recent years, said that he hoped that the iPhone SE 2 would finally come true and that it would be very economically priced.

In one of his reports, Kuo says that the iPhone SE 2 would have the design of the iPhone 8, which means that we would continue to see ugly edges, a home button, and a unique rear camera. Of course, it would be covered with powers with the A13 Bionic processor, which is the same that the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max have, and also would have at least 3GB of RAM.

Reports also indicate that this cell phone would lose the 3D Touch as it already happened with the iPhone 11; It could also come with 64GB and 128GB storage versions and would be available in silver, space gray, and red.

However, much has rained since the rumors of the possible iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9 began and several reports point to the possibility that Apple decides to launch two editions of its expected economic cell phone.

The patent published in early 2020 indicates that there would be an iPhone SE 2 with an iPhone 8 design and that there would be a second edition of the iPhone SE 2 with a design similar to that of the iPhone X, which would have Face ID and would eliminate the start button.

Expected Specifications of iPhone SE 2

At the moment the leaks of features that we find the most on the Internet from different sources are on the iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9. Below we detail them.

  • 4.7-inch screen
  • A13 Bionic processor
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 64GB of storage
  • Space gray, red and silver colors
  • iPhone 8 Design
  • Touch ID – without Face ID
  • 1,700mAh battery
  • A 12-megapixel f / 1.8 camera

If there was a version of iPhone SE 2 Plus like the iPhone X, rumors assure that it would have a double camera, Face ID and a larger screen, although at the moment, not enough information is known to make more guesses.

iPhone 9 release date

If it were true that the -or- the iPhone SE would be launched in the first quarter of the year, the truth is that Apple is running out of time. A new rumor ensures that the company wanted to hold an event on March 31 and that the cell phone (s) would be available on April 3, although if true, due to the coronavirus situation it will have to be held online, as WWDC has already offered to do. , your developer conference.

The first generation iPhone SE was launched on March 21, 2016, so everything seemed to indicate that the company wanted to follow the path of announcing its most “economical” phone in the first part of the year.

iPhone SE 2 concepts

The concepts of one of the most anticipated phones by Apple lovers are not few. Concept Creator, for example, has a design (the one above) a bit in the style of the iPhone SE on its sides, although the rear camera is more similar to that of the iPhone XR. This could be one of the keys, although we do not know if Apple would launch, in the middle of 2020, a cell phone with a start button … I don’t like them anymore. What do you think?

This other concept of iPhone SE 2 from Concepts iPhone shows it with a fingerprint sensor on the screen and up to three rear cameras, although to be the cheapest cell phone from Apple, it does not seem realistic to think that they would place so many sensors, although this authentication factor would be a great idea.

And this other YouTube channel shows us a concept inspired in a way in the iPhone 11, although with nuances of the first-generation iPhone SE. We are not sure if the camera is dual or regular, but its rear design looks cute and very delicate.

Finally, this website shows the iPhone SE 2 replicating the same design as the initial iPhone SE, albeit with new details and a different camera; Of course, the edges are somewhat thick, which might not like much more modern users.

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