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10 Best Job Search Websites List in 2021

Some things you should do before finding the perfect job: to write a good CV, to prepare a good speech and to be ready to show your knowledge. But where to find a good job? In this article, you will find the 10 best job search websites list for finding a job. Each website will be shortly presented and reviewed to help you find the best for you. Be sure to read till the end to find the right for your needs.

Finding the right job is a very stressful situation when you want to have all possibilities listed and with a simple check. So, job search websites are usually the easiest way to find the right job because you can filter jobs and results and search for more detailed information.

Best Job Search Websites List

1. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is an American job searching site that is one of the most popular because of the huge amount of jobs and longest activity. It combines many filters that help you find the best job and is very intuitive for users. Also, you can easily find all information you may need and have very detailed and uniform descriptions, which helps you find the information you want easier.

Thanks to many relevant filters and Google assistant, you will get it easily and can save some possibilities for later. There is additional help for employers, like candidate search and management tools that will help you find the right candidate easily.  Among all, it has a blog-like part where you can find some useful advice and tips on how to write a resume or how to do a perfect interview. Basic use is free.

2. LinkedIn

As you first think of LinkedIn as a business social network where you connect to people from business, you may be surprised that it is also a big employing platform. It is completely free and easy to use with a simple and intuitive mobile app. This is more than just social media for posting different news and connecting, you can search for different jobs thanks to special filters.

Also, it is easier for employers to check your resume because they are all uniform and you create and design your own profile. Moreover, you can find interested groups and private chats where you can communicate with people from your field and learn some extra tips for your job.


As its name simply says, this is a site specialized in finding you a job or if you are an employer, help you find a perfect employee. It is very modern and easy to use, with many filters that are relevant and will help you with searching. Also, this is a great way to find a job in the country you want without seeing local sites.

You can simply upload your resume and wait for calls or actively search for the best offer. Also, it has a page with useful tips and a blog with short instructions. Because of its simple design, you will find it interesting to use it. What is more, it requires only simple signing up and the basic model is free for use.

4. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is an international website for a job search that connects you with more than a million employers near you. Amongst many jobs applies, which you can search with many filters and a simple search, you can find much useful information. The website is free and easy to use with a simple log in. You don’t have to apply for a job and use it to find the right one.

There is much useful information about average salaries, so you can compare your income with colleagues on similar jobs. With many companies registered, you can research them and find the one that will suit your future profession. Thanks to its minimalist and user-friendly design, more and more employers recognize it as the best platform for finding new employees.

5. Simply Hired

Simply Hired is an American website for searching for a job that is made to be easy for visitors. This is ideal for searching for a local job. It has one main search with many filters that will you save time finding the right one for you. You can easily upload your resume or make one on the site. Also, there is a list of all companies you may be interested in and you can check their needs and offers.

Thanks to the salary estimator, it`s easier for you to expect. You can even browse by cities if you still don’t know your area. The website is very easy for using and completely free. It only requires you to log in before using it. It is also connected with other job search websites, so if you can`t find what you want on their site, there is a possibility on the other sites.

6. Fiverr

Fiverr is the best global market place and it is the best platform for creatives. It has more than 100 jobs/services categories and tens of thousands of users from over 190 countries. Although Fiverr categorizes its services widely (such as website development, SEO, graphic design, digital marketing, and writing and translation). Fiverr is also helpful for full-time and part-time employees and students.

One seller of Fiverr even converted his freelance job into a full-time job and earned almost $1 million in revenue. These are the highest-paying gigs on Fiverr, according to the platform.

  • Graphic design, $100-$3,000
  • Video marketing, $300-$18,000
  • Website building, $100-$3,000
  • Search and display marketing, $100-$2,000
  • Chatbot development, $10-$2,000
  • Business copy-writing, $100-$2,000
  • Mobile app development, $300-$3,000
  • 3D and 2D models, $100-$2,000

7. Dice

Another website that is ideal for anyone seeking a job. Yet, Dice is specialized for a job in the IT sector. It is a destination for tech experts for any kind of job and with different levels of experience. Thanks to a simple search, you can easily a job that you like. It is completely free for use and with a user-friendly design.

Thanks to special searches, employers can easily filter all job seekers and find the ideal candidate. If you are searching for a job, you can make a profile and update it with everything you have learned and gained. Also, all jobs are divided into many sectors for easier search.

8. Monster

Monster is a very user-friendly and modern job search where employers are encouraged to make the best advertisement. There are even lists of the best examples. It also has a central search with many filters, so searching job is easier. Also, there is a possibility to upload and design your resume to be interesting for future employers.

Employers and their adverts can be scored for how relevant their jobs are. The website is oriented for future employees and helps them at each step with advice on how to be different from the others and get the job easily.

9. LinkUp

The LinkUp is a professional job search with a minimalist and user-friendly search. Comparing to other sites, this is the simplest and most professional. Initially, it is made for finding the right job, but later created space for employers and data seekers. You can log in and make your profile to get all news and offers. Also, there you can list your experience and skills for employers to find you.

If you are interested in a special area, you can get in touch with some of the best employers and find other useful information about the salary. There are different lists for employees and employers to sponsor their job. You can freely search for a job, but if you want to sponsor it, there is a small price for it. What they additionally provide is job market data.

10. Ladders

This job search website is more than just job research. The Ladder combines both blogs about jobs and getting one with a massive job search. What is more, you can easily find the highest-paying companies and careers. The special part is Ladder news with news from the business world.

If you are still just searching for a job, you can get in touch with professionals and improve your resume and skills. Also, it provides you a possibility of how you can upgrade your career and how to get the desired compensation. Thanks to many job adverts and employers active on it, they will quickly find and recognize you.


Searching for a job can be a very stressful period of your life and you may be confused with all the unnecessary and unorganized information you may find on the Internet. Because of that, many websites are made to help both employers and employees. Some job search websites are specialized for some specialty or employer, like Google jobs, but most of them are platforms for different jobs and employers. If you don’t have a resume, find the site with free resume designing. Thanks to blogs and advice, you can get prepared for the job interview and compare your salary to colleagues. Follow up our this job search websites list to find your dream job.

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